Aaron Rodgers says running will “always” be part of his game


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is coming off a season in which he turned 30 and suffered an injury that cost him half his season. But Rodgers says neither age nor health will keep him from running the ball.

Rodgers told the Journal Sentinel that he will “always” want to use his legs as well as his arm. Rodgers is no Michael Vick (who wrongly thinks he’s the first rushing quarterback but rightly thinks he’s the best), but Rodgers is a solid runner who has averaged 4.7 yards a carry and scored 18 touchdowns in his NFL career.

It adds an extra dimension to my game,” Rodgers said.

The Packers will just have to hope Rodgers can run as effectively in his 30s as he did in his 20s — and hope he doesn’t get hurt in the process.

104 responses to “Aaron Rodgers says running will “always” be part of his game

  1. I can’t wait for the first idiot to post that Rodgers running was the cause of his broken collarbone.

  2. The guy is just a complete package he does everything well. Have to love Minnesota passing on him twice.

  3. In other news, Jared Allen is reported as saying that “tackling people, and often” has really been the key to his success over the years.

  4. Well, if the yoga does what they think, he should be more flexible and not get hurt.

    But, if he gets hurt again, it will be just like 1973 to 1991 all over again. Only 1 winning season all those years.

    Doh Pack Doh!!!!

  5. Look.

    I think everyone realizes the Green Bay Packers are in deep decline.

    Starting with their injury prone QB that is already 30 years old, clearly can’t take the beating that an NFL Caliber Quarterback is required to take, and most likely will be out of the league in a few years.

    Without Rodgers last year, the team couldn’t beat any team in the NFL except a 3 win team at home (Vs. the Falcons)

    With no defensive talent or competent offensive line, this team is destined for the NFC North cellar for the next decade – at least.

    Teddy Bridgewater is the future.
    Aaron Rodgers is the past.

  6. The guy is just a complete package he does everything well. Have to love Minnesota passing on him twice….

    Culpepper wqas coming off a Pro Bowl season of 2004. Read more than the Janesville newspaper..OK?

  7. I think Rogers has the perfect combination of arm strength, accuracy, and mobility. I suspect that Luck will overcome him…perhaps in all three categories.

    Cam Newton will (or has) overcome him in arm strength and mobility, but will probably always be wanting in the accuracy department.

  8. eh, I see what he means about the extra dimension. Plus a passing qb with some legs adds insane pressure to a defense. Especially when the passing qb has the accuracy and arm strength Rodgers has. I hope he slows it down though. Just stick to throwing those dimes you’re so good at throwing.

  9. themeccalambeaufield says:
    Jun 23, 2014 12:09 PM
    The guy is just a complete package he does everything well. Have to love Minnesota passing on him twice.
    MN didnt need a QB when Rodgers was drafted. Whats the Packer excuse by passing on Peterson a number of times by not trading up?

  10. Don’t let one injury change your whole game. Keep running, just be a little smarter about holding onto the ball too long. That’s why he got hurt – not cos he was running but he was trying to keep the play alive. Go Pack Go!

  11. Teddy Bridgewater wearing gloves is justifiable – as Hall of Famer, Super MVP Kurt Warner did.

    Aaron Rodgers doing yoga isn’t justifiable.

    It’s just downright feminine.

  12. It is really nice that the MN trolls come out again and make comments about a QB they can only dream about having.

  13. Sure, the Vikings passed on Aaron Rodgers twice … but at least they didn’t do what my Titans did: As they prepared to enter Steve McNair’s final season with the team, the Titans’ GM decided: “I know, let’s draft Pac Man Jones instead of Aaron Rodgers.”

    But hey, no worries, we got Vince Young a year later with the No. 3 overall pick, so it’s all good. We don’t regret that Aaron Rodgers decision AT ALL.

  14. As a Viking fan I’m not ashamed to admit Rodgers is the only QB in the NFL North that frightens me, except maybe Christian Ponder.

    I think both Cutler and Stafford are more injury prone and neither of them has the accuracy of Rodgers.

    Even so, the Packers need an Oline to protect him and they still haven’t got that. The NFC North may have the best DLines in the league and that is why Rodgers needs to be able to run, because that pocket isn’t gonna last long.

