Giants wrestling with whether to use Beckham on returns


Rookie receiver Odell Beckham spurned the sport in which he wouldn’t have been allowed to use his hands.  The Giants now must decide how much they want Beckham to use his hands in his first NFL season.

As explained by Jordan Ranaan of, the Giants seem to be wrestling with the question of whether to use Beckman as a kick returner or punt returner.  The pros?  He could be a difference maker.  The cons?  Jason Sehorn.

When the Giants selected Beckham with the 12th overall pick, it appeared that they planned to use him in the return game.

“He’s a dynamic receiver, dynamic punt returner and a dynamic kickoff returner,” G.M. Jerry Reese said on May 8.

Five weeks later, special teams coach Tom Quinn sang a different tune.

“Will he do each of them?” Quinn said.  “You don’t know based on what the active list is for the game, but we’re prepping him to do both and prepping [Trindon] Holliday to do both and Rueben Randle’s still back there [on punts] and [Jerrel] Jernigan, so we’re trying to have a deep pool to choose from.”

They may ultimately want to choose Beckham.

“He’s explosive, he’s got legitimate speed and he runs, I think, pretty strong for his size,” Quinn said.  “You put all of that together and it ends up being a good returner.”

It also could end up being a guy with a torn ACL or some other injury that wouldn’t have happened during a normal snap on offense.

14 responses to “Giants wrestling with whether to use Beckham on returns

  1. They’d be crazy not to have Holliday as the first option. But Beckham is explosive, and should definitely be an option back there as well. Plenty of teams use star players as returners, and Beckham isn’t exactly a star (yet), he’s still an unproven rookie.

  2. He’s going to be on the field as their “X” from Day 1. Why overtax his body and expose him to further injury especially when they have Holliday. Unfortunately, they’d have to use a game day roster spot on a one trick pony. The G-men are trying to explore whether he can play on offense but he’s tiny and has ball control issues. Jernigan?

  3. The 2015 season is now looking shaky for my Giants after they already threw in the towel on 2014. Quintin Demps was supposed to be a good kick returner but they must be getting ready to cut him now when they saw he can’t replace the great Will Hill.

    I told you all last week that it was a mistake for the Giants to draft a soccer player. They need dedicated football players not guys who dream of the World Cup.

  4. This nut job “Justin” above has no brains, nor knows what the giants plans are.
    Demps averaged 30 ypc on KO’s last year and will likely play as back-up S or CB. Randle, Jerrigan, Demps, and Holiday will likely be there guys.
    Coughlin simply does not like rooks handling the ball. Beckham will do some stuff in camp or preseaon but I doubt he’s the top guy on the giants list.
    Wilson who had a fusion will beg for that spot, but won’t likely get it due to this injury.

  5. Stevie Brown wrecked his knee last season doing what he does best – making a cut during an interception return. If your knee is going to blow, it’s going to blow… doesn’t matter what play you’re making.

  6. The guy already has had hamstring issues which kept him out of OTAs and minicamp.Why put him at further risk when you have other options?They’re looking for him to compliment Cruz and Randle.Holliday should make the team and should be the return man.If he falls flat then you have Demps or Jernigan.

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