Colts’ Pat McAfee says he can make a 75-yard field goal in Denver


Colts punter Pat McAfee is lobbying to become the Colts’ kicker when Adam Vinatieri retires. McAfee already handles kickoffs for the Colts, and because he has a stronger leg than Vinatieri, he could be called upon if the Colts want to try a field goal from outside Vinatieri’s range.

So how far back could McAfee boot one from? According to McAfee, he could make one from 75 yards — at least at the elevation of Denver. The Colts will open the regular season at Denver, and McAfee hopes he gets the opportunity.

“I think we could legitimately go from 75 yards. Not even a question about it,” McAfee told the Indianapolis Star. “I think in warmups I’d be able to hit from 80, like full strain. Probably try it a couple of times.”

The mile-high altitude of Denver means the air is less dense and kicked footballs travel farther, which is why many of the longest field goals in NFL history, including Matt Prater’s 64-yard record last year, have been kicked in Denver. But could McAfee really boot one from 75 yards, 11 beyond the record?

“I’ve already been politicking for the shot,” he said. “If I kick a 75-yarder at Denver I might retire right afterwards. You might see me untie my shoes on the field and just walk off: ‘See ya.’ You know, go out on top.”

If McAfee can back up his boasts, the Colts won’t even need to cross the 50-yard line to get into field goal range against the Broncos. But it’s probably safe to say that Colts coach Chuck Pagano won’t be quite that confident in McAfee’s leg strength.

69 responses to “Colts’ Pat McAfee says he can make a 75-yard field goal in Denver

  1. From listening to McAfee on the Bob & Tom show (really funny guy by the way), I want to see him do this and gloat about it on-air.

  2. That’s nice. I can make a 76-yarder.

    Until he actually does it, it doesn’t make his statement any more true than mine.

  3. I would say he is nuts, but after seeing Justin Tucker hit a 70 yarder in pregame warm ups in a dome on MNF.

    I wouldn’t doubt it.

  4. Tom Dempsey’s 63 yarder in New Orleans would have been an 83 yard field goal in Denver.

  5. Really wished Janikowski, in his prime, got a chance to boot a longer one in Denver.

    He tied the record there back when, but then he tried the 76 yarder at sea level in San Diego.

    Would’ve been the one and only highlight the Raiders have had since the SB loss.

  6. It has to be at the half or the end of the game…

    Or when the Colts were up big or WAY behind…

    Because if you miss that FG, the other team is already knocking on the door…

    BUT, in the RIGHT circumstances… let him try… as long as they see in warm ups that it’s within the realm of possibility…

  7. Dream bigger, man. With gale force winds at your back and a dose of PEDs, I bet you could hit a 100 yarder.

  8. That’s nothing. Chris Kluwe could file a discrimination lawsuit from 80yds away in Denver.

    But he couldn’t sell a book there…

  9. I’m not sure Uncle Rico in his prime could have hit one from 75 in Denver. I call BS.

  10. Idiot kicker, lol

    Kicking’s like everything else – doing it in practice, and doing it when there’s a mess of 300lb guys trying to get at you are pretty different things. Many punters can launch the ball 70yards or so, but you never see that in games.

  11. The reason field goal records last so long is because there are limited opportunities when it makes sense to try them: on fourth and 10 with time running out at the half, or when trailing by three or less at the end of regulation. No coach is going to try it at any other time, and give the ball to the other team with short field.

  12. From that distance he would never get the elevation to get it over the line. He’d probably kick it into the back of the snapper’s butt.

  13. “How much you wanna make a bet I can kick a football over them mountains?… Yeah… Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would’ve been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind. “

  14. Still only counts for 3 points. You need more than field goals to beat the Broncos.

  15. Peyton just called…..he wants to know if this came from an “idiot kicker who got liquored up and ran his mouth off.”

  16. Maybe – if given 5 opportunities he could make one – about a quarter of the kickers in the NFL could say that. Problem is a coach will CONSIDER giving you an opportunity at 75 yards once every 10 years, so why even say it.

  17. Making 75 yard FGs in practice is one thing, but in game mode. The trajectory needed makes the football come out so low, blocking it would be too easy. In fact it would probably be so low it would be blocked by the offensive linemen’s helmets.

  18. Miss it, and the other team takes over at your 42 yard line and wouldn’t need a first down to get into FG range in Denver.

  19. As others have noted, Tom Dempsey’s 63 yarder was at Tulane stadium in New Orleans. That’s below sea level – not mile high. Outdoor stadium and kind of nasty day.

    And of course it was against the Detroit Lions (Saints won on Dempsey’s kick 19-17).

    Also, Dempsey didn’t have any toes. ESPN Sports Science said that his special shoe did not give him an advantage, and actually made accuracy more difficult for him.

  20. Gotta love it, if he wants to take over though, he has to prove how accurate he is, not how much power he has. This overshadows his best plays though, them hits on returners, never have i seen a kicker tackle like him. Must be all those drills with the linebackers in training camp.

  21. All he would be doing is getting a head start on kicking an extra point because that will be the distance within 5 years they way this league is being run.

  22. Have to understand something though. In a game you have a line to kick over that you do not have in warm ups. The low trajectory needed for a kick like that would make it very likely to be impossible in a game. Hence why we’ve never seen one past 70 yet, let alone 75.

  23. Yea in warm ups with no one in front of you is different than during a game where you have to kick over people. Go ahead and try it, I’m sure the Broncos will love the great field position.

  24. A young Jano could have gone from 80 there, in a game.

    The issue is getting a chance to do it, and since you need to decrease the angle of long FG’s, you need to get it over a rush.

    I’m sure he cranks them out in practice, but so can 50% of the NFL’s kickers, in Denver.

  25. Wouldn’t be easier to call it a Championship game and watch Peyton Manning vapor-lock?

  26. Well, the Colts won’t be much of a challenge for the Broncos in week 1 so….sure let them try it.

  27. Sure, go ahead, try it. When you miss, Peyton gets the ball at your 35 yard line. Good luck…

  28. Pat is a unique personality. I like the kid a lot.

    I don’t know that I would lay down a bet on him making that 75 yd. field goal in Denver;

    But I know I wouldn’t bet against him;).

  29. It’s easy for a kicker to say he can boot a 75 yard FG knowing it’s a long shot for him to get a chance in a game. Unless it’s the last play before half time or end of game, no coach is ever gonna put their kicker out there to attempt a very long FG in the other teams’ territory.

  30. Well, you’re on the right team to need to kick a lot of long, desperate FG attempts.

  31. Problem is with these extra long FG attempts the angle of the kick is so low its super easy to block.

    Its not only about the power of the kick its about if you can protect the trajectory.

  32. I read it and thought he was talking aout his butt. I youtube it and he has a video kicking from 75… on the east coast… outside… with very high trajectory. In fact, he kicked it so high, I have no idea how it made it all the way to the goal post. I guess we fans don’t know everything.

  33. FACTS: Trajectory needed is not any lower than kicking a 55 or 60 yarder. Being in Denver adds about 4 or 5 yards to a kick.

  34. Sorry, but kicking in an indoor stadium on artificial turf gives you the same advantage as if you were in a higher altitude outdoors in Denver on natural grass. It’s one thing to make practice kicks. It’s another thing to have people rushing to block you and jumping and putting their arms up in the air. Could he kick one perhaps 65 yards? Maybe, but 75? The guy’s full of it. We’ll see him in Denver.

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