  15. MN didn’t need a QB when Rodgers was drafted? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Trading up to the top of the draft from the bottom is a lot different than passing on a player twice. Everyone knew Culpeeeper was a fraud made by Randy Moss and wanted out of Minnesota as well.

  16. Who cares about Arod did you see the backups TT has in place?

    Did you see what they did last year?

    Look for bigger and better things this year from this group.

    For as great as the packers QB situation has been the past 20 years you sure would think they would have won more.

    But TT will fix that because he is a genius.

  17. lol at comments back and forth about the Vikings passing on Rodgers. Ya, they didn’t need him, but the Packers didn’t exactly either, they had you-know-who under center at the time!

    Ridiculous point of discussion though. Packers took a chance on a player they didn’t exactly need at the time, and obviously it turned out pretty well. 20+ other teams didn’t like what they saw, and didn’t.

  18. GB has had only 3 players that mattered in the last 25 years. Brett (the Viking), Reggie White and Erin. I have complete confidence that GB will resemble ’73 to ’91 very soon. Read ’em and weep Greenbay.

  19. As a Viking fan I never wanted Favre or Rodgers to get hurt. I would rather enjoy watching the Vikings beat the pack at full strength when possible. They are both talented qb’s and very good for the league. I suspect this talk comes about because of the young qb’s these days that all have that run demension to their game. But Rodgers doesn’t need it to be honest. He is better than the young kids by just staying in the pocket protected. But if he wants to run he will.

  20. with that offensive line, it’s pretty redundant to proclaim running is a part of your game & that it will always be…tt won’t upgrade the line.

  21. I don’t think Vick was trying to say he was the first. I think he was trying to say, he was the first that changed the game. And he did. Nobody had ever game planned for a qb’s legs before, Vick. And while we’re at it. He changed the game on Madden, too.

  22. Running was the reason Rodgers got a concussion against the Drew Stanton-led Lions a few years ago. Without him in for the rest of the game, they lost.

  23. Wait a minute, I thought according to all the armchair GMs that a QB who runs can’t win a championship.

    Except for Aaron Rodgers.

    Wait. Except for Russell Wilson.

    Um. Except for Steve Young.

    Oh forget it.

  24. Only one winning season from 1973 to 1991??? Better check your facts.
    They had winning seasons in 1978, 1982 and 1989… Not to mention 4 8-8 seasons….
    Not a great time period anyways… How about we look at 1992 to present… Only 2 losing seasons.
    Let’s reflect on that a little more… Only 2 losing seasons since 1992.

  25. After watching him play my team twice, and sometimes three times a year, I will readily admit there’s no better all-around NFL QB. Which really, really, really, really, really sucks to admit.

  26. At this point of the year, with season starting rosters yet to be determined, there is absolutely no way to know if the Packers offensive line and defense or Teddy Bridgewayer will be any good. What’s past has no bearing on the future. A new NFL always brings surprises. but, right now, most of these posts are either speculation or goofy blather. It’s just like all the mock drafts, which are never 100% correct anyway. Settle down people.

  27. With the exception of Green Bay (hello, Julius Peppers is like 70), all NFC north teams got better on defense. I’d say that Erin is going to be running a lot, or at least until he breaks another nail and Flynn comes in.

  28. He should have said scrambling will always be part of his game. When he runs, it’s usually toward the 1st down marker. He’s not doing “open field” running like Kaepernick, and that’s the most McCarthy wants.

  29. MN didnt need a QB when Rodgers was drafted. Whats the Packer excuse by passing on Peterson a number of times by not trading up?

    Why would have the Packers needed to trade up to draft Peterson which is a far cry from passing on someone twice? What has me me me Peterson done to help the Vikings win anything? Favre was the biggest reason the Vikings had a good season. Meanwhile Rodgers not only won a SB he has led the team to 5 straight playoffs, flat out dominated the queens, and owns the highest qb rating in the history of the NFL. Ask anyone who was a better pick and more important to winning.

    I also get a kick out of queen fans talking about the Packer O Line when the Packers ran for more yards and gave up less qb hits. Oh that’s right look it up.

