Packers adopting GPS technology to research injuries


A growing number of individual Packers players are taking a low-tech approach to their training by adopting yoga.

But the team itself is going the other direction.

In a detailed look at their training plans, Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette explains how the Packers are using a GPS monitoring system on certain players in practice to try to reduce injuries.

The Packers have been one of the league’s most-injured teams in recent years, and a rash of hamstring problems led many of the players to seek out the yoga studio.

But the team hopes that by having more information about workloads and exertion — and hiring an Australian firm called Catapult Sports — will allow them to make better decisions about when and how best to work their players.

Coach Mike McCarthy won’t get into specifics of why (or explain moving the team’s jog-through installation from the beginning of practice to the end), but acknowledges the need to adapt.

“I’ve always felt since the first day I came here that scheduling and how you train a football team is the most important part of the head coach’s job,” McCarthy said. “That’s another competitive arena you’re in. How you train your team compared to your opponent can give you an edge.”

The Packers have stayed consistently successful in recent years (which has more to do with a good quarterback than a GPS), but if they can get healthier, they might be better able to make a run late in the season when it matters most.


39 responses to “Packers adopting GPS technology to research injuries

  1. Yoga? Good Lord. How about transcendental meditation, too? At least they use GPS to find their rear ends.

  2. According to this article, GB has been one of the top 3 injured teams in 3 of the last 4 years. Makes you wonder how good GB could be if they could turn the tide on the injury bug.

  3. The Packers have stayed consistently successful in recent years (which has more to do with a good quarterback than a GPS)

    One player team..

    The rookies need a GPS just to find Green Bay…

  4. Congrats to the players with the brains and courage to try alternative conditioning tools like yoga, and congrats to the team for the humility to see that changes are needed and seek out assistance in examining developing tech for training.

  5. GPS? Really? That’s downright silly. GPS may tell you where the player goes, but it won’t help with training.

    THe other devices…accelerometer, pressure tracking, etc, will help with training.

    Whoever wrote this article has no clue that GPS cannot be used to see how much a player exercises or how often they rest. THe GPS part of the device is simply to track where they go.

  6. The Old Way: Me tuf. You weak. I give u girls name. Ha. Ha. (Vikings)

    The New Way: Symbiotic relationship between cutting edge technologies and health maintenance, for a distinct competitive edge and balance. (Packers)

    See the difference? Last year was just the beginning. They were duct taped together and still won the division with a fourth string street agent walk-on. The Vikings finished last in the division, again, despite having “superior personnel at every position but one.”

    Advantage: Packers.

  7. Without GPS they’d have never known that running every play to the goal post was causing all the neck injuries.

  8. WTF, GPS? This is the best Dr.McKenzie, the rest of the medical staff, training staff, and the strength and conditioning staff could with? Fire them all.

  9. Are jealous friends from the west are back with their quick witted comments about 1 motel, dirt roads, forgot the ever intelligent fat Green Bay and the fans.

    Maybe we should just surrender now because I see you guys proclaimed the 5th consecutive offseason championship here at PFT. Put those imaginary trophies right next to the fake Lombardi’s.

    Not sure about the point you were trying to make regarding “As far as our qb will get us and that’s it comment” It was only a few short years ago that qb took the team to the pinnacle for #13 World Championship!

  10. And the GPS devices mysteriously keep pointing the organization to the locations of the training and medical staffs, where hamstrings and necks go to die.

  11. Wile E. Coyote (the Vikings) often obtains complex and ludicrous devices from a mail-order company, the fictitious Acme Corporation (NFL Draft), which he hopes will help him catch the Road Runner (Packers). The devices invariably fail in improbable and spectacular ways. Whether this is result of operator error (coaching) or faulty merchandise (players) is debatable. The coyote (Vikings) usually ends up burnt to a crisp, squashed flat, or at the bottom of a canyon. Occasionally Acme products do work quite well such as the Dehydrated Boulders, Bat-Man Outfit, Rocket Sled, Jet Powered Roller Skates, or Earthquake Pills (Adrian Peterson). In this case their success often works against the coyote (fumbles against Saints). Other times he uses items that are implausible, such as a superhero outfit (Ponder), thinking he could fly wearing it. He cannot. In the end, the Roadrunner (Packers) always wins (NFL record 13 World Championships).

  12. The easy solution is to pay him at WR rate for the percentage of the time he lined up outside or in the slot, and TE rate for the percentage of time he was on the line. Easy enough to establish that ratio.

  13. “Will the gps show them how not to get rocked in the playoffs every stinking year”

    Hmm did you just become a queen fan this year because if memory serves just 2 years ago we embarrassed the hapless Vikings on national tv in a playoff game.

  14. i got some magic beans for sale.

    Says a member of a fan base that bought used urinals from the metrodump. You cant make this stuff up.

  15. If you don’t innovate, you stagnate. Is there guaranteed success with your innovations? No. Is there guaranteed failure with staying the same? Yes.

    Instead of mocking the Packer decision-makers, the Viking trolls…err…..”fans,” should be questioning the Viking management with what they are doing to stay ahead of the competition. They won’t though. They’re too accustomed to feeling right all the time. It’s easier for them to insult and putdown. After all, that continues to be the only ammunition they have.

  16. The entire league is going to rue the day the Packers are amongst the healthiest teams during the season instead of the most oft-injured.

    The other three teams in the North Division should be wiping their brows and saying “thank God” the Packers are injured so much. The law of averages is about to catch up. The Packers will win it all this year.

  17. Packer souvenir stock can’t be found. The shares already sold are proudly hanging on 368,000 walls around the world.

    You can keep the beans……you’re gonna need ’em.

  18. sonofad says:
    Jun 22, 2014 1:43 PM
    The Packers are somewhat of a one man team. Sort of like the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan.

    Packers a 1 man team like the 90’s bulls? Scottie Pippen was pretty good(1 of the best small forwards to ever play). Clearly u know nothing about sports.

  19. 2007 and 2011 were the only years we weren’t putting a dozen starters on I.R.

    We went 13-3 and 15-1 in those years.

    So yeah, it’d be pretty damn awesome not having to play our undrafted free agent 4th stringers against Colin Fraud-ernick.

  20. Don’t put a gps on Lacy. The extra few ounces of weight will surely cause a blown hammy.

  21. pretty sure that maybe two people commenting here actually read the article before deciding to swing their d*cks at each other.

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