Orton more likely than not to show up, eventually


Cowboys quarterback Kyle Orton has remained absent from the team throughout the offseason and likewise silent about his plans.  The Cowboys thought he’d show up for a mandatory minicamp, and he didn’t.

The current thinking is that Orton will eventually report for duty, with a 70-30 chance of Orton walking through the door when training camp opens.  The other alternative is retirement, which would cost Orton $3 million of his $5 million signing bonus from 2012.

Orton presumably hopes the Cowboys will cut him before practice resumes on July 24, but that remains the least likely outcome by far.

We anticipate him being at training camp,” coach Jason Garrett said after the conclusion of the team’s three-day minicamp, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “Communication is a big part of that situation, trying to understand why he wasn’t here and taking the necessary work. . . .   What we have to do and need to do as an organization is penalize him the necessary amounts of fines and those kinds of things.  We also just want to understand and communicate and try to figure out [how] this situation is going to play out that’s best for the Dallas Cowboys and for Kyle Orton.”

Orton could show up and then hope the Cowboys cut him, especially if they have determined that Brandon Weeden will serve as a more capable and willing backup to Tony Romo.

Orton started the team’s final regular-season game of the 2013 season, presiding over the third straight loss in the unofficial NFC East championship game.  It quite possibly may have been his last game with the team, and it’s hard not to wonder whether he has another team in mind for 2014.

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  1. Who wouldn’t want to play for another team? Jerrah is the worst GM in sports. He continually meddles with the roster and coaching staff. He brought in Weeden to “compete” for a backup spot. If I was Orton, I’d be doing exactly what he is.

  2. Amongst fringe starters and backup QBs…Kyle Orton is one particular QB whom I’ve always seen as being better than people give him credit for. No, he’s not a marketable guy and fans don’t line up at the stadium to see him per say…but he’s as reliable as any backup QB in the entirety of this league. Some teams know for sure that if their top QB gets hurt, that their season 100% DONE…and then there’s a small handful of guys like Orton, Jason Campbell, even Kirk Cousins who can come in and barely miss a beat, the kinda guys you can win with even as backups. In such an extremely violent profession, it pays to have a capable backup throwin the ball.

  3. The Cowboys are not going to let Orton walk away with out repaying that bonus money, squeeze him hard Jerry…Orton is trying to Jay Ratliff them, he knows there is another team he can start for but doesn’t want to pay back the signing bonus

  4. I think Jerruh rigged this whole thing up with Orton to take the fan and media focus off the rest of the mess the Cowboys are in. Talking about Orton keeps them from having to talk about everything else.

  5. If you don’t make poor decisions by signing the wrong people or unreliable people you don’t have these types of problems. The Cowboys are in perpetual cap purgatory and that is a result of poor management. What is the common denominator in all of Dalas’s issues? Poor management, horrible GM.

  6. Orton in my opinion is trying to hold out for more money. . Which is why that meddling GM and Puppet coach decided to bring in Weeden for a free look so they could see whether it would be worth the risk to 1. Not give in to Orton ‘ s demand for a new contract or 2. See that Weeden at a cheaper price may not be the answer so we’ll pay Orton more money.. anybody who actually believes he isn’t showing up just because he wants to retire is ignorant. . If he was done and it wasn’t about the money he would just retire.. but he clearly sees this as his last chance to get paid.. with romo coming off back surgery with no other clear backup and will try to get paid one last time.

    Another thing to remember is Garrett and Orton are both represented by the same man. . So they definitely know why he is not showing up.. just not making it public for media bashing..

  7. Mike, you are the ONLY person who cares about this whole Kyle Orton thing. I get its a slow news period over the next month, but c’mon man.

  8. “If I was Orton, ‘d be doing exactly what he is.”

    Well, what he has done so far is cost himself $70K in fines. Not sure that I would be doing that. I don’t care how much money you make, explaining why you pissed away $70K to the little woman is probably a fun conversation.

