Jaguars not hearing much from Justin Blackmon


Early this month, reports out of Jacksonville were that the Jaguars plan to bring wide receiver Justin Blackmon back to the team in the event he is reinstated from his latest substance-abuse suspension.

It’s unclear what the chances of that happening are and it’s not much clearer what kind of shape Blackmon is in these days. Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union spoke to Blackmon’s mother and others in his inner circle and found that they aren’t sharing much about what the former first-round pick is doing outside of the fact that he’s in Oklahoma.

Blackmon’s teammates, including tight end Marcedes Lewis aren’t hearing much either. The Jags hoped that Lewis would take Blackmon under his wing, but Lewis is concerned that Blackmon is trying to deal with his problems without getting the right kind of help.

“Me, I know how it is when you have outside issues. I can be the first one to tell you it’s not good handling it by yourself,” Lewis said. “Sometimes, you need your teammates to lean on, your coaches and friends. I hope Justin is doing OK and trying to get some guidance. You never know what’s going on unless you’re that person. We can sit here and make as many predictions as we want. We’ll never know until, hopefully, he gets back, whenever that may be.”

The only certain thing about Blackmon at this point is the talent that he’s shown on the football field. It explains why he keeps getting chances and why the Jaguars wanted Lewis to be involved in his life this offseason, but, as Lewis points out, everything is up in the air as long as Blackmon is on his own.

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  1. Let this be a lesson to all fans of different franchises. When people brush off red flags and character concerns because they want the player with rare talent. This is what you sometimes get.

    This guy could have possibly been a top 3 receiver in the NFL. Now look at him. Pissing away an opportunity. And for what??

  2. I sure am glad the Vikings opted for Matt Kalil instead of Blackmon or Morris Claiborne in the 2012 draft. Out of those three that were rumored to be players they were considering with their pick, they definitely made the right decision. In hindsight, the best pick for the team would’ve been Luke Kuechly, but Kalil gives them a top-end left tackle for years to come, so I’m happy.

  3. This guy is just another youngster who doesn’t take his job seriously. And he’ll need to get cut a couple of times yo finally figure out that being in the NFL is a privilege and not a right.

  4. I picked up Blackmon in fantasy football just before his suspension. On a team without any weapons, he sure showed flashes. I hope he reaches out and gets the help he needs.

  5. Chris Carter battling addiction was released by the Eagles despite showing talent on the field. It was the best thing that ever happened to him, and thereafter turned his life and career around.

    Perhaps Blackmon needs a similar wake up call. Not a Jaguar fan here, and so from the outside looking in I wonder if the Jaguars are simply enabling him.

  6. In addition to his athletic ability, he may be getting additional chances from the Jags because (from what I’ve read from people who have met him in person) Blackmon is a gracious and affable young man.

    I think he’s struggling primarily with alcoholism. That he is a likeable guy makes this whole thing more lamentable.

  7. In the 80’s, the Browns has a team organization called the Inner Circle. Much of it had to do with drugs. It was players taking care of players with some coaches also involved. I see teams needing something like this more and more today.

  8. If you like the kid, you like him. But you don’t get suspended for the year because of alcohol. For gods sake, Stallworth killed a man drunk driving and only missed a year

    I’m not saying he doesn’t have an alcohol problem, I am saying that’s not what he got suspended for, and it’s not his biggest problem

  9. Blackmon had well documented alcohol issues. They were never dealt with properly. He was enabled by college supporters and probably family.

    Much like another popular player from the Southwest United States, football seemed effortless and he continued to do what he did in college because it was easy and because he’s grown and it’s his “off time”.

    Fast-forward, he has LIFE ISSUES that dwarf his football issues, but they are linked,because if he couldn’t play, nobody would care. If this isn’t a wake up call to Johnny Manziel, I don’t know what is.

    I hope he gets help and comes back to football, but mainly, I hope he gets help.

  10. The fact that is he not reaching out to the team during this period speaks volumes……..

  11. Just an FYI that the Jags are very limited as to the contact they can have with Blackmon due to the NFL’s substance abuse and suspension program. That said, teammates can contact him and the total lack of contact is a very bad sign. If he was cleaning up, his family and agent would say “he’s in rehab, doing great, and will hopefully rejoin the team next Spring”. Instead crickets which sounds like he’s on a bender that may not only cost him his career but his life.

  12. Justin, if you’re reading this, please let us help you. I know the team can’t officially have contact with you but you can talk to individuals on the team like Marcedes or whomever you were close with.

    There are former players to reach out too that have overcome their problems. We all have hurdles. Please don’t let this ruin you permanently.

    From all accounts you are a good guy and good teammate. No one has ever said a negative thing about you or your character who has been around you. You have got to get over this and it’s impossible without help from others. The Ray Charles and Chris Carter examples show that you can overcome.

