Hyde could be in line for significant playing time

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49ers running back Marcus Lattimore has set his sights on Frank Gore’s job.  But Lattimore isn’t alone in that regard.

As explained by Bill Williamson, who currently covers the 49ers for ESPN.com, running back Carlos Hyde has a “chance to get big playing time right away” as a second-round rookie.

Hyde is just the latest young running back who supposedly will prompt the 49ers to send Gore floating on a chunk of ice.  And yet it never has actually happened.

For now, it’s the first time that Gore has had a couple of young guys gunning for his job.  There’s a good chance that, between Lattimore and Hyde, one of them will make the veteran expendable.

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  1. Gore has some juice in his legs and is still one of the best pass protecting RB’s in the league so he’ll get his touches. But this is the final year of his current deal. The young bucks (including Hunter) will get worked into a rotation and take-over next year.

  2. This is a good problem to have. As much as I love Frank Gore and he’s still productive, I’m excited to see if these young guys can fill his shoes

  3. The 49ers finally understand what it takes to be a winning club like the ravens. Out with the old (Alex Smith, soon j.smith and gore) in with the new (kaepernick, aldon, hyde) sure these guys often get arrested but as long as they have some ok characteristic it doesn’t really matter when you’re winning games.
    Nfc west standings:
    1. Niners
    2. Cardinals
    3. Hawks
    4. Rams

  4. Yeah, there is little difference in running backs, most of them end up with 4 point something yards per carry when all is said and done. Not a position you want to spend a lot of money on. I’d say there is a decent chance Hyde is becomes the main back this year. He is more advanced as an all round back than Lattimore. Excellant pass receiver out of the backfield. They would not have used a second round draft pick on him if they didn’t envision getting substantial production immediately. RB can step right in and excel quicker than any other position.

  5. Kendall Hunter, before he was injured, had a significant number of carries. Hyde and Lattimore would need to leapfrog Hunter before they can get a significant number of carries.

  6. Gore has proven he can take a pounding carry after carry. Hyde nor Latimore have proven anything yet at this level. Many a great collage back have failed in the NFL. Don’t count out FG just yet.

  7. Williamson didnt have any sources, he just went out on a limb. I’m sure he’ll get touches but if they were going to dump Gore it would’ve happened already. Gore is a hall of game back and 49ers will let him have his swan song season in San Fran. Wish he would resign for vet minimum but I’m sure pride will get in the way.

  8. Carlos Hyde is very underrated.

    Gore is gonna get clipped in the future.

  9. *1: Its a passing league, and you have “one look Kap.” *2: The only thing your RBs will be doing is running in & out of jail! Love the post above! “Sure they will be in and out of jail, but as long as they have good characteristics”!!!! What the H&%LL does that mean?!!!………….GO HAWKS!!

  10. They said the same thing with Kevan Barlow, Maurice Hicks, Deshaun Foster, Glenn Coffee, Anthony Dixon, Michael Robinson, Kendall Hunter, Lemichael James. And all Frank Gore did was make them all waste away! Whiner fans are so quick to jump on any hype. AND HAVE NEVER TRUELY APPRECIATED FRANK GORE! So go ahead whiner fans Latimore and Hyde, here we go again.

  11. The 3 headed monster of Hunter, Hyde, and Lattimore will be great, but it wont happen till next year. Gore has this year, and unlike last year, having other guys take up carries will ensure he is primed and ready for another (and possibly his last) playoff run with the 49ers!

  12. Lattimore will not perform at a level anyone thinks he will. 2 major knee rebuilds? No way he has it anymore. Most RBs that have any significant knee injury never play well again. As far as Hyde goes? He might be good, might be terrible. RBs are a coin flip. The Niners are lucky they have Gore.

  13. I say Gore continues to juke Earl Thomas out of his jock, and eliminating blitzes. But I think the competition will really help push a healthy Kendall hunter to playing as good or better than his first year.

  14. Lattimore won’t be successful because of two major knee injuries? Oh you mean just lile Frank Gore? Moving on now

  15. Gore has been the man for the Niners for a decade. That said, that’s a long time, for a RB, and while he still has some gas in the tank, it makes sense that they are starting to look for his emplacement.

    I’m a stone Seahawks fan, and I can recall a number of games when Frank Gore absolutely tore them a new one. Nothing but respect for Frank. I can’t recall ever reading a negative thing about him, no off field issues, none of that.

    Still, all good things must come to an end, and I suspect this will be Gores last, at least as the 49er’s featured back.

  16. A lot of hype on Carlos, Big strong guy like Ron Dayne and Brandon Jacobs. Not giving up on Frank Gore just yet. And why on earth would you quote something from Williamson as fact?

  17. Whiners are fans are funny, Hyde and Lattimore are not proven backs and yet beyond set at RB, envy of the League lol what a joke.

  18. Every year the Niners seem to draft another RB to “give Frank Gore a break” but so far it hasn’t really stuck. If it wasn’t for age and it being the final year of his contract I think Frank would keep fighting them off. He’s a beast. Not a Niners fan by any means but I respect the hell out of Frank. He’s a tough SOB.

  19. Lattimore and Hyde will each get their chance. If they make yardage, gain first downs, score, don’t fumble, block well… they’ll get more chances. If they win the job, it will be because they earned it.

  20. Hampton, James, Hyde, Lattimore…talk about wasting draft picks, on a dying position where anyone off the street could come in and play. I hope they all fail.

  21. Lets get Frank a superbowl before next year since its more than likely his last for the niners. He will always be one of my favorite players and feel honored to have seen him run for 200 on the hawks live in person. When he is gone he will be missed and in my opinion should be in the HOF!

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