No appeal hearing set yet in Josh Gordon case


Before a decision can be made on whether Browns receiver Josh Gordon will miss at least a full calendar year, an appeal hearing must be held.  Before an appeal hearing can be held, it must be scheduled.

That hasn’t happened, yet.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, an appeal hearing has not yet been placed on the calendar.

From the Browns’ perspective, time is of the essence.  If Gordon eventually will miss at least a full year, the suspension will begin immediately.   The sooner it starts, the sooner it’s done — and the sooner Gordon can return.  If a ruling comes not long before Week One of the 2014 regular season, Gordon would miss some if not all of the preparations for the 2015 regular season.

Pending a final decision via the arbitration process, settlement remains a possibility.  Last year, Gordon’s proposed four-game suspension was resolved with an agreed two-game ban.  While that could happen now, no talks have occurred to date on a possible deal.  It’s unclear whether the NFL would be inclined to agree to something less than a one-year suspension, or whether Gordon and the NFLPA would accept a significant suspension in lieu of presenting whatever arguments Gordon may have on appeal.

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  1. Somebody should offer the browns a late rounder for him now. They may be inclined to take it. I’d go as high as a 4th. Yeah he may be out a year but you’re getting a hell of a player when he gets back. There is some risk he will wash out of the league due to his issues but I’d gamble a 4th on it.

  2. Remember, he DIDN’T smoke weed. HE MISSED THE TEST! He was in Europe and couldn’t get home fast enough. He missed the test by hours. When he did test, he was CLEAN. This is all about MISSING the test.

  3. You go from leading the league in receiving in only 14 games and setting records to possibly not playing the following year. That’s not good. Any year long suspension should nullify any guarantees in a contract and be considered a null year. Say a player is in the fourth year of his contract and gets suspended that year would be tacked on after his suspension is served.

    The purpose would be to prolong their FA ticket and also not punish the team for an individuals stupidity.

  4. Robbery while high on crack – oust for life

    Dirty drug test for weed- one Game suspension

    Imo. Come on, prohibition will end within 8 years

  5. I’m pretty sure the only reason there is no appeal hearing set is because ….you know….HE HASN’T BEEN SUSPENDED YET.

    That’s kind of important for there to actually be something for him to appeal….just ask Robert Mathis and the New Orleans Saints defense.

    The longer this goes on (or doesn’t as the NFL, the Browns and Josh Gordon all seem to be functioning as if nothing is actually going on). The more it seems like ESPN jumped the gun on their “report”. The only thing anyone actually knows about this is that Greg Little said whatever happened was “something Josh Gordon couldn’t control” and that there is “more to it than the public knows” also we know whatever it is it was mild enough for the Browns owner to support Gordon 100%.. something he didn’t do last season when Gordon was suspended 2 games for the Codeine (I believe the term he used then was “short leash”). Everything else is media speculation.

  6. Suspend him for 4 games, he will still lead the league in yards. Just like last year after his 2 game suspension. Greatest most exciting young WR out there!

  7. What line is the league tip-toeing by not testing for marijuana? The league is hurting its level of competition and it’s image by suspending players full seasons for doing something much less harmful than alcohol. Cliche to make the comparison but it’s true.

    It’s like Michael Phelps an American Patriot getting suspended for hitting that nice bong. Owners need to loosen up because it’s inevitable players will continue to use marijuana at increasing numbers.

  8. Just so you know, despite the fact that in some states you can get a permit to smoke weed, it doesn’t give any NFL players a pass.

    Every hospital I’ve worked in (as a nurse) DID NOT RECOGNIZE the marijuana card. The hospital’s choice, the NFL’s choice. It would have to be legalized nationwide for pro football players to smoke herb without getting into a beef.

    I have to admit it was funny when patients would say, “I can smoke pot if I want because I have a marijuana card!” Nope. Sorry buddy, you cannot. Oh, so you want to be discharged now? Good luck.

  9. Perhaps no appeal hearing has been scheduled because no suspension has been issued? Put that in yer pipe and smoke it.

  10. @ stleo65

    Remember, he DIDN’T smoke weed. HE MISSED THE TEST! He was in Europe and couldn’t get home fast enough. He missed the test by hours. When he did test, he was CLEAN. This is all about MISSING the test.
    Boy the media and fans are going to eat crow if this is the case. And, if this is the case it is even more understandable why our GM Ray Farmer didn’t overreact at the draft. Sure Watkins would have looked great opposite Gordon, but Farmer orchestrated a trade fleecing Buffalo and then stuck to his board thereafter because the intel he had was solid. I sure do hope that this is the case and he missed the test.

  11. Gordon was given a deal last year and blew it.

    One year suspension minimum is warranted. It’s time for this guy to grow up and be a professional.

  12. if people are dont see the NFL doesnt want to suspend one of the hottest tickets in the NFL this year. They already moved the 2nd preseason gm. RG3 vs Johnny Football and Gordon. Your talking about 2 of the most exciting player in the NFL right now (or at least hyped). NFL stands to lose millions of views/dollars if they would suspend Gordon for a year. Lets face it years pior plays got away with alot more. We just didnt have all the Media access that we have now.

  13. As a second time offender, he’ll get a year suspension retroactive to the time of the test that he missed. That would make him available for the start of off season workouts next year.

    Browns need to walk away. He’s one more missed/failed test from a lifetime ban. Can’t tie money up in a guy like that.

  14. It is weird they have no scheduled an appeal when it was reported almost 3 months ago. I think something is up, either he didn’t fail a test or major negotiations going on.

  15. Being a Browns fan, I’m tired of not knowing the facts as the NFL knows them. Do whatever and explain, please. Too much time has passed since this story broke during the draft. This isn’t fair to the team most of all.

  16. I thought he only had two violations. (1) 2013 offseason he failed because of cough medicine prescribed by a doctor. (2) 2014 offseason he failed because the travel industry now makes us late and he was no different.

    He wasn’t driving a car drunk and on drugs like the colts owner. He didn’t punch his fiancé. He didn’t beat his mom. Kill a homeless person. Stab kill someone…

    No, he got sick and did what we all do…. Went to the doctor and followed the doctors orders.

    No, he was late like every person in the world has been more than once.

    You hypocrites.

  17. Baseball players play a long illustrious career full of steroid use, growth hormone use, and maybe even “horse muscle implant surgery”…then they retire and get into the Hall Of Fame. And the game is called “Americas Game” pffft

    But, a kid in the NFL is late, gets a cold and then smokes weed…WATCH OUT!, what’s next, bans for aspirin and mouthwash abuse? Because everything here is pretty much all legal (weed almost) and enhances no performance whatsoever, yet the league thinks its ok for a player to snap his leg in half, receive a cortisone shot to numb the pain and then go back onto the field. pfffft

    Sounds like punch lines to two different jokes

  18. Sorry for double posting, but I forgot to mention, at least players in soccer are getting banned from the World Cup and soccer….for biting.

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