Greg Jennings hands No. 1 receiver baton to Cordarrelle Patterson


Last year Greg Jennings led the Vikings with 68 catches and 804 receiving yards. This year, if all goes according to plan, it will be Cordarrelle Patterson who serves as the team’s top receiver. And Jennings welcomes that.

Jennings told that after talking with head coach Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Norv Turner, he could see that the new coaching staff wants to make the talented Patterson the focal point of the passing game. Rather than grousing about having fewer passes thrown his way this year, Jennings has taken it upon himself to impress on Patterson that he needs to be ready to take a big step up in his second season.

“I wanted him to know that, coming in, the expectation of you is no longer ‘rookie.’ It’s, ‘You gotta go. We saw what you can do. We’re gonna showcase this,'” Jennings said. “For me, it was making sure that he understands that he has to be a professional. He has to be a pro’s pro when he steps foot in this building, because we’re expecting [him] to give us what we’ve seen you put out there.”

Patterson wasn’t always the most consistent player as a rookie, but he was dynamite with the ball in his hands: Among his touchdowns were a 79-yard reception, runs of 33, 35 and 50 yards, and kickoff returns of 105 and 109 yards. Jennings said Patterson needs to be given more opportunities to do that.

“I’m going to be honest: Once I saw him make a couple plays, I’m like, ‘We’ve got to get him the ball. He does too much well for us not to get him the ball,'” Jennings said.

It could be said that more passes thrown to Patterson will mean fewer for Jennings, but Jennings isn’t worried about that.

“If I’m having success, it’s going to open up the door for success for other guys,” Jennings said. “If Cordarrelle’s having success, it’s going to open up the door for a lot of other guys, as well.”

Patterson’s success (or lack thereof) will be a major part of the Vikings’ success (or lack thereof), and Jennings knows that part of his role as the veteran in the receiving corps is to pave the way for Patterson to take his place as the No. 1 receiver.

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  1. Not to be sarcastic, but how long has it been since he WAS a one? At least a couple years, right?

  2. Jennings seems like he’s probably a good teammate. I think his play in Minnesota shows that he wasn’t the #1 receiver everyone thought and just a product of Aaron Rodgers.

  3. Did it say any where in the article, that Jennings is such a team player and is not considered a #1 any more, that he will help the team by taking a pay cut? Didn’t think so!

  4. It isn’t an either/or. Both players will have big seasons. Last year, Jennings was fantastic when Matt Cassel was the QB but Ponder couldn’t find him with a searchlight. Patterson started out slow and then started scoring touchdown at a high rate as he got more comfortable. With a more solidified QB situation this year and CP84 with a year under his belt, it should be a great year for the Vikings offense.

  5. First unselfish thing Jennings has ever done in a football uniform,must be getting old and realizing he isnt the “man” anymore.

  6. he knows that if patterson gets the double coverage greg will probably be pro bowl bound as he will beat single coverage all day long

  7. This is the championship mindset that we’ve been missing! The Packers fans who questioned his selfishness and leadership ability couldn’t have been farther off base. Although I understand why they were bitter to lose him. Flash will turn into a Superstar under Jennings tutelage.

  8. Greg has a good point(but he will still get incredibly criticized by many for speaking his mind when asked a question) But once we started using CP more often last year as the season went one, he really started to blow up. Look at his overall numbers and keep in mind the game of musical chairs at the qb position, how he barely played in the beginning of the season, and how terrible our defense was.
    And plz dont percieve this post that I am saying CP is HOF or were in a dynasty bc somehow someone will probably say that, just pointing out patterson has a world of talent.

  9. so Cordarrelle wont be doing the 12 rushes for 9.9 avg and 3 Td’s this year?

    I mean him and jennings both had 4 TD receptions. Yeah the passing game is impressive on the Vikings…

  10. whiteknightblackheart says:
    Jun 23, 2014 9:44 AM
    “Baby Hands” Bridgewater won’t be able to get either of these guys the ball. Fantasy Team kryptonite. The Vikings suck.
    Unless they increased the size of the football, he’ll do OK. And at least he’s not drunk.