  13. As long as blackman can score there will always be a place for him in the nfl. Carlos Rogers stunk, Blackman is good

  14. I will never forget the look of disappointment on Justin’s face when it was announced that Jacksonville drafted him. Google it, it is priceless.

  15. People need to stop comparing Blackmon to Carter. Carter played in a different era of the NFL. In Carter’s era player’s didn’t get suspended for a year for drugs, they had support of their teams and could battle thru it. Today their kicked to the curb and told to clean up. Addiction is a DISEASE, ask the U.S. Health Department, these players should be at the team facilities as much as possible, because boredom is the trigger to relapse. Keeps these guys busy, show the teams care about their players more than the all mighty dollar.

  16. Dude is a doper, straight up. No interest in playing football, no interest in being sober. He gas continually run away from help, saying ‘I got this’. The only thing he’s got is a bad track record, multiple suspensions, and a huge problem.

  17. I truly believe that this case shows that the NFL needs to completely redo their substance abuse policies and program. The WORST thing that you can do to an addict is cut them off from their support network and then kill their hope by being suspended and most teams cutting the player with a slim chance of ever playing in the NFL again. There needs to be tough love and consequences for bad behavior, but there also needs to be love ie reward good behavior. They need a program where the person must go to an approved rehab program, have a “sober companion” as long as needed, be tested regularly and if they do these things they can play. As other posters have stated addiction is a terrible disease that can be fought but the person needs help and support, not be shunned and cut from the team (which thankfully the Jags have not done).

  18. He has to want to stop his addiction. If he doesn’t want to stop then it’s pretty clear where his preference lies. He’s a damn fool but he has to prioritize for himself.
    Maybe he should get some advice from Ricky Williams, who knows exactly how he feels and wrestled his inner demons to successfully come back to the game. I understand that Ricky is now a successful college coach at the University of the Incarnate Word.

  19. He’s probably with Josh Freeman putting on a seminar titled: “How to Throw Away a Promising NFL Career in Two Easy Steps”.

    This is a shame. Had promise. Down the tubes.

  20. I’m sure it’s a simple explanation. Like Josh Freeman missing his QB Youth Camp. He said he had car trouble and phone trouble. Yeah, sure, lots of people with three (late model luxury/sports) cars have them all broken at once. And yeah, it’s possible his cell phone was out all morning and that all morning long, he never thought about where he was supposed to be and surely, no one else would let him use their phone. He probably had email down too. These things happen you know; just a bit a bad luck. There would never by ANY other reason for not showing up.

  21. The only person that can help Blackmom is Blackmon and God but if he wants gods help all he has to do is ask. For all of you that just wont to bad mouth this kid remember one thing it could be you. Just pray for the young man and others that goes though this.

  22. As a former addict myself, I’ve had the luxury of family & friends reaching out to me, trying different things like interventions & such. However, much-like the NFL, it ALL starts up front. Blackmon has to “want it” for himself before trying to conquer any demons. Addiction is a real disease & I hope everyone here understands that. As for me, it was one random day (during rehab) at the beach just watching people enjoying themselves, “high on life” if u will, is when I thought to myself, “I don’t want this anymore, I wanna get back to my old self.” It was a tough road, but it paid off when it counted most.
    I hope Blackmon realizes it & seeks the right medical attention to overcome this disease. Here’s one for you @JBl4ck14. I know you can do it!!!
    Good Luck & May God be by your side ALWAYS!

  23. And worse than just having a substance abuse problem is having a substance abuse problem with no where to go when you wake up in the morning.

    This suspension from his day job takes away a key piece of structure for him. I hope Justin can pull out of this in time to make himself into a perennial pro bowler.

  24. Its guys like this that show me that some players are just so good naturally and you need find this level of talent plus the desire to build a great team you can’t lack for either

  25. You losers are really talking about him getting the “help” he needs. He smokes weed. Weed. The same “drug” that is legal in some states, decriminalized in others and widely accepted facts of having medicinal properties. This is a non issue. The team suffers he suffers. The fans suffer. Waste of time on all accounts. Lame.

  26. I really enjoy this site but the chronic insults and mean spirited comments really brings me down. Every single day its the same garbage… people ripping others and trying to be funny.

    People can be disgusting. Im an Eagles fan but Im pulling for you Mr. Blackmon. Make your comeback!

  27. Some alcoholics get help after they see the light – usually the one flashing in their rear view mirror. Others need something far worse to happen to them before they seek help. Sadly, it looks like Blackmon falls in the latter category.

  28. @sndflyers

    Uh, it’s pretty common knowledge that Blackmon’s an alcoholic. But go ahead and pat yourself on the back for your little rant there.

