Ben Roethlisberger: I’ve come to like working with Todd Haley


The relationship between Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and offensive coordinator Todd Haley has been scrutinized since Haley was hired, but the two appear to have reached an understanding.

Roethlisberger said on 93.7 The Fan that although it took some time for the two of them to get accustomed to each other, they work well together now.

“There was an obvious growing period,” Roethlisberger said. “You develop a relationship. I enjoy working with him. I think we have a good relationship now. You see it on the field and you will continue to see that when we get out there because my play will be better and the play-calling will really be better.”

Haley has never been a players’ coach and never will be, but Roethlisberger has played well in Haley’s offense, and when a player has success playing for a coach, that player usually comes to respect that coach. Despite a rocky start, Roethlisberger and Haley have worked well together.

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  1. “my play will be better and the play-calling will really be better”

    So Ben thinks Haley could use some improvement with the “really” part of the quote. Looks like the same place they were before to me…

  2. You admittedly have two big egos here and there certainly were some growing pains early on, but I think they’ve worked their way through the rough patches.

    Say what you will about Ben (and I’m sure you will lol), but he has really grown up these past several years.

  3. As long as Haley doesn’t make Roethlisberger study too much film or get in shape, maybe Big Ben won’t run him out of town. How many coach of the yr candidates can one guy produce?…for other teams.

  4. Lol if Ben were smart he’d stop running his mouth and start running on the treadmill.

  5. Bill Cowher built a winning team. The winning team was handed to Mike Tomlin who used Cowher’s momentum and was successful for a few years.

    Now everyone sees what the Steelers have become under Tomlin, which is a shell of its’ former team.

    Pretty fair assessment?

  6. Haley is a great coach that brings discipline. Took a 2-14 KC team and turned them into a Div winner his 2nd year w an average QB.

    Pink Panther Pioli hadn’t been an idiot Haley would of taken KC to a SB by now.

  7. Man you guys’ material is unending. Ben is fat, Bill Levy won a Super Bowl for the steelers, TEBOWED!!! Ive never heard any of these jokes before. They’re hilarious…..
    And they claim steelers fans are obnoxious

  8. It must have just rained with all the worms posting on this thread. Funny how anything Steeler and Ben brings out the brightest and most insightful comments….nah I would rather watch paint dry.

    Ben and Haley have figured their futures are in twined and each’s interests are best served with cooperation and respect.

  9. I like Big Ben. It’s going to be weird, an NFL without Ben, Peyton, Tom and Drew….

    A. Luck and R. Wilson are the only new respectable QB’s.

    Kaepernick and RGIII’s days are numbered in my opinion.

  10. Bens a beast. Top 5, mabye 3 running the no huddle. Guy does it with nobodys but Brown. No line, never a good back since bettis, no recievers, decent TE but heath is more all around rather than a guy like witten or gronk. Ppl hate on him but stats dont lie. Glad hes our qb.

  11. What is there to like? First and 10….throw a screen for a loss. 2nd and 12, throw incomplete pass…..3rd and 12, run for a 3 yard gain then punt. The Steelers offense has become so predictable a high school team could defend the offense. Tomlin and Haley both need to go.

  12. The original Rooney rule: patients and consistancy.
    Sometimes good things come to those who wait.
    The Steelers will rule the AFC North this season

  13. Bill Cowher built a winning team. The winning team was handed to Mike Tomlin who used Cowher’s momentum and was successful for a few years.

    Now everyone sees what the Steelers have become under Tomlin, which is a shell of its’ former team.

    Pretty fair assessment?
    No it’s not a fair assessment, it’s the GM’s fault if anybody’s! All of the core players has gotten old or are gone and havent been replaced Tomlin can only do so much, he doesn’t pick the players.

  14. The problem with the Steelers is their QB.

    He was OK – not great but OK – with a great defense and running game.

    Without, he’s an overweight Tony Romo.

  15. As a QB, I couldn’t imagine a coach I’d less like to play for than Haley.

    As a coach, I couldn’t imagine a QB I’d less like playing for me than Roethlisberger.

    The two deserve each other.

  16. Ben is a future Hall of Famer, try watching football sometime. Dude holds almost all the Steelers passing records. Go ahead and hate, he will just keep winning.

  17. Rod Woodson served up his opinion on Roethlisberger over the weekend on NFLN. Woodson compared him to “Jim Plunkett” and predicted no Hall of Fame in his future. I’m assuming that Woodson watches some football from time to time.
    Before all you Big Ben nutcases hurl your boorish and juvenile insults, try to remember that I’m only repeating what Woodson said. Personally, I like Ben. He’s the second-best QB in Steelers history, albeit a distant second.

  18. I remember when people were saying this would never work. Goes to show you what they know. Steelers averaged 28 points down the stretch, a superbowl win is on the way haters.

  19. I think Ben has some of the best personnel around him that he’s had in a long while, at backs and line at least. When all is said and done, I think the wrs will have stepped up too. This is the year Haley finally takes the chains off him, and Ben’s gonna make this offense his all the way. The last 8 games of last year were the appetizer, this year he gets fat on your defenses.

    Best record in all of football since the AFL-NFL merger? The Pittsburgh Steelers. The coach other team’s players want to play for? Mike Tomlin. Your players want to play for my team, and that’s just a fact. So keep on sniveling, you bunch of wanna-bes.

    Go Steelers!

  20. Not sure why the trolls call him overweight? Baby face maybe, but this guy will be on the field as long as anyone and still looking fresh in the 4th qtr. Its ok, the fear is back. All of a sudden, we’re back. Stand by NFL, Ben will get a third ring……GUARANTEED.