  11. It’s amazing what a little time away from that organization from Wisco will do for a guy. Mr. Jennings appears to have been reborn into the high-character man he was always meant to be.

  12. Jennings is being paid as a no.1 but is conceding no.1 responsibilities,damn,at least put up a fight. He’d better spend that 18mil wisely.

  13. Jennings claimed he was going to leave the packers for: 1. A good QB situation & 2. A place where he’d get more balls thrown his way because he’d be the #1 WR. Now we see he really left for: $$$$. Still less money than they offered him in the extension, but the most he could get after his injury riddled season.

  14. Wow, 800 yards. Patterson has a lot to live up to to be #1. He has to average a whole 50 yards per game. And he’s going to need to get at least 1 td every 4 games to match Jennings scoring output last year. Maybe someday the Vikings will pay Patterson $6250 per yard, which is what the Vikings overpaid for Jennings last year.

  15. i wonder what ppl will say if and when teddy “babyhands ” bridgewater comes out and plays very well and shows that the bad pro day he had was the only reason he fell in the draft. The dude was once considered an overall top pick and hasnt played a down but so many ppl seem so certain that he will be worse than jamarcus russell. Im not saying hes the best qb in the league but I think we should evaluate him before we make a post with no objectivity and say “hes terrible” or “we dont have a qb”.Time will tell ppl.

  16. Pretty psyched about this news. Leslie never really seemed like he understood which of his players were good and which ones sucked. Patterson is the team’s second best athlete. If Bridgewater pans out the Vikings could easily make the playoffs.

  17. As a Packer fan I’ve always respected Jennings.
    He was the odd man out in GB. There was no way GB was going to pay Jennings, not with Nelson and Cobb (Being Younger) and playing so well.
    Patterson will NOT be the go to receiver!
    He can’t run routes and too many drops.

  18. Glad he is gone from the Packers! Too bad vikings fans, you way over paid again for, what was that again that you called him, a #1 receiver, ha ha ha. Go Packers, we love you.

  19. Hey schmokes, im assuming u didnt watch any games of my vikes last year bc they were bad.. but He had different starting qbs weekin weekout for a majority of the year and barely played in the first month of the season and got more reps as the season went on. And you shouldnt Dont forget about his rushing and his return TDs.
    And ur statement about 800 yards being too low for a #1 doesnt rly work Imo bc going off what greg saw LAST year ( keep in mind the reasons i mentiond above, i think he had 9 overall TDs last yr) he thought patterson is going to be a #1 THIS year. End rant, SKOL!

  20. Jennings always has an agenda. He was happy in GB until his skills started to diminish and the injury bug set in. Then “all of a sudden” he wants to step back and let the younger receivers flourish. Same thing happening in Minnesota now. Had Minnesota actually done some research on him rather than take the “sign ex-Packer” at any cost approach, they would have seen this coming.

    Ted Thompson saw this coming and acted appropriately. I’m glad he’s not the Packers problem anymore.

  21. It must be great to have a bunch of WR’s that would only be #3’s at best on most other teams.

  22. f1restarter says:
    Jun 23, 2014 9:59 AM

    Cordarrelle Patterson is nothing but a poor man’s Devin Hester.

    Please keep typing, ur posts are great. You are showing everyone how much you truly know about football.

  23. rikker12 says: Jun 23, 2014 10:09 AM

    As a Packer fan I’ve always respected Jennings.
    He was the odd man out in GB. There was no way GB was going to pay Jennings, not with Nelson and Cobb (Being Younger) and playing so well.
    Patterson will NOT be the go to receiver!
    He can’t run routes and too many drops.


    Well, they actually offered Jennings close to the amount the Vikings paid, and they offered him $10 mil/year the year before, so yes, the packers actually did.

    The Vikes did overpay for Jennings… doesn’t make him a slouch, it just shows that sometimes you do overpay for guys.

