Bears defensive end Cornelius Washington arrested

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Defensive end Cornelius Washington started a summer that will see him vying for more playing time with the Bears by getting arrested.

The Glascock County Sherrif’s Office said , via WDRW-TV, reports that Washington was arrested on Friday night for speeding and driving with a suspended license on Georgia Highway 80. Per the report, he was taken to the McDuffie County jail and there are no further details about Washington’s status.

Washington played two games for the Bears last season after they made him a sixth-round pick out of the University of Georgia. He was suspended for two games during his college career after being arrested for speeding and DUI.

Lamarr Houston and Jared Allen are set as the starting defensive ends in Chicago, leaving Washington, Willie Young, Austen Lane and others to compete for snaps over the summer.

UPDATE 3:59 p.m.: An earlier version of this post listed Israel Idonije among the backup defensive linemen. Idonije was cut last week, apologies for the error.

27 responses to “Bears defensive end Cornelius Washington arrested

  1. ANOTHER arrest? Are you kidding me? The Bears are the least disciplined team in the NFL. Emery and Trestman have absolutely ZERO control over their players. Wow!

  2. Idiot. With all the FA DEs Emery brought in this offseason, this guy was hanging by a thread as it was.

    He’s an amazing athlete, but he didn’t show much football intelligence last season and it looks like the field isn’t the only place he isn’t “getting it. “

  3. Does every player in the NFL have a suspended drivers licence? I don’t understand how retarded you have to be to drive with a suspended licence.

  4. Arresting folks for traffic offenses? American jails and prisons are 40% over capacity. Prison industrial complex raking in record profits… Your tax dollars at work!

  5. The Bears addressed the issue, they told Washington that if he was arrested one more time, he would be traded to the Vikings.

    That puts the fear of God into any real NFL player.

  6. Of all of the criminal activity that has been belched forth by NFL players over the past, speeding and driving while suspended seem a “tad” innocuous. Stupid none the less but its nothing that doesn’t happen all of the time to non-NFL players.

  7. Not exactly the crime of the century here. Hell, AP was caught speeding at about 120mph and just got a ticket.

  8. And some people call the ravens criminals….

    Replace some with most and you are correct. Close your eyes think nfl then think criminals … The default will always be the a Ravens not the Bears.

  9. Alot of posts overreacting to what this guy did. If you live in Florida or Virginia you know how easy it is to get your license suspended, and subsequently get in trouble.

    I myself got in a j-walking ticket in Tampa which was extremely petty, ended up not paying it and my license got suspended without my knowledge. I was driving on a two lane road and a traffic cops camera ran my tag from behind and immediately informed the officer that the owner of the cars license is suspended. He did a u turn pulled me over a took me to jail.

    For an unpaid j-walking ticket.

  10. Hopefully they try to develop him another year. He should be a good long term back up/rotation guy. Austin lane will be cut soon, Washington makes the team I’d guess.

  11. He got a speeding ticket. So what. Licenses get suspended more easily than ever and who has not gotten a speeder? This has nothing to do with anything.

  12. gforce4all
    Jun 23, 2014 8:40 PM

    “Since when do you get arrested for speeding?”

    In some States, those who are driving vehicles with out-of-State plates are routinely taken into custody, so as to guarantee the collection of the revenue. Ohio also does this, at least on the Interstates. Experience has taught them that his is the wisest course. The U.S. Constitution severely restricts the ability of States to sue non-residents.

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