Jerry Angelo: If Jay Cutler stays healthy, the sky’s the limit

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The G.M. who brought Jay Cutler to Chicago believes Cutler is poised to have his biggest year.

Former Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo said in an interview with 87.7 The Game in Chicago that Cutler and the Bears are poised to have a great season in head coach Marc Trestman’s second year. Angelo traded two first-round picks, a third-round pick, a fifth-round pick and quarterback Kyle Orton to Denver in 2009 to acquire Cutler.

“The pressure’s off now. He’s got his contract,” Angelo said. “In all likelihood it’s going to be his last big contract, and he’s firmly entrenched as the starter and he knows what he has to do. I think he’s going to have an outstanding year. It’s a great offense, great personnel around him. And he’s very, very comfortable now going into his second year. As we’ve talked about before, the biggest thing right now is just staying healthy. If he stays healthy the sky’s the limit for the team.”

Angelo says the seven-year contract the Bears gave Cutler showed a commitment to him, and the Bears believe Cutler will be a more confident player as a result.

“Every quarterback that’s starting in the National Football League feels the pressure to win and to take his team to the next level,” Angelo said. “That’s a given, so that’s always been there. The pressure I’m alluding to is that he now has the full commitment of the organization, of the coaching staff, etc. Now he’s in a comfort level, and that’s a big weight on players as they go through their process with a team. ‘Do they really believe in me? Is it me or is it they can’t find somebody like me or better than me?’ Now he knows he’s the guy. So from that standpoint, are we going to see a better player? I don’t know that he’s going to be a better player. But I think you’re going to see a player that now feels totally committed because he feels a total commitment from the organization.”

Cutler should have felt a total commitment from the organization when Angelo engineered that trade five years ago. If he didn’t then, he certainly does now.

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  1. Despite what the Bears gave up for Cutler in ’09, there was NOT a real commitment under Angelo and Lovie. They stuck him behind a horrid o-line, gave him Devin Hester as his go-to receiver and Kellen Davis as his tight end.

    It was not until Emery came on board, and then Trestman, that the team put together a talented offense, and we all saw the result last year. Angelo is right on one thing, and that is the importance of avoiding injury…Not just to Jay, but to any key offensive player.

    That said, the offense is ready to rock again this year, the team will go as far as their defense takes them. Even an average ‘D’ should allow for a nice playoff run, but if only the offense performs well, the team will not win consistently.

  2. It’s amazing that the organization wants to feel this “total commitment” to Cutler. He is a mediocre-to-slightly-above-mediocre QB. With Chicago he is 39-28 (slightly above average); 101 TDs to 75 INTs (a touch under average); and has a passer rating of 83.8% (a bit under average). And even Jerry Angelo says, “I don’t know that he’s going to be a better player.” The only season he started all 16 games was his first year with Chicago. Last year he was 5-6. I can’t believe people keep paying him millions. Do they just refuse to look at the facts? I think he has lucked out for a lot of years now.

  3. “Jerry Angelo: If Jay Cutler doesn’t get any kind of a boo boo, the sky’s the limit”

  4. Knowing the bears wanted to keep him due to jay’s contract, jerry didn’t feel the need to comment on cutler’s expectation of success.
    cutler has no chin left to take any more hits (or for that matter, was born that way).

  5. It does seem it bit strange hearing this from Angelo, did the thought occur to him, that he is basically indicting himself and his administration with the things he is saying???

  6. The Broncos had only asked for 1, yes 1, first round pick for Cutler, Jerrah2 Angelo completely hosed Da Bears, my Bears for years because of this trade, and every other business decision he made with the exception of the Julius Peppers signing.
    Think about how Jerrah2 picked 2 first round busts, in the same year, yes, the same year, if you don’t believe me.

  7. As a vike fan I will admit im not sure what to expext from cutler and the bears but if they can protect cutler and have some contributions from key aquisitions on an improved D, they could be very very good. Health is also key but that would apply for every team, always a matter of “if”s in the offseason but should be an interestong yr.

  8. Considering the most TDs he’s thrown in a season is 27, and he led the league in INTs that year with 26, he could throw 25 TDs with only 15 INTs and it could be considered his best year as a pro. I’m not saying he won’t do better than that but it shows he could put up pretty pedestrian numbers and still have his best season..

  9. I wish I was as coated with teflon as Jay Cutler is. That way, I could be utterly disappointing and underwhelming– I could squander my God given talent– and be rewarded handsomely for it with money and showers of verbal praise.

    Instead, when I underachieve, I have consequences to my earning potential and my reputation.

    I want to live in Jay’s false-reality. If only for a few minutes. Please.

  10. he would have been great when you brought him to Chicago had you gotten any talent around besides forte around him. and if you had made the coach at the time run a real NFL offense. honestly it is like you and Lovie looked at the tape at what made him so good with the broncos and said that’s nice but we don’t do that here.

  11. Rex Grossman, Brian Griese, Kyle Orton and Josh McCown are a combined 47-30 while playing for the Bears, which is a winning percentage of .610. Jay Cutler is 39-28, which is a winning percentage of .582. Just something to think about.

  12. All these thumbs down for comments that are spot on. Cutler is okay…… not great. Anyone with any honesty can see this. Even the Bears fans that I know personally think so. Stop being such a homer and call a spade a spade.

  13. He gets so much praise because of poor q’s had before him. Jay is an OK qb but has not nearly lived up to what they gave up for him. Take the vikings when they actually find a average qb we will be hearing the best ever from the fans instead of just the mouth peterson. It’s already started with their tiny hands pick.