    Jennings did make good plays for us, but we had an INEPT QB in Ponder.

    Cassell was a starter or finisher in all wins last year, can manage the game, and Norv Turner is the QB Whisperer.

    Vikes are set up very well to make a surprise run, with Zimmer and Turner leading things.

    Our team will look entirely different, as we will actually have a FULL MENU offensive game plan, versus an index card offensive playbook!!!!

    Zimmer will move our D into a top 10 D, so yep, weare pretty stoked about the possibilities!!!

    You are flat out wrong about Cordarelle Patterson.

    Dude can fly and catch……I think he only dropped 2 balls last year, so not sure what games you are watching!!!!

  24. Another horrible move by Minnesota management. Traded away harvin, to sign Jennings. Patterson and Jennings combined for how many td’s? Cut Winfield, to sign freeman. Traded harvin to draft Rhodes.

    Bridgewater is the new ponder. And fyi, the rest of the league laughs at 5-10-1

  25. Similar to Peterson catching the ball out of the backfield, these are great ideas on paper, problem is that the game is played out on the field.

    First you need a Qb that can actually deliver the ball, preferably with a little zip on it on and sometimes when the WR is the second or third option. If such a Qb exists on the Viking’s roster, I haven’t seen it.

    One of the biggest reasons that a WR needs a couple of seasons to adjust to the NFL is the complexity of route running, a skill that Patterson isn’t even close to grasping but the reason it isn’t so obvious (yet) is that the QB situation is such a hot mess. But like claiming the championship each spring, the Viking fans are convinced a problem is solved just by claiming it. Even another last place finish will do nothing to deter the Viking fans from the reality that this team still has a long way to go.

  26. If the opposing team can get into the locker room and either steal Bilgewater’s gloves or fill them with Vaseline it’s game over.

  27. Looking forward to it. Also looking forward to an offense with better play-calling run by a better OC in Norv Turner.

    Only question is: How soon does Bridgewater take the reigns.

  28. and our little sisters to the east are putting GPS trackers on their gear to prevent boo boo’s!!!!
    You turds in Wiscoooooonsin wonder why we own you????

  29. Until Corduroy actually proves himself for a full season as a WR, this handing over the scepter thing may be a bit premature. One thing for sure, which I’m sure Jennings realizes, is that he will have a better year if the defense has to account for another wide receiving threat.

  30. Patterson will have a difficult time from a mental standpoint. There is a reason he slid in the draft. Amazing physical gifts but dumb as a post. He’ll continue to be a great kick return specialist, but that’s about it.

  31. This is really great to see! The vet is encouraging the youngster to take charge and become all that he can be by putting his talents to work and getting the organization commitment to go that route.

    As a Seahawks fan, I would like to see Cordarrelle Patterson groomed and developed by the Vikings over the next 3/4 years of his rookie contract, so that he can then take the baton from Percy Harvin and catch meaningful passes from Wilson, and also get significantly more playoff exposure.

  32. whiteknightblackheart says:
    Jun 23, 2014 9:44 AM
    “Baby Hands” Bridgewater won’t be able to get either of these guys the ball. Fantasy Team kryptonite. The Vikings suck.

    then rodgers must be baby hands plus 1/8th. his span 1s 1/8th of an inch bigger. deal with it. favres span was like an inch bigger than rodgers. based on your flawed idiocy, rodgers shouldnt have been able to do anything

  33. dickshotdogs says:
    Jun 23, 2014 9:35 AM

    “Not to be sarcastic, but how long has it been since he WAS a one? At least a couple years, right?”

    If you’re asking about Patterson, 2013 was his rookie year.

  34. Seatown….

    Harvin hated Minnesota and wanted out. Winfield’s production was dropping dramatically. Patterson was a very pleasant surprise last year. Jennings bailed out ponder and cassel multiple times last year. It was a good signing because of the leadership he brings to the team.

    Now, if you want to talk about how the Vikings have handled their quart backs, then you have a point.