  21. “Haley has never been a players coach”…Haley has never been an anything coach. He is a narcissistic personality that firmly believes in talking the talk without walking the walk.

    If they win more than 6 this year it will be a miracle.

  22. The Steelers will still not crack that magical, mythical top half, sweet sixteen in scoring.

    But if they go 10-6 you will wear your Pom poms out. Stats maybe your nectar, but wins are mine.

  23. I remember when people said they wouldnt be able to work together. Goes to show you how much they know. Next, they will be holding the steelers 7th lombardi trophy up haters.

  24. I can assure you that if the Steelers’ offense struggles (like it has since 2008), Roethlisberger will think nothing of throwing Haley under the bus.
    Secondly, the Steelers’ offense only reached the 28-point plateau twice down the stretch last season. The offense was aided by TDs by Troy Polamalu and William Gay, and by a pair of punt returns for TDs by Antonio Brown.
    If you want to pretend that the Steelers’ offense averaged 28 points per game down the stretch, be my guest.

  25. Who cares how many points the Steelers scored down the stretch and by whom in a team game. I am sure the stat geeks toss and turn all night in the off season bemoaning the offenses lack of production etc. what a waste of time and energy. Celebrate the end result and just shut up about how many points were averaged down the stretch.

  26. I understand.
    Real fans never let the facts stand in the way of a good spin. I get it.

  27. Ben argued with Bruce A. on the sidelines. He doesn’t like losing. In fact he has never had a losing record since he was drafted. Comparing him with Plunkett is a joke. First of all 3 Superbowls and 2 rings along with a couple of AFC Championship games for Ben is not very Plunkett like. H.O.F. even if he were to stop playing today. Of course he’s not because he has another Superbowl to guide the Steelers to in 2014.

  28. I think the reason Woodson compares Roethlisberger to Plunkett is that both have 2 rings in spite of having unremarkable careers. But I suggest you ask Rod.
    As for Ben never having a losing record, isn’t that a “team thing”? I mean, I saw on here somewhere that football is a “team game.” But maybe that changes when the Steelers win; then it’s a “Ben thing,” right?

  29. Big Ben >Plunkett. Whoever said when the steelers win its a “Ben thing”. Its always been a team game period. Any lack of offense scores/stats from the steelers have been from the offense as a whole. I will say Big Ben sure hasn’t had much to work with over the years especially the Oline. If key players stay healthy, maybe that will finally change this year.

  30. Let’s do this again – modified version – ’04, ’05, ’08, and ’10 – FOUR CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES APPEARANCES – the only other active players that have that many are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (with 2 different teams) – facts are stubborn things.

  31. Stop referencing Woodson ‘s opinion Bob. Nothing worse than a person who can’t think freely and does nothing but regurgitate others opinions. Roethlisberger is a great QB, just watch his games and anyone can see that. He’s a winner and will be in the HOF.

  32. 4.5 weeks until training camp.

    Bengals, Ravens and Browns = Fear Factor

    We’re coming!

  33. Jim Plunkett’s career: Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, Super Bowl MVP (plus a Heisman Rrophy) and two Super Bowl victories in which he was a major part.

    Ben Roethlisburger’s career: Rookie of the Year, NEVER Comeback Player of the Year, NEVER a Super Bowl MVP (no Heisman Trophy) and the Steelers won his first Super Bowl in spite of him, not because of him.

    Yeah, I can see why people think Roethlisburger is having a better career than Plunkett.

  34. This might help you out bobzilla:
    Ben was the QB of a team that won many regular season games.
    Ben was the QB of a team that lost many regular season games.
    Ben was the QB of teams that finished 9-7, and 8-8 three times, no playoffs.
    Ben was the QB of a team that had bad playoff losses to Jax and Den, to name a few.
    Ben was the QB of team that won multiple AFC Conference games.
    Ben was the QB of a team that lost a conference champ.
    Ben was the QB of a team that won 2 SB’s.
    Ben was the QB of a team that lost a SB.

    Hope that helps to clarify a few things for you.

  35. Ben has never had a losing season. He has won 2 Superbowls. He has been to 3 Superbowls. In a year or two he will have more wins than Bradshaw in a less amount of time. He obviously has made the team better. He is obviously a winner. Most obviously a Hall of Famer!

  36. Ben’s public statements so bore me anymore, I’m almost afraid to read them for fear of falling asleep and hitting my head on something. I’m still a huge fan though.

  37. Plunkett was drafted in 71 and didn’t play a down until 78. He was Flunkett for San Fran and New England. Ya ! Real comparable. Ben was in the A.F.C. Championship his rookie year. Know your football history people before you comment. Oh and for those that say Pitt got to the first SB in spite of Ben. Ask yourself if Tommy Maddox would have brought them to that Superbowl? Ya That’s what I thought.

  38. Three key components for the 2014 season:

    A healthy Roethlisberger.
    A healthy O-Line
    A healthy Polamalu

    If the Steelers manage to keep healthy, we are a serious contender for the AFC Conference, if not the Super Bowl. On any given Sunday, anything can happen.

    That being said, I am a little tired of all of the Ben bashers out there – truthfully, he should have been the MVP of the 2nd superbowl. That game winning drive was all him . . . no one else could have put that ball to Holmes the way he did. Not to mention that their first SB win may have been despite him, but it was Ben who got them there throughout the regular season and the playoff run. He’s done every single thing that’s been asked of him. He takes a beating every single game and never ever throws his teammates under the bus.

    Get over yourselves.

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