  30. It’s amazing how many fans have no clue about football. Matt Flynn has never finished a season for the Packers, except once when they had nothing to play for before the playoffs. Of course a smart person would remember Rodgers game winning TD in the last game of the season against the Bears.

  31. Us Vikings fans love it when A-Rodg runs! We always know he’s about to fracture something. If Baluga could block worth a turd he wouldn’t have to scramble around so much. Rodgy and Cutler are the glass joes of the NFL!

  32. Yea GB didn’t have great years in the 70’s and 80’s… And I believe thats all that Minnesota fans can rub into GB fans faces at this point…… But Who cares, at least we’ve won 2 Super Bowls since then…. What have you accomplished since then? In fact what have you accomplished in the last 5 years.? If it wasn’t for Brett Favre, the Vikings haven’t done nothing in the last 14 years… i believe they’ve had 4 winning seasons in that span? Thats about what GB averaged back in the 70’s and 80’s… So keep bringing up the past, just like we do about our 13 Championships.

  33. I wonder how much a QB like that drops off in his rushing past 30. you see HB’s seriously decline and even lose speed. QB’s don’t have as much mileage, but they have to slow down and if you ran a 4.7 at 21, what are you running at 33-35? may have to go look up young/Cunningham numbers(the QB’s who made Michael vick, oh right vick made them, sorry)

  34. The Packers OLine was missing two 1st round OT’s last season due to injury. They’re back now; so I’d assume that OLine is probably going to be quite a bit better.

  35. The Vikings, Seahawks, and Packers O-lines finished the regular season in a virtual statistical dead-heat ranked #22, #23, and #24 respectively.

    The most telling statistic is QB hits. Seattle with 84, Minnesota with 94, and Green Bay with 75!

    And this is with the Vikings featuring a running back, and the Packers using very inexperienced back-ups. The Green Bay O-line was injury riddled and was evidently still much better than the Vikings. The trolls…err……”fans,” keep spouting off about how bad the Packer O-line is.

    Earth to Trolls: The Vikings O-line was worse and was uninjured. That is where your attention should be placed. Start worrying now.

    Once again, as always, the insults and put-downs is the only ammunition they have.

  36. A Vikings fan calling the Packers laughable is definitely laughable. I can’t even recall the last time the Vikings were ever relevant. I guess I’d have to go back to their failed Super Bowl appearances.

  37. He can run until he gets caught. When that happens, he will need help off the field on a stretcher. It happened before and it will again..

  38. I just love how Viking and other fans try to degrade Rodgers by calling him ShAaron or Erin, its crazy how obsessed you guys are with how manly he is or not. I think you guys need to just come out of the closet and stop asking him to.

    Or how you go on and on about his injuries, the truth is the guy has had 2 concussions and a broken collarbone in 6+ seasons of starting in the NFL while getting sacked on avg of 40 times a season. If that’s considered weak or brittle than this league is chock full of weak and brittle players and many who are in the HOF.

  39. Wow the pure jealousy of Rodgers really brings out the pettiness. Look on the bright side it will only be for another 9 to 10 years, maybe by then you will have found an NFL worthy one for yourselves.

  40. Rodgers uses his legs effectively because they are his last option — he runs when he has too, as far as he has too. He does this as well as anybody in the game. No mystery there. In addition, he is insanely accurate on the run. Will the number of hits he’s taken over the past few years start to add up — possibly. Every player is one good shot from being out for the year.

    Stories like this are really irrelevant.

  41. Oh, one other thing…..did you see the size of Rodgers’ hands in the photo above? My goodness, they’re massive. His thumb and forefinger reach mid-seam to mid-seam. You can’t teach that.

  42. Great player but obviously he has to run cause of the O’line in front of him not giving him enough protection.

  43. All you haters have to give Rodgers the credit he deserves. Just look who he passed!

    All-Time Passing yards:

    69. Aaron Rodgers – 24,197
    70. Daunte Culpepper – 24,153

    Fools better recognize!

  44. Hate him now Vikings fans….then send the equiv of Longy, Hutch and Allen to go get him when the Pack let him go and you all fawn about him to give you his last two years.

    its happened before…

  45. Dan Marino is no running quarterback. How many Super Bowls have he won? Those people who claim that running quarterbacks don’t win Super Bowls don’t know what they are talking about.