  35. What is funny is that Jordy never caught more than 3 balls a game whern Rodgers was out. Another product of Rodgers. The one player team in Green Bay has alot to crow about when it comes to receivers…and of course their sieve defense..

  36. Jordy never caught more than 3 balls when Rodgers was out but somehow racked up 1314 yards, 85 catches and 8 TD’s in 8 games with Rodgers. Stupid people are stupid.

  37. Someone gets to be called a #1 receiver on that team, though none of them truly are. Patterson is a #2/3 receiver on many other teams. Good returner though…very fast.

  38. glennsyank13 says: Jun 23, 2014 9:41 AM

    I thought Emanuel Arceneoux was going to be the next great number 1 WR for the Vikes?


    Arceneoux IS AMAZING ~ for the BC Lions !!

  39. In the seven games Matt Cassel played most of the time, Jennings had 41 receptions for 491 yards and 4 touchdowns. Over the course of a full season, that translates to 94-1,122-9.

    Cordarrelle Patterson scored 7 receiving or rushing touchdowns in the second half of the season. He will make a big jump from being a raw rookie to a second-year player, especially with Norv Turner designing plays for him.

    Cassel will start the season and should do a pretty good job for a while, but Bridgewater is the real deal and it will be hard to keep him off the field.

    Bottom line: If you have a fantasy draft coming up, try to get both Jennings and Patterson. They will be undervalued.

  40. Wile E. Coyote (Vikings) often obtains complex and ludicrous devices from a mail-order company, the fictitious Acme Corporation (NFL Draft), which he hopes will help him catch the Road Runner (Packers). The devices (draft picks) invariably fail in improbable and spectacular ways. Whether this is result of operator error (coaching) or faulty merchandise (players) is debatable. The coyote (Vikings) usually ends up burnt to a crisp, squashed flat, or at the bottom of a canyon. Occasionally Acme products do work quite well such as the Dehydrated Boulders, Bat-Man Outfit, Rocket Sled, Jet Powered Roller Skates, or Earthquake Pills (Adrian Peterson). In this case their success often works against the coyote (fumbles against Saints). Other times he uses items that are implausible, such as a superhero outfit (Favre), thinking he could fly wearing it. He cannot. In the end, the Road Runner (Packers) always wins (NFL record 13 World Championships).

  41. Jordy Nelson had 49 catches for 810 yards and 7 touchdowns in 8 games with Rodgers. With the terrible backups, Nelson had 36 catches for 504 yards and 1 touchdown. So yes, Nelson is a product of Rodgers just like Jennings is a product of Cassel.

  42. Outdoors in the cold in November and December as a starring QB-WR duo?

    I’ll believe Bridgewater and Patterson are this combo when I see it, but I remain dubious.

    I’ll still bet on Jennings as the #1 WR.

  43. LOLThere were alot of receivers better on the Packers That’s why they wouldn’t pay this blowhard
    Maybe next year you can get some more players from the Pack that are good
    Skol Losers

  44. Jennings totally fleeced Spieladope like we said he did when signed. Now the guy already concedes the #1 to a guy who could barely get involved in the simplified offense the queens ran last year and now possibly being more complex he is going to be the number #1? This is the reason why the team is a cellar dweller and is flat out owned by the Pack and Ted Thompson.

    “then rodgers must be baby hands plus 1/8th. his span 1s 1/8th of an inch bigger. deal with it. favres span was like an inch bigger than rodgers. based on your flawed idiocy, rodgers shouldnt have been able to do anything”

    Instead of reading your own posters lies and believing it you might want to do your own research that way you wont have that size 12 lodged in your mouth because of Rodgers 10 1/8″ hands which make Bridgewaters look like a grade schoolers. Look it up.

  45. I love how all great Packer players leave GB in favor or Minnesota, guess no matter how good your QB is you still have a team in GB, the definition of redneck!

  46. So, what’s the over/under on how many more years before Cordarrelle Patterson joins The Seahawks? I’m going to go ahead and set the line at 2 and 1/2 years.

