Colts’ Pat McAfee says he can make a 75-yard field goal in Denver


Colts punter Pat McAfee is lobbying to become the Colts’ kicker when Adam Vinatieri retires. McAfee already handles kickoffs for the Colts, and because he has a stronger leg than Vinatieri, he could be called upon if the Colts want to try a field goal from outside Vinatieri’s range.

So how far back could McAfee boot one from? According to McAfee, he could make one from 75 yards — at least at the elevation of Denver. The Colts will open the regular season at Denver, and McAfee hopes he gets the opportunity.

“I think we could legitimately go from 75 yards. Not even a question about it,” McAfee told the Indianapolis Star. “I think in warmups I’d be able to hit from 80, like full strain. Probably try it a couple of times.”

The mile-high altitude of Denver means the air is less dense and kicked footballs travel farther, which is why many of the longest field goals in NFL history, including Matt Prater’s 64-yard record last year, have been kicked in Denver. But could McAfee really boot one from 75 yards, 11 beyond the record?

“I’ve already been politicking for the shot,” he said. “If I kick a 75-yarder at Denver I might retire right afterwards. You might see me untie my shoes on the field and just walk off: ‘See ya.’ You know, go out on top.”

If McAfee can back up his boasts, the Colts won’t even need to cross the 50-yard line to get into field goal range against the Broncos. But it’s probably safe to say that Colts coach Chuck Pagano won’t be quite that confident in McAfee’s leg strength.