  9. Time to blowup the Johnny Manziel of NFL teams. They get far too much coverage than they deserve.

    Justin Bieber or Paris Hilton of football … famous for being famous. IRRELEVANT.

  10. @dallasdominates Orton is not young (will turn 32 during the season) . He has made his money. He is on his last contract. Does he retire now or next year? That is the only question. Its not a money thing. It’s a health thing.

  11. @darthmouthstevens when did being a backup quarter become a dangerous and unhealthy position in the league.. He played one full game in 2 years with the Cowboys.. and yes he is 2 years younger than the 34 year old quarterback coming surgery.. so why would he retire.. If anything this is his prime opportunity to get paid . It just doesn’t make Sense. If he was satisfied with all the money he made and didn’t want to play.. He would just submit his retirement papers in already to end this speculation of what he is doing

  12. What if he showed up and just sucked on purpose? He could force them to cut him. Bad for the Cowboys, good for Orton and his bank account.

  13. Dartmouth

    It’s absolutely a money thing. It’s a “I don’t want to have to cut Jerry Jones a check for $3 million” thing.

    And if someone has as much money as Jerry Jones, it’s probably because they have made it a point to see to it that the people who OWE them money, actually PAY them the money.

  14. as much as jerry the general manager would love for orton to undo one of his dubious decisions ($5M signing bonus for Kyle Orton?), jerry the cutthroat wildcatter undoubtedly knows that money is good as gone….

    because were he in orton’s shoes, he wouldn’t be giving that signing bonus back….

    and because at the end of the day, weeden’s 2014 salary is way cheaper going forward than ortons’..

    and since neither gives them a chance to win with that defense, their relative value is equal….

  15. to those speculating about orton holding out for more money, what about the week 17 performance did i miss?

    this is about the 3 million in signing bonus money pure and simple.

  16. Wish Kyle would “man up” and fulfill his contract. Gee practice a bit, than probably not play in a game, and walk away with 3 or 4 million. Retire with some dignity then. But nooooo, let’s leave everyone hanging, and have all this suspense. Get over yourself Orton, report to minicamp, and DO YOUR JOB.

  17. Is this a story about Kyle Orton? Kyle freaking Orton? Who cares if he retires, shows up, goes fishing or wins American idol. It’s Kyle freaking Orton. Get anybody else for a backup qb, it’s Kyle Orton.

  18. I have never seen a team almost begging a player to play/show up.

    I don’t think they’re begging him. I think Jerry is saying F U, you’re not about to skate off with 3 Million for quitting! Oh no I would not cut him…

  19. I’ve never seen a team so beholden to a weak-armed, mediocre to the nth degree, BACKUP quarterback. For crying out loud, just coax Rodney Peete out of retirement if you’re that desperate for a guy who can give you 150 yards a game with a couple of picks!

  20. Kyle you aren’t fooling anyone. We know you TOO are trying to steal our money by hoping that we cut you that way you keep it and go somewhere else collecting two checks. Up yours man. Leave if you want but PAY UP. Let me guess, when you retire you gonna sue the NFL and vote Democrat on the next election.

  21. The Cowboys will be signing Johnny “Boyziel” after the Factory of Sadness cuts him in two years.

    Just think of the possibilities then… Weeden and Boyziel on the same team !!!!!!!

  22. You can’t blame Orton for wanting to get out of that dumpster fire, what a mess.

  23. Teams cut players all the time to save themselves money, now the boot is on the other foot, and the player has some leverage.

    Still, it leaves a sour taste. If he genuinely wants to retire, trying to force the team to cut you just seems wrong. Then again, maybe one of the Jones has a way of upsetting players to the point that they start thinking about ways of sticking it to the organisation.

  24. Wow for a guy who throws two interceptions in the season finale last year hes pressing his luck. Hes a typical Dallas free agent “WHERES THE MONEY” player who packs it in after Thanksgiving like most Dallas players. My apologies to only a handful. Hey RATliff don’t let the door hit you in the _ss on the way out LOSER!!!

