Woody Johnson: I like the idea of more playoff games


Jets owner Woody Johnson is among the growing number of owners who want to expand the playoffs.

Johnson told the Star-Ledger that while there’s still work to be done to determine all the details of what playoff expansion will entail, he thinks more playoff games will be a positive for the league.

“There are good arguments on both sides, and I haven’t gone into it in maybe the depth that we will,” Johnson said. “We’re going to study it hard. But I kind of like it. I kind of like the idea of more playoff games. We’re still below other sports [in terms of the number of teams that make the playoffs].”

With 12 of 32 teams making the postseason, the NFL already has a higher percentage of its teams making the playoffs than Major League Baseball, where 10 of 30 teams go to the playoffs. But the NHL and NBA both have 16 of 30 teams in the playoffs, so the NFL wouldn’t be diluting its playoff field as much as some sports have.

This season will almost certainly be the last with only 12 playoff teams. Starting next year, expect 14 teams to make the playoffs. And expect Johnson to join a large majority of his fellow owners in voting in favor of playoff expansion.

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  1. Forget Jerruh – this guy is the absolute worst owner in the NFL. I feel for Jet fans, you will not win a blessed thing with this guy as your owner.

  2. “You could have 16 teams in the playoffs and it still wouldn’t help the Jets”

    Jets would have made the playoffs last year if 16 teams made the playoffs…

  3. …2 more teams means the first round team doesn’t get the bye…without a bye – I wouldn’t even play hard the last 2-3 games and sit a lot of starters if your already in.

  4. Instead of looking to line your pockets first, nfl owners, how about what is best for the game?

    Go fix what needs fixing like a technological way of seeing if the ball crossed the goal line?

  5. just quit making season ticket holders pay full price for pre season games , and 30 bucks to park to a game I seldom go to.

  6. Woody you like me would love an expanded playoff scenario because that way my Dolphins and your lot might have a better chance than slim to make it and there is nothing wrong with that.

  7. Woody, the answer is right in front of you. you said it yourself…

    “We’re still below other sports [in terms of the number of teams that make the playoffs].”

    and which sport is king of sports? which sport blows the others away in ratings? and you want to change that sport to make it like the others that are not as performing as well? the other sports should emulate the NFL, not the other way around. look at the NBA where garbage teams make the playoffs. don’t do it!

  8. Let’s get more bad teams led by bad owners into the playoffs, because we need to water down the playoffs. And make the regular even more meaningless.

  9. Funny how so many teams of non SB winners blast the Jets, compare the jets to all teams who have not won a SB and the jets probably have the best results , I know the goal is to win a Super Bowl but having to deal with fans that root for the fins, bills, browns, bikes etc is a joke. How many teams can say they haven’t had back to back losing seasons in the last 18 years, guess what, the jets can

  10. the nfl and media fail to address issue of one off game in nfl playoffs to an 8-8 team could knock you out of playoffs. nba n nhl its 4 0f 7 series.. huge difference

  11. Eliminate the 0-16 teams. The rest should be in the playoffs.

    Hey, some teams don’t get hot ’till the end of the season.

  12. The idea that there is a worse owner than Jones in the history of anything is preposterous. And for those claiming money, it’s not like the Jets would get any of that money, they’d have to play a home game for that.

  13. If anything they need to pare it back to 10. If they go to 14 the regular season will become as meaningless as both the NBA and NHL seasons, or for college hoops for that matter.

    It will have been the first step towards ruining the NFL altogether. My regular season viewing will drop precipitously. The games are now all closer to 3-1/2 hours than to 3 which is just too damn long.

    I’m sure I’m far from alone in that thinking.

    “This season will almost certainly be the last with only 12 playoff teams.”

    This then will be the last season that I pay much attention to the regular season.

  14. Ahem, the last resort of a hopeless team. How else are the Jets , Bills, Browns , Vikings and other perennial wallflowers ever get a chance to go to the big dance? Sure, let’s have a seven game regular season, followed by a 13 game play-off season involving 30 teams.

  15. The fact that the jets – a mediocre team at best – would have made the playoffs last year under an expanded format is a perfect argument, from a fan standpoint, as to why playoffs should not be expanded.

  16. The NFL apparently wants a football game to be one happy, joyous experience after another for the viewer.

    People like touchdowns — we need to up scoring!

    People like it when their team makes the playoffs — get more teams in the playoffs!

    Research suggests some people are offended by player celebrations — none of that, then!

    Everything’s got to be bigger, brighter, with more cute stuff on it.

    But football is DRAMATIC. A lot of the time, bad stuff happens. Your 10-6 team doesn’t make the playoffs. The kicker misses a “chip shot” extra point, loses the game. The offense has to punt on 4th down (get rid of that next?).

    Trying to make football a happy-go-lucky track meet won’t work. And if it does work, it will make a game not worth watching.

  17. “You could have 16 teams in the playoffs and it still wouldn’t help the Jets”

    Jets would have made the playoffs last year if 16 teams made the playoffs…

    Actually they would have made the playoffs 2 out of the last 3 years if 16 teams made the playoffs.
    Jetsclap, We don’t ge your point. Could you post another redundant thought?

  18. The question is not so much if the owners will vote for expanded playoffs but if NFLPA will approve it.

  19. Nothing better than Jet fans getting indignant over being left out of the top 16 teams.

  20. If the NFL’s goal is to lower itself, down to the level of the NBA and NHL, I say, “go for it.”

  21. Why not have 16 divisions with 2 teams in each division. Each team would have a 50/50 chance of winning their respective division and getting a trophy at least.

    The playoffs would consist of those 16 divisional winners in a “winners’ bracket” and the 16 losers cold play in a “losers’ bracket.”

    Playoffs for each bracket would be a best of 5 series until it comes to the SB. The SB would be the best of 7 series between the winners of each bracket.

    Work it right, like the NBA or NHL, and we could have football almost year-round!

  22. Since 1997 there are only 10 teams with more playoff wins than the jets. There must be a lot of pats, steelers, giants, ravens, broncos, packers, colts, eagles, seahawks, niners, and giants fans in here.

    Woody and the jets are not the best run franchise in the NFL but they are in the top third. Keep hating though!

  23. What a joke. Instead of trying to improve your team and hire the right people, you and Jerrah change the rules and ruin the sport just so you can get in. Too many teams diminishes the importance and reward of making the playoffs.

  24. TRANSLATION: New England owns this division, I don’t see that changing any time that is soon enough for me, and unless we get more teams eligible for the playoffs, my team is rarely, if ever going to make it in.

  25. Considering your team will never win the division, you better. By the way, the worst division in the NFL, maybe 2nd worst out of 8. It still wont matter, if there were 10 teams per conference the Jets wouldn’t make it. Rex used all of his magic in the first two years. Team is terrible.

  26. A few years ago i was all for it because there were some deserving teams that were left outside looking in. After watching the last 2 years 1st round games, leave the playoffs as they currently are.

  27. I say expand the playoffs to 30 teams and that way I can start watching football during the playoffs, teams could sit their starters most of the year and have them ready to go when football mattered.

    Hey if you are going to devalue the regular season, might as well go all the way.

  28. i would keep the play offs the same and only add a best of 3 games play-off elimination series for each match up. It would of been nice to see how Denver would of adjusted to Seattle if there was a game 2 and 3.

  29. jet fans ARE actually allowed on this hater loser troll jet blog, aren’t they? does that make you feel good to belittle somebody? sad sacks. smh

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