  47. The Viking fan claim to fame is Division Titles. Well….Green Bay has three in a row and have owned the Vikings during that time. When the trolls spew their anti-Packer insults and put-downs, they are relegating the Vikings to a status even lower.

    Is that difficult to comprehend? Are you with me?

  48. When Packer players are ready to be put out to pasture, they end up going to the Vikings where they can finish their career making more money than they are worth and winning nothing. Low stress way to end your career.

    But when the players are in the prime for the Vikings, they head west to Seattle to win championships.

  49. I was just reminded that the Vikings passed on drafting Aaron Rodgers not once but twice. LOL At least Troy Williamson was worth it.

  50. Lol better than Harvin, who cares stop comparing everything to guys that are no longer on the Vikes, how about comparing him to better know WR! But one thing you cant compare him to Harvin with is SB Rings!

  51. The problem with Patterson isn’t that he lacks athleticism…it’s that he lacks intelligence and that prevents him from knowing the offense or how to run the proper routes. He’ll always be a good change of pace weapon when all he has to do is run and find an open spot in space, but as an every down WR as the focal point in the offense he will suck.

  52. I see so many Packer “fans” saying we got hosed because Jennings is labeling himself the number 2 now. How quickly you forget, Cris Carter became the #2 receiver in MN when we drafted Moss. How did that work out for you???

  53. Jennings handed the number 1 receiver baton to Patterson because he was afraid of what would happen if he threw it to him.

  54. When Carter was a #2 the #1 was a future HOF player putting up big numbers. Big difference. Patterson will be lucky to crack 1000 yards receiving.

  55. Jennings: “For me, it was making sure that he understands that he has to be a professional.”

    I would assume this includes not making tweets trashing your immediate past quarterback.

  56. I still trust Jennings more than CP as the #1. CP is insane with the ball in his hands but I feel like he’s just never going to be a precision route runner who gets the cerebral part of the game like Jennings. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, it’s just a gut feeling.

  57. It sounds like Jennings has conceded the division to the Packers once again. Otherwise why would one so willingly pass the torch? He should want to be the #1 receiver and force the younger players to compete for it. He’s giving up already. He obviously sensed the impending doom with Bridgewater and decided to get ahead of the game and create the excuses now rather than have to explain away another poor season.

  58. Anybody who watched Cordarelle Patterson in the last 8 games last year knows this kid is special. I loved Percy, one of my favorite place, but I am forgetting really fast about him because of CP84. I hope to see him make a few more catches but definitely still want to see him take a few carries/sweeps.

  59. Is he really handing the baton over, or is it being taken from him? Though can’t fault Jennings too much though, it must have been rough going from Rodgers to Ponder/Cassel/ Freeman.

  60. LOL, too bad they don’t have a QB who can throw the ball. Maybe Peterson can learn to throw it and just run the wildcat every play. LOL

    I would not want to be a Viking receiver

  61. last year our offensive coordinator musgrave sucked he had a recipe card for all 8 plays this year we will have a full menu like stinking green bay as turner is a offensive guru so time will show if we have all the weapons guaranteed we will have a better passing team with turner as our OC

  62. This is great new coaches, new QB and new
    lead receiver, wow life is wonderful great…
    The problem with the coaches new magic wand
    is it’d didn’t fix the problem. The Vikings can’t pass block. Unless these new coaches or Qb or recievers can pass block were srewed. back to ponder and Jennings an another long season.
    I will not do it. ‘m not stuck indoors like people
    in Minnesota and I’m not going to root for the niners either. I’ll just have to find things to do without following the Vikings. It will be hard.

  63. Generally, that #1 designation has to be earned, or taken.

    Can’t say Cordarelle for all his supposed talent, has earned it.

    It’s too soon to say he deserves to be #1.

    He’s got to show it, himself.

  64. In the last 10 seasons the vikings have had only one year wherein their leading receiver got 1000 yards.

    Of course Brett Favre was the QB….

