Rusty Smith, Max Hall among players released in final CFL cuts


Several quarterbacks who have spent time on NFL rosters were among the final cuts announced by CFL teams this weekend.

Former Giants and Titans quarterback Rusty Smith was let go by the Calgary Stampeders on Saturday, while the Winnipeg Blue Bombers parted ways with ex-Cardinals passer Max Hall on Friday. Also, the Saskatchewan Roughriders released Adam Weber, who had stints with the Buccaneers and Broncos.

While the cuts are setbacks, the players released should have a good fitness level should they try to land with other clubs in the CFL or the NFL.

In other CFL roster news, former Rams wide receiver Mardy Gilyard has landed a spot on the Montreal Alouettes’ practice roster, the club announced. Chad Johnson, the longtime NFL wideout, is a member of Montreal’s active roster.

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  1. The point that was made here was that Pat White made the roster of the Edmonton Eskimos. Although he only played a very short time in two exhibition games that Edmonton played his scrambling ability as well as a very strong arm showed very well in the two games I watched also Toronto Argonauts kept Josh Portis on their roster Portis had been was Seattle in the NFL and Brian Brohm one the number two position with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Troy Smith is Montréal starting quarterback and John Beck is the number two man for the BC Lions. Don’t be surprised if the new Ottawa red blacks might require either Maxwell or Rusty Smith down the road Henry Burris is a senior citizen at 40 and his backup DeMarco is no worldbeater one I can see IMHO.

  2. The only thing the NFL is watching is the way the CFL runs their style of offenses … Exciting style that some teams are trying to adapt without the motion… I could see eventually the NFL widening the field and implementing some sort of motion..There are good players that START their careers but not many that refine them up there

  3. It takes a certain type of quarterback to succeed
    in the CFL. Good mobility, strong arm due to the wider field and adjusting to the extra defensive back are some of the challenges for QB’s coming north.

  4. Shocks me Henry Burris is still playing. When he was with the Bears, they had a stretch there of some of the worst QBs in NFL history. And Henry was by FAR the worst I’ve seen. Ever.

  5. CFL & NFL have two completely different requirements for players.

    Tall non mobile quarterbacks don’t survive in the CFL.

    Same goes for 260lb linebackers. They’re too slow to go from sideline to sideline on the larger field.

    Receivers are usually smaller also, although a tall receiver with NFL credentials can do well.

    Biggest difference though is the quality of receivers. Too many CFL receivers drop too many balls. In the NFL there’s a wealth of receivers who are fast and catch everything that comes their way.

  6. britishraven says:
    Rusty Smith is the worst QB I have ever seen
    Aren’t you a ravens fan? If so, that statement makes no sense. Unless you only listen to games on the radio.

  7. Since Brian Brohm played in Green Bay, he should feel right at home in that metropolis, Winnipeg!

  8. Remember that CFL teams can only have a certain amount of non-Canadian players. So these cuts aren’t necessarily terrible for the American players that got cut; it just means there are better American players on the team than them. Now if you’re a Canadian player that got cut…

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