  46. The more he runs, the chance for an injury increases. I would much rather see him on the bench when he plays my team. So….run Aaron run

  47. I think the Packers ranked roughly in the middle of the league in giving up sacks last year. And that was with an unheralded rookie LT. Pretty sure the Lions and Vikings gave up more sacks; Bears fewer. Sack total almost surely would have been lower if Rodgers had played more than half the year since he has great awareness in the pocket and, as the article says, runs well.

  48. Rodgers should run and scramble like Montana did. Nothing wrong with it and many winning QBs used this formula. If you notice, Rodgers isn’t getting killed because of his running, he gets killed because his offensive line stinks. They need to protect him better.

  49. “yeah, QB’s who can’t read a defense have to RUN!!! “eyes looking at ERIN!!”

    Yeah that’s why he has the HIGHEST qb rating for career in HISTORY of NFL because he cant read a defense not to mention best against the blitz. Its like shooting fish in the barrel with you. Oh but keep coming with the girl names that’s impressive. Does my capitalization bring home the point?

  50. And WRs who can’t read defenses just run fast and hope for the best. At least that’s what Cordamselle told me.
    See what I did there? Made his name sound like a girl’s name! Haha! Funny! I am clever!!

  51. But but but but he has a high QB rating!!!! You can have you system QB who chokes in the playoffs! ENJOY your losing playoff games, I would rather have a tough QB!

  52. Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Slow down there…Michael Vick invented the Running QB and he holds the patent. Aaron, consider this your Cease and Desist Order!!

  53. “Big hands, I know you are the one”
    Favre had bugs hands too.
    In fact many of the great qbs had big hands. That’s all the Vikings need, big hands and big arms. There have been a lot of tiny hands in MN. Lots and lots of tiny hands

  54. Aaron Rodgers is of the highest quality QB’s in the NFL. He has, like Brees, Brady, and Mannings, won a Super Bowl.

    Kaepernick and Wilson are still improving yet already have been to the Super Bowl.

    Only the Mannings did not have a chance to be passed on and not drafted by the vikings.

    Yet viking customers attempt to belittle them all and their successes.

    Rather than attempting to belittle the great QB’s of the NFL, many of these viking customers should consider belittling their various GM’s over the years for picking busts instead of QB’s.

    Aaron Rodgers has earned the respect he gets around the NFL.

    The petty jealousy, especially from the trophyless, is comical.

  55. Sometimes I wonder how the Packers keep humiliating the Vikings year after year after year. Other times I just sit back and enjoy it.

  56. “yeah, QB’s who can’t read a defense have to RUN!!! “eyes looking at ERIN!!””

    Well to be fair, it is hard to read a defense against the Vikings seeing as how no defense exists.

  57. Let him run to his own demise, that’s fine. The law of averages always evens out and the packers have been too lucky, too long.

  58. Looking forward to this Viking team starting out the season 1-6.

    Then about midway through November the blackouts and excuses will be rampant.

    At least you know the Packer game will be sold out, so you can still watch your crappy little team one last time.

  59. He needs to stay with the discount double check commercials instead of running.

  60. I’m amazed at how the Vikings cower in Rodgers mere presence, and tuck tail and run in games that he plays in.

    Aaron has emasculated the entire Viking fan base.

  61. Hey Queens fans saying Pack shoulda traded up for AP while you whiffed 2x on Rodgers.

    GB Management studied the queens hard after the rough 70’s and 80’s and the lightbulb was lit. Watched Queens trade away their future for “Herschel the Turkey”. How’s that worked out for ya?

    Was at Milwaukee – Queens game when Turkey was carted off in the Herschelmobile

    In retrospect that lesson was learned well by Pack of what not to do and have built a new dynasty since.

  62. I never realized how many of my fellow Packer backers care about the Vikings. I thought the Bears were our biggest rival? Cmon guys enough with stooping to there troll level! GO PACK, enough said. Have some class.

  63. Biggest rival -Bears? lol – They have the greatest in Quitler – Should be worth 4 pick 6’s between Sammie Casey- Houseman and Tramon with Clayman and Peppers bringing da heat to Quitler in their 2 games

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