Pouncey’s hip tear was significant, happened in OTAs

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Like Percy Harvin a year ago in Seattle, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey entered the offseason program healthy.  Like Harvin in 2013, Pouncey tore a labrum in his hip during the offseason program.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s a significant tear.  And while the surgery went well (they always do), real questions have emerged regarding when Pouncey will be ready to go.

Pouncey has a high tolerance for pain; he played last year through kidney stones.  Tough and mean and determined, Pouncey will do whatever he has to do to get back.  The question is how long it will take for Pouncey to be ready to go now that the labrum has been repaired.

Three months is the absolutely minimum, and it’s a very optimistic assessment.  If it’s much longer than that, the Dolphins will get a taste of life without a Pouncey, like the Steelers did with his twin brother Maurkice for nearly all of 2013.  And that could help Mike get the thing he wanted but has yet to get — a new contract of his own.

20 responses to “Pouncey’s hip tear was significant, happened in OTAs

  1. I guess the Dolphins can save him for the playoffs and Super Bowl just like the Seahawks did with Harvin last year.

  2. Poor Baby! Now he’ll miss out on all those free dinners he was going to force the rookies to pay for.

  3. They tried to rush Harvin back in 3 or 4 months, only to have his hip swell up and have to shut him down for another month. So 3 months may be optimistic. On the other hand, we’re not talking about a speed player, either.

  4. He’ll have more time to design more “FREE AARON” fashion.

    It’s a struggle to not be happy about this injury. Not because he plays in my team’s division, but because most signs suggest he’s a terrible human being.

  5. You don’t ‘play through kidney stones’. If you are passing them you are in the hospital. If you are not passing them then you can go about your day.

  6. Ok let’s not make the guy out to be superman. I’ve had kidney stones, and yes their painful as any ailment/injury I’ve ever had. But once they shoot you up with (fill in the name of the pain medication) you don’t feel any pain for the next 4 hrs. I’m sure the Dolphins gave him the best available on the market. Hip surgery on the other hand, that’ll keep him out for a while,

  7. What a bunch of disgusting human beings to make this smart alec remarks about a hell of a football player who just had surgery. He’s still a person and IMO making jokes about someone getting hurt is worse than wearing a hat supporting a friend who was ARRESTED for murder not CONVICTED. Go look in a mirror and look where karma is going to strike next if it hasn’t already.

  8. He played last season through the kidney stones.
    Leave the guy alone all of you loosers. So he had an injury in OTA’s there’s a surprise. He isn’t the only NFL player to have a problem with that.
    He’s could be suspended for his behavior last season with that looser Jonathon Martin, so it doesn’t really matter what happens now.

  9. Never good to lose one of the best centers in the league, especially with a rebuilt line. At least there’s plenty of time to find a fill in. Sounds like he should be back sometime in October with better than half the season remaining.

  10. Good. Drug pushing, bullying, murderer supporting POS should be banned from the league. If you support this guy, buy yourself a moral compass.

  11. Disgusting is defending a proven bully who’s obviously got low morals and supports another idiot Hernandez. Just because he’s on your favorite team doesn’t mean he deserves respect he hasn’t Earned.

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