Bernard Pollard knows you just can’t run and be ready


For the next month, teams are going to go to sleep worrying about their players turning up in the news.

But for players, the challenge is also striking the balance between some needed down time and being prepared for training camp in a month.

“It boils down to taking care of your body and doing whatever you can to stay accountable to these guys here,” Titans safety Bernard Pollard said, via Megan Grindstaff of the Tennesseean. “People think ‘I can just go run, and when I come back, I’ll be able to run,’ but when you’re running, you have to know where you’re running to.”

The Titans have also given players playbooks on iPads, so they can do homework during their down time if they choose.

But the players who haven’t been around as long as Pollard occasionally struggle with the challenge of being physically prepared for the long grind which is coming.