  14. Angelo was a disaster as a GM. He hit on a few defensive players as well as Matt Forte and that was about it. Emery came in and immediately fixed the O line and wide receiving corps which Angelo inexplicably ignored. Unfortunately by this time the defense had aged poorly.

    It is time for the Bears to contend this year. They have a window with this offense. Mel Tucker needs to step it up and so does his defense.

  15. BUT Green Bay is still in your face twice a year, Jay.

    “Same Old Jay”: Great during the season, but mediocre because of major errors at key times.

  16. You mean they can do better than 8-8? I’ll bet they don’t win over 10 and won’t be suprised to see a 7-9 finish. Look at the schedual and show me 10 wins.

  17. Every summer:

    1. Tony Romo has taken huge strides and is “this close” to leading the Cowboys to the Super Bowl

    2. Cutler is an elite QB and is about to challenge Manning for gaudiest numbers on his way to the Super Bowl

    3. Kenny Britt has been suspended for 2-8 games

  18. Jerry Angelo was a terrible GM…he cut Mark Colombo when he hurt his knee. Colombo rehabbed back and had a nice career with the Cowboys. Angelo could never see the big picture.

  19. Cutler makes the Bears offense better and more often than not they win. The only thing separating the Bears and Packers is a game and a half the last two seasons. So all of you haters…have fun hating. That’s all you have.

  20. After all this time, Cutler is what he is: an above average NFL QB, prone to bouts of inconsistency and injury, and not a real enjoyable person. Regardless, 75% of all NFL teams would probably start the guy.

  21. Its amazing to hear what people say. What they dont get and never ever will is that there is no QB IN THE HISTORY IN THE NFL THAT WAS A WINNING QB WITHOUT LEADERSHIP (QB COACH- OC) WITHOUT RECEIVERS AND WITHOUT AN OLINE! Look at ANY QB that is elite… Jay isnt elite but hes top 6-8 in the league… Rogers has been watching the same offense behind Favre that he is playing in now, thats called consistency and growing within the program for Jay but everyone in the O! What kind of consistency has Brady had in NE? BOTH OF THEM HAD ALWAYS HAD TOP NOTCH RECEIVERS! Jay gets Roy Williams!!?? Devin Hester!!?? as #1’s??? Then to top it off we have JWebb and Carimi?? What competition was brought in for the most important piece of the oline? None?? They just kept pushing him in there and saying hes growing!!! Imo Jay was nice, I wouldve kicked lovie in the balls and punched Jwebb in his fat ass gut!

  22. I think I can put everyone’s minds at ease here. On behalf of Bears fans, we are fully aware Cutler is not the second coming of Dan Marino. All that we are hoping for is that with all of the pieces in place with the offense, he can put up top ten quarterback numbers. And we really hope he can win a few big games this year. That’s pretty much it. And we all wish Jerry Angelo would crawl back under a rock and disappear.

  23. Do you think cutler cries himself to sleep every night for 2 weeks out of the year before he faces the lions just thinking of what suh is going to do to him?

  24. Lions fans know all about crying themselves to bed! They don’t know a damn thing about winning.

    Stay strong Calvin Johnson, there is always hope for a trade off that pathetic organization you have to put up with.

  25. All you lions haters on here… Lions have more talent than bears at most positions. Especially QB, WR, RB where it’s not even close. You might have an edge when it comes secondary but that’s not saying much. I am very much looking forward to another sweep this year! Go lions!

  26. Are you coming from the same organization that forced one of the best RBs of all time, Barry Sanders to retire because he was sick and fkn tired of the BS? Really, you cant be screamin up from the basement, and thinking youre gonna be even listened to? Put TWO decent years together and at least come upstairs from the basement.

  27. Jay Cutler was being considered a MVP candidate the first half of the season by many ESPN and NFL network analyst before his injury. So I’d agree with a$$bag Jerry Angelo, Jay is definitely poised for a huge season if healthy.

  28. He beat a 7-9 Seahawk team led by a washed up Matt Hasselbeck.

    He continually chokes against the Packers.

    Marshall has zero playoff wins in his career.

    Yet bears fans keep yapping away about how great they’re gonna be… year in, year out – then the bears get spanked by the Packers.


  29. Reading these comments I’m guessing the average IQ of most people who hate Cutler for no reason whatsoever must be about 70.

    Time to pull out the crayons and construction paper, guys.

  30. calvinthegreat81 says:
    Jun 22, 2014 11:33 PM
    All you lions haters on here… Lions have more talent than bears at most positions. Especially QB, WR, RB where it’s not even close. You might have an edge when it comes secondary but that’s not saying much. I am very much looking forward to another sweep this year! Go lions!


    Cutler is slightly better than Stafford.

    Matt Forte is WAY better than Reggie Fumble Bush. Not even a question.

    Brandon Marshall is like 1 TD behind Calvin. Not by much.

    Alshon Jeffery is way better than any receiver other than CJ on your pathetic time.

    Suh is your only defender that is good and even he is overrated.

    Oh and your rookie TE is not better than Martellus Bennett.

    You’re a complete moron, your trolling a Bears post and then cry about Bears fans hating on the Crappy Lions. Get bent….

  31. I’m just stating facts. Not my fault you get your panties in a bunch over reality. I could destroy your post in every way but instead I will just laugh at you comparing Marshall to Megatron. Megatron is one of the best WR of all time and Marshall is a good WR that no one will remember 10 years from now. Wake up from fantasy land son. Sweep them mediocre bears!

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