Johnathan Franklin clears waivers

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Former Packers running back Johnathan Franklin went unclaimed on waivers on Monday, according to the NFL’s transaction wire.

The Packers waived Franklin with a “failed physical” designation Friday. Franklin suffered a neck injury in a November game vs. Minnesota, an injury that will keep him off the field in 2014 and perhaps for good, the running back indicated last week.

With the Packers waiving Franklin outright, the former UCLA star is free to sign elsewhere were he to resume his NFL career.

The 24-year-old Franklin was a fourth-round selection of Green Bay in the 2013 draft. He appeared in 11 regular season games for the Packers, rushing 19 times for 107 yards and a TD and catching four passes for 30 yards.

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  1. Too bad. Hope everything works out for JF in the long run. Lot’s of potential as an NFL player lost due to a freakish hit.

  2. Too bad, Johanathan. A reminder to us that one’s life can change in an instant. Dude had some good moves. Good luck to you, Mr. Franklin.

  3. I was a huge fan of his in college, his life goal was to be mayor of Los Angeles and I always respected him for his ambitions and his talents running the football. I thought he was a second round steal who went to the 4th, and as a Vikings fan was super bummed when the Pack got him, I believe the response when he was drafted by GB was “you gotta be KIDDING me.” But still remain a fan of his. This is actually a tremendous let down. I guess we will never know how great he would have been. But I like his ambitions, I’d vote for JF for mayor of LA!

  4. I am a touch confused……so when is Franklin possibly going to return?

    If it’s after this season; A fringe guy with a bad neck, who we know won’t play this season goes unclaimed isn’t really a story.

    I will say this from experience; everyone wants to bark and act tough…..that is right up until you have back/neck issues.
    Not feeling your feet or fingers puts things in perspective pretty Quick.
    Good luck young man.

  5. Injury or not a couple of things happened to Franklin: he was likely in the wrong system for his talents and another draftee by the name of Eddie Lacy.
    Seemed like a good guy, I hope he can recover and sign on with a team more in tune with a finesse running game.

  6. Surprised the Vikings didn’t nab him, they seem to pick thru the Packer’s waiver wire in an attempt to build their team. Judging by the results, the Vikings haven’t been too successful, 1-7-1 in the last 4 years.

  7. Another Packer player lost to a neck injury, which is happening a bit much to be a coincidence.

  8. Well maybe he can catch on with his college coach for an intern coaching gig, while going back to school. It’s not like he’s dead, he’s just not going to be a football player in the long term. Neither are any of us. All I’ve heard about this guy is good things and there’s no reason he can’t still do good things in life.

  9. Unfortunate for Franklin – even more unfortunate is that Courtland Milloy of the Washington Post seems to believe that this is Karma of sorts for the name of the team.

    His reasoning is outlined in WaPo he indicates if you use a slur of a name your players get injured. Not sure I agree with the logic but his point on the team that uses a slur as a name seems to apply in this case.

  10. I’m curious as to why the media says that the Packer medical staff is “Conservative”. If no other teams are picking up Collins or Franklin or Finley, then, the medical team would seem to be influential or well respected.

  11. I love his positive attitude about this most unfortunate life-changing “opportunity” as he might frame it. Being a bit pragmatic here, I truly hope he had insurance.

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