Jerry Reese: “Jury is still out” on Giants tight ends

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The Giants feel confident that making a switch to Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator will bring quarterback Eli Manning back to a higher level of play than they saw when he tossed away 27 interceptions in 2013, but one spot on their starting offense is still up for grabs.

The Giants don’t have a clear-cut No. 1 tight end after none of the options on hand showed enough to nail down the job during the offseason. General Manager Jerry Reese suggested that the team may not settle on one before the start of the season, but pointed to two members of the group as players expected to take a step forward this season.

“I think the jury is still out on who the No. 1 tight end is, I think it’ll probably be tight end by committee,” Reese said on WFAN, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “But there are some really good tight ends, some athletic, big guys who can run and catch the ball. Adrien Robinson and Larry Donnell are a couple of young guys who have been on the squad for a couple of years, but have had some injury stuff going on with them. We expect them to be healthy and to be able to pick up the slack here.”

Robinson’s athletic ability has drawn rave reviews over his two years with the team, but there’s been almost no on-field production to back that up. He played one snap last season while Donnell was used sparingly as well. Reese didn’t close the door on bringing in help from outside — Dustin Keller and Jermichael Finley are both free agents, albeit ones with health concerns — but said Robinson and Donnell could be “dynamic” if they are healthy.

A big if given their history and a big question mark for the Giants offense as training camp approaches.

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  1. The bigger problem is at QB. Manning is too erratic and inconsistent. Yes he won 2 SB’s, but he was more or less along for the ride.

  2. Reese has a track record of leaving glaring holes on the roster with hopes of his late round picks and UDFA’s stepping up and performing.

    Sometimes it works (Victor Cruz, Jake Ballard)

    Alot of the times it does not…(Greg Jones, Mark Herzlich, Andre Brown/David Wilson, Jerrel Jernigan, James Brewer, Clint Sintim, Ramses Barden)

    My gut tells me Robinson and Donnell fall into the latter

  3. I would say that at least half of Manning’s interceptions last year were the fault off their intended receivers. Reuben Randle alone was responsible for 8. Da’rell Scott had at least 2 and Nicks’ lackluster attitude and unwillingness to fight for the ball counted for 4. Eli did have his brain farts but an improved offensive line and receivers that are on the same page will vastly improve Eli’s performance. Remember that both the O Line and running game were ranked near the bottom of the league. Both are a QB’s best friends in the passing game. When the O Line sucks and they’re rushing 8 because you can’t run the ball, you don’t get many first downs. I’m not sure there are many that could function consistently behind a porous O Line and non-existent running game. Moreover, the receiving corps had an almost 10% drop rate. Nicks and Randle were the main culprits in that regard.

  4. My Giants can’t get themselves in order. Without Brandon Myers and Hakeem Nicks they have lost the best receiving duo in the NFL. Myers is an unmatched TE but he’s no longer there for the Giants. He could catch anything, run over defenders and block defensive lineman 100 pounds bigger than him.

    Their only hope for 2015 is to get Jeremy Shockey to come out of retirement. Next to Tiki Barber, Shockey was the most team first player of the past 30 years. The Giants have never been the same without Barber and Shockey.

  5. Manning was along for the ride? 15 TDs and 2 INTs in the post season is not a long for the ride. Not to mention come back game winning drives in two super bowls.

  6. Well, week one the Giants can show the Lions a QB and the Lions can show the Giants 3 TE’s…:)

  7. I wish people would give Eli a chance. This guy does so much for humanity and his community, won 2 SB in come from behind situations, is recovering from a serious ankle injury and had to deal with Kevin Gilbride all these years. His receivers were awful. Now Eli has new personnnel, a new offense, and this will be a Renaissance for Eli. Please encourage him and give him hope. He is great and will continue to be great. He is a human being with feelings and nees our support, not criticism. He will be in the Hall of Fame.

  8. My Giants can’t get themselves in order. Without Brandon Myers and Hakeem Nicks they have lost the best receiving duo in the NFL. Myers is an unmatched TE but he’s no longer there for the Giants. He could catch anything, run over defenders and block defensive lineman 100 pounds bigger than him.

    WAIT, what!!!! This proves this cat don’t like the Giants. Myers and Nicks were absolute trash. Balls were bouncing off of both players hands. Myers is a fluke, who had one good year. He wasn’t running anyone over. Stop the act and go back to worrying about your Redskins team.

  9. what should the Over/Under be on how long it will take all the Giants fans to blame the new OC. Week 3?

    What will their low intelligence pun be for the new OC? Ben Mc”Can’t”Do?

  10. Eli along for the ride.Nicks and Meyers best duo in NFL.Shockey and Tiki torch of coaches team first guys.Giants not the same since they left.tuckrule,jdstat and lil wayne make a great comedy lineup.As for football knowledge what they know couldn’t fill a shot glass.

  11. Who are these guys stuck in 2004? Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey??? In case you weren’t paying attention over the past 10 years, the Giants won 2 Super Bowls without those guys and 0 with them. I wish Tuck, Myers and Nicks all the luck in the world with their new teams, but the truth is that they weren’t cutting it with the Giants any longer. If you are a fan of the team, you have to move forward and support the current players. That’s where I stand.

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