  25. With his mobility Bob Orton (might as well be the wrestler) will do nothing if Romo goes down. Thing team can win with Romo if they had a defense. BUT THEY DON’T!!! Are my fellow fans just stupid?

  26. Orton has to show up or payback 3 mil. nobody gives back money so he shows up and goes through the motions he will be home in 2 weeks. Then again this is Dallas a Kyle Orton just going through the motions might be better than Romo.

  27. @thefirstsmilergrogan

    Yea about that week 17 performance. .. Kyle played sooooooo horribly with the worst defense n cowboys history competing with the 2nd best offense in the nfl. .. and still came down to one final drive to give his team a chance to win.. yes the backup quarterback almost had a chance to lead a team to the playoffs. .. philly one fair n square but don’t make it seem like they blew us out. ..

  28. I don’t think I have ever seen a backup QB hold out for more money since most backups want to compete for playing time. But we are talking Jerry’s World where the living go to die.

  29. Hey Dallas. How about worrying about the defense that couldn’t stop a bunch of fat girls rather than a backup QB.

  30. Orton is assuming this is the Cowboy way. Romo doesn’t show up in the playoffs and still got a fat check.

  31. The guy was given a crazy amount of money to hold a clipboard and this is the way he shows his thanks? Screw him.

  32. Orton is being a scum bag right now but that’s fine because the Cowboys already have their back up in camp and there is now way Orton comes out of this keeping that 3 million!!

  33. The only reason Weeden was signed in the first place was a hedge against this. No one knows Orton’s real intentions, but I would wager that the Joneses know more about it than the posters who just seem to want to take shots at the Cowboys. I think that they should get after Orton in the most aggressive way possible, as he signed the deal to hold the clipboard and he needs to either do it, or give back the bonus.

  34. Jerry has to have Orton on the team.

    After all, who will throw the game losing interception?

    Oh, wait, I forgot they still have Weeden.

    … nevermind.

  35. Who is Kyle Orton to be holding out? Jerrah should make him the third string placeholder for PAT’s. Holding out so you can get cut – there’s a new angle. Shows you exactly where his heart/priorities are.

  36. Kyle Orton has never been an outstanding QB. He’s not flashy. He’s been a good, serviceable, game manager for his entire career. At this point in his career, he a back up QB, or a transition QB. No team is going to pay big bucks to sign Orton. I doubt he minds backing up Romo in Dallas. He get paid very well to do exactly that. The issue is whether Orton want to really retire, or trying to hold out for more money. One thing is certain, Orton doesn’t want to give back the remaining signing bonus.

    Personally I think he will show up in training camp at some point and force the Cowboys into making a decision. If Jones was smart, and we all know he isn’t, Jones would watch for any starting QB to falter or go down with an injury. Then try to trade Orton. Having gone thru the OTA and mini-camps, Weeden is clearly ahead in the back up QB race. This will get interesting in July.

  37. Can’t see Jerry letting Orton off the hook on the contract money he owes. If Orton were retiring, then why hasn’t he announced it already? It appears he may be considering playing for another team.

  38. He played in one game last year and now realizes with Romo’s back problems he has a good chance he will have to play in a lot more games. Looking at that possibility he figures he’s due some more money. If he can’t get more money the he will not put in any more playing time practice,preseason etc. No reason to risk injury that might cut his career short playing fore the Boys when he could get a chance to start latter in the year with a better team if he can find away to get cut.

  39. I’m so sick of Orton. The boys have to get ready for the 49’ERS. No more waiting on Kyle. I personally I think Weeden is gonna shock the world when an if he gets his shot. He’s bigger and stronger than Promo.
    And he’s getting his timing down with a familer receiver. Namely Dez. All mini camp weeden has taken snaps with the 1’st team offence that’s gonna pay off. And on another note I’m so tired of these haters talking about our D. Nobody seems to remember all the d-amn starters an players that were hurt last year. Now that’s no excuse, but quit blaming the players. Haters! The Boys will return.

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