    Number one WR on the vikings puts you on par with big name receivers like Bobby Wade, Travis Taylor, Sydney Rice, and Bernard Berrian, where the big numbers are on the paycheck, not the field.

  65. Damn that Norv Turner. Every time I see his name, I go insane. He’s an offensive genius, I’ll give him that much, but as Charger fans, we had to sit through six years of him as a HC. I really believe we could have done so much more, if we had used him correctly.

  66. I appreciate Jennings giving up the #1 so that Patterson can get plenty of action, and then sign with Seattle and play for a champion! #GOHAWKS

  67. Zimmer and Turner’s energy is infectious and it is filling the team with optimism. The D line is rebuilt. A new secondary. A new LB. Gone is that terrible cover 2 and Leslie Fraizer just standing there looking like a deer I the headlights. Gone is Jared Allen rushing himself out of the play and a nose tackle that can’t tackle.

    No more forcing Ponder to play with no consequences.
    No more Musgrave and his terrible play calling. Just see the wild card game vs the Packers where the Vikings were marching with the run/option and then inexplicably Musgrave abandons it and tries to make Webb pass from the pocket when everyone knew Webb can’t do that just because guys were wide open. Who cares if they were wide open if your QB can’t make the throw. What they were doing was working well, it worked so well the Niners destroyed the Packers the next week with the exact same plays.

    Last year was a win/win from the first game. If they had played well then hiring Frazier and sticking with Ponder was the way to go and if they lost we would be rid of them. And for the rubes who say coaching doesn’t make a difference just see how well the Seahawks and more so the 49ers played with proper coaching.

    Optimism is contagious and so is winning. The sky is the limit and with the parity in the NFC north the Vikings have just as good a chance as other teams. Plus their Achilles heel is their Swiss cheese D and having Zimmer as the head coach was just what the Vikings needed. Even the rubes and trolls on PFT recognize that. If Bridgewater and Patterson and Barr live up to their potential the Vikings will be a strong and very good team, perhaps and hopefully elite and finally bring the fans a SB victory!

  68. Greg Jennings wouldn’t even start on any other team in the NFC north…maybe he realized that he isn’t as good as the Vikings seemed to think he was when they were giving him that contract.

  69. I was wondering how long it would take and now I read the first Viking claim Super Bowl after reading all the offseason championship claims. Thanks for the laugh!

  70. Don’t bash on Jennings – he was very good but there is a **little** drop off from Rodgers to Ponder – he is getting up there in age so at this point he’ll be a better utilized to compliment Patterson as a smart route / possession receiver. Patterson with Simpson and Wright should be able to open things up deep nicely
    Norv Turners history of getting TE’s involved bodes well for Kyle Rudolph as well. Any improvement at QB will make this offense that ranked #10 in yards per play last year have some nice upside, for both scoring and time of possession. A significant improvement at QB will make them dangerous and a viable playoff contender.
    Hopefully for the Vikings that will help hide their Defensive vulnerabilities, where some larger problems persist.

  71. I guess they have nothing better to do in Wisconsin than double fist “Bratwurst” and troll Vikings message boards. Now go brush your tooth and go to bed.

  72. Both Cassel and Bridgewater can throw the passes. The major concern is the line right now. Jennings can catch footballs and create space, especially working a field with other targets. Rudolph, Peterson, Patterson will all get their looks, but by seasons end there will Jennings be, around 85-95 catches. I think that Bridgewater is better equipped to spread the ball around, get some 2nd-4th good looks. He has it from what I have seen and he’s already changing plays on the line! The Vets are still adjusting to the new playbook. He is really looking the part of a guy who was ranked #1 Overall all last season!

  73. We have an article focusing on the WR’s when you have a new offensive coordinator, new coach, and probably a new QB. How can Vikings fans place any credence on the WR’s this early. This will probably be an improvement from last year but I feel the offensive surge is probably two years out.

    There you go Vikes fans. An objective report without insults from Packer Nation.

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