Cortland Finnegan: I still have the skills, I just have to prove it


Cornerback Cortland Finnegan’s 2012 move to St. Louis came with much fanfare and a lucrative five-year contract.

His exit early this offseason didn’t elicit much more than a shrug, though. Two years of high salaries, injuries and subpar play made the excitement of Finnegan’s arrival seem like a distant memory and the Rams didn’t think twice about letting him go. The Dolphins are hoping for a revival in Miami this season and Finnegan says that he hasn’t lost the ability that made him a Pro Bowler in Tennessee even if it hasn’t been in evidence of late.

“It’s still there,” Finnegan said, via the Miami Herald. “But until I prove it, we’ll never know.”

One reason Finnegan thinks he’ll be better in 2014 is because he’s not playing for defensive coordinator Tim Walton again. Walton was fired by the Rams after one season running the defense and ran a scheme that Finnegan called “atrocious.”

“From the game plan to technique to fundamentals, they weren’t in line with a defensive coordinator who knew what he was doing. He was a great defensive backs coach, but when you’re in over your head, it’s kind of tough,” Finnegan said. “Here coaches know to play guys to their strengths. I wish I had been here a long time ago. [Coordinator Kevin] Coyle is so good at dissecting offenses.”

If only because there’s pretty much nowhere to go but up after last season, there’s a good chance Finnegan rebounds this season. If he’s healthy and the scheme does prove to be a better fit, that rebound may come without such qualifiers and the Dolphins would have a pair of strong corners to throw against opposing offenses.

16 responses to “Cortland Finnegan: I still have the skills, I just have to prove it

  1. Tim Walton was awful. So happy the Rams came to their senses after only one year with him. Besides for Quinn- just about everyone else regressed under Walton. It’s what happens when you go from an attacking style of play to one where you play back on your heels.

  2. We just want you to do your best Finnegan…Be the best DB you can be…Shut down your side… and make a positive impact on our Defense…Indeed…

  3. Agree with him that Walton was awful as a DC but Finnegan got torched on tons of plays and that had ZERO to do with defensive schemes.

  4. 6ball says:
    Jun 23, 2014 8:54 AM
    Where was head coach Jeff Fisher? Isn’t he touted as a defensive guru?


    I’ve never seen a guy get as much slack in the coaching department as Jeff Fisher.

    He never has winning seasons. Over the last 3 seasons he’s had something like 5 first round draft picks including the 2nd overall this year. High turnover of coaching assistants.

    He get’s a pass for bringing in head cases like Finnegan from his old team that are spectacular failures and never gets asked the hard questions by the media.

    Yet all we hear is how he’s a very respected coach from the media.

    There has to be more to coaching success than having a good media relationship, right?

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