PFT Live: Five reasons to be optimistic about the Redskins

Redskins’ insider Rich Tandler joins Mike Florio to discuss the possibility of a name change, the likelihood of Alfred Morris having another big season and why Redskins’ fans should be optimistic about the 2014 season.

4 responses to “PFT Live: Five reasons to be optimistic about the Redskins

  1. ha, man is this country sensitive. can’t even say the redskins. the redskins. the redskins. legislators go worry about domestic mass killings and debacles over seas!

  2. “I’m trying not to say the name! It’s hard not to say the name” That’s because the name itself is NOT a slur nor inherently racist in any way. Can you make the SAME statement about the N word? “I’m trying not to say the name. It’s hard not to say the name! Nope, you cant(unless in fact you ARE a racist of course)

  3. If these people dont want to be called this name… Am I Wrong? YES you ARE wrong. Now you are making the leap from a teams name to actually USING it as a slur. No one in my LIFETIME has ever used the term Redskins desparagingly towards another human in my presence. I doubt in yours either. The ONLY desparaging remarks following the term Redskins are generally about the team. Really? It pops out like a curse word? Especially after youve been drinking? Again, does the N word just “pop” out from time to time, especially after youve had a few? I give you far more credit than that but I DONT think that is the case? I doubt you are racist and neither am I.

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