  29. Everyone need to stop slamming this guy, the NFL suspended the guy for Drinking and everytime I have a football game on what commercials are they showing consistently “Budweiser” what is the Super Bowls #1 commercial everyone looks forward to watching “Budweiser” they have been cramming alchohol down our throats ever since I’ve been 7 years old when I started watching football. They can make billions a year off of advertising alchohol commercials but the players can’t drink it? He is a grown man, and from what I see a smart like able player, respectful and almost shy to the camera when In interviews, what kind of threat is he to anyone, I miss watching him play, and I swear I will slam the NFL if they don’t let him in this year, I will quit watching it all together, I shouldn’t be punished for two years because the NFL is stubborn. Justin Blackmon is the best wide receiver I’ve ever seen play the game and I miss watching him play let him back in NOW!!!! Please I’m begging you do this for the fans, give the guy one more shot, and get him out of jacksonville please!!

  30. The worst thing you can do to an addict is keep them in the same environment, if he’s strong enough he can over come it in Jacksonville. But if he’s not he will slip again in Jacksonville. If you give him another shot give him a. Change of scenery. I hate to see him leave the Jaguars but he keeps getting in trouble there, let him go to New York Or San Francisco, some where far away from Jacksonville.
    I don’t ink players should be suspended for drugs and alcohol, unless their driving under the influence, or do something to hurt someone.

    Please leave this man alone and let the fans have him back, I’m behind you all the way Justin.
    Do it for you number one, take all this negativity and use it on the field, show these idiot what your really made of.
    I am a huge fan of the running back and wide receiver, and Justin Blackmon has the Talent to be the next or better Jerry Rice. Now do you want to be robbed of being able to watch a player like this do his thing? Hell Lawrence Taylor played on Crack!!! Look it up, did he ever hurt anyone while he was on the field? NO!! Off the field? YES!!! You are literally taking everything this man knows from him, why because you have the power to? That is enough to make me stop watching the game! And I am serious about that, especially when your messing with my favorite player!! Hell go to Canada Justin!!

  31. I’m sick and tired of people calling alcoholism or doing drugs a disease. It’s a choice. I’ve had my issues with booze. I chose not to use it again . I didn’t need rehab for people to say it isn’t my fault. When it’s 100% my fault. Wake up and choose not to use. Simple

  32. 24k24k007: Please I’m begging you do this for the fans, give the guy one more shot, and get him out of jacksonville please!!
    I couldn’t help but read your rant, especially the one stated above in quotes. Soo u think Blackmon needs to leave Jacksonville. What exactly is he accomplishing by taking that route? You do realize the booze, drugs, etc are EVERYWHERE, right? Let’s get something straight, the place he resides in has just about nothing to do with his problem(s). It could come from a number of things, such as the cast of people (aka friend’s) he chooses to revolve himself around, etc. I wanna see #14 make a turnaround just as much as the next person, & I’m sure he’s doing just fine in his rehab program he’s currently in. However, I believe your problem doesn’t include Blackmon per say. I think you’re using JBl4ck as a decoy to whatever problem you seem to have with the NFL player’s conduct policy.
    NEWSFLASH: It is what it is, not much is gonna change while Goodell’s in office. I advise you to get over it already.

    psly2124 says:
    Jun 22, 2014 8:54 PM
    I’m sick and tired of people calling alcoholism or doing drugs a disease. It’s a choice. I’ve had my issues with booze. I chose not to use it again . I didn’t need rehab for people to say it isn’t my fault. When it’s 100% my fault. Wake up and choose not to use. Simple
    Uhh nobody said alcohol/drugs are a disease, I was referring to “Addiction,” which in most cases are caused by what in your opinion? I thought so. Simple

  33. I think of David Ruffin of the 60’s group “The Temptations” when I hear stories like this about Justin Blackmon and Josh Gordon.

    Alcoholism and drug abuse are just the symptons. There is just something in them that makes them self-destruct. They think they don’t deserve their good fortunes, and the more successful they are, the more overt their destruction becomes.

    I’m sure there are all kinds of scientists, doctors, therapists, and a myriad of well-educated specialists that could be called in but, sometimes it just takes someone they love and respect to set them down and get them to see the problem.

    Maybe a good talk with their respective “God” might help….I know it did for me.

  34. Remember Blackmon got his DUI after he was drafted. The Jags are paying him nothing because that is what they put in his contract.

    No he did not get a DUI before he was drafted. It was dropped.

    Back in the spring he had a flat at 3:30 am in Jacksonville. He was not intoxicated which is a good sign.

  35. I personally know Justin, from church and being a substitute teacher at his school. Being in Oklahoma around his family and friends is probably the best thing for him. He has a strong father and mother and good friends that care about him and want him to succeed. I hope he does get his life turned around and realizes his potential on the field.

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