Prime Numbers looks at the best to wear No. 24


We’ve still got plenty of prime Prime Numbers to address on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.

Tuesday’s edition of the show takes up one of the most prime:  No. 24.  We need your help to pick the best of the best players to wear that specific number.

Vote below, and then tune in on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. ET for the results.  Before then, tune in at 5:30 p.m. ET on Monday for today’s version of the show, with Tom Curran of CSN New England and Bob Glauber of Newsday joining Erik Kuselias in the studio.

41 responses to “Prime Numbers looks at the best to wear No. 24

  1. If you are going to post stuff like this you might want to put some career numbers down and a brief synopsis of their career because I am pretty sure 80% of the people voting never heard of Willie Wood and that’s a shame.

  2. I hate these “greatest” lists, especially in the internet age. All the people voting are about 20 years old and think the NFL is the same age. Woodson is a great player, but the correct answer is Lenny Moore. His touches seem low but he was on a team with Raymond Berry and John Mackey and Alan Ameche. That’s a crowded house.

  3. Charles Woodson wore 21 when he was with GB and that was when he was at his best. not sure if that makes a difference or not

  4. Lenny Moore, NFL HOF with less than 4% of this vote is an embarrassment & shows how little supposed NFL really know!!

  5. Every 30 year old knows the “24” belongs to Ken Griffey Jr. Yes, I know this is a football website, but lets get real. 24 belongs to Ken Griffey Jr. or Willie Mays

  6. I agree with the guys who think the older greats like Lenny Moore and Willie Wood don’t get enough respect.

    I never watched them play either — before my time —- but as one who follows the history of the great game, we should recognize and appreciate. None of us were around for World War II, but it doesn’t hurt to have an idea who did what, when, where, etc.

    Not everybody, but most of the guys who vote on this kind of internet poll – disregard legends of the past and instead vote flavor-of-the-month style.

  7. Champ Bailey ahead of Willie Brown?

    If it helps you delusional Donkey fans Willie was initially signed out of Grambling by Denver. . .

    Really can’t believe the guy that helped pioneer “bump & run,’ or in today,s vernacular, press coverage is supersceded by a guy with no rings. . .I put Willie up there with Dick “Night Trane” Lane as greatest corners in the history of the game. . .

    Lenny Moore was a great player, but he didn’t revolutionize anything.

    ironically does anyone on this blog know the connection Willie wood & Willie Brown have with Al Davis?

    Al recruited Willie Wood to play QB for USC. . .breaking the color barrier in the old “Pacific Coast Conference (i wish it were still called that). . .&, of course Al traded for Willie Brown. . .

    Then, of course Al drafted “C. Wood” out of Michigan. . .

    But I am glad no none “force fed” Revis as the top dog. . .as of yet. . .

    Christianensen was great; in his era. . .Ty law? he did go to the same college as C. Wood. . .Law isn’t even in the same category as the other CB’s in this so called poll. . .he’s just a throw in to see of the Patsie fans are payiing attention. . .

  8. It’s gotta be Charles Woodson. I remember I was a fan of this guy back before I even knew who he was. To me, a youngster playing the crap out of “NCAA 98′” I discovered this guy on Michigan’s team that was way faster and simply way better than anyone else in the game, and this was before they put college player’s last names into the video games. He was officially known as “LCB #2” and there was nothing better than taking a kickoff return with him and cutting it back 6 times in one return. Nobody could touch him, but Ahman Green from Nebraska did come close…

  9. Sure, the younger crowd will be more heavily represented in an online poll. And yes, younger fans will tend to give younger players more credit than the players that were in the league 30+ years ago. BUT, older fans are just as guilty of overrating the players from earlier eras.

    Lenny Moore and Willie Brown were great, and they are Hall of Famers, but Champ Bailey and Charles Woodson will likely get in on the first ballot. They ABSOLUTELY deserve to be in the conversation with Moore and Brown.

  10. This is easy. Revis island all the way. Charles Woodson was good but he is overrated. He’ll always be remembered for getting shredded to pieces by kaep in the divisional round. Revis shuts down his entire half of the field better than anyone in nfl history and he’s been doing it for the last five years. Before last year you could have made a claim he was a system player under ryan, but that died as he went to tampa and again was lockdown. There’s a reason he wants to be the highest Payed cb in the nfl and it’s hands down because he’s the best. As a ravens fan I can truly say I hope he’s not a patriot for long.

  11. This poll was biased from the start with the inclusion of a pic of Charles Woodson, who was nothing special while wearing #24.

  12. Lenny Moore was a superb athlete, who could flat out speed, give great juke moves, was difficult to tackle, had outstanding hands (more or less invented the flanker position), and was durable. One of the best ever. He should be at the top of this list.

  13. Willie Brown had the most years of sustained excellence of any #24. He had 22 of his 54 career INTs in his 30s, and his 75-yard pick-6 in SBXI is one of the iconic images in SB history.
    Willie Wood is a very close second.

  14. Regardless of the sport, they best to ever wear 24 has always been and always will be Willie Mays!

  15. Regardless of the sport, the greatest player to ever wear 24 always was and always will be Wille Mays!

  16. People just don’t realize that champ put together a 4 yr run in Denver that you could put next to anyone’s. In his prime, champ was better than revis ever was, and Woodson’s best years were actually in Green Bay. He was overrated in Oakland. If Brian griese and jake Plummer can make you look like a fool you don’t belong on this list.

    Shoot, Louis wright was better than Woodson ever was. These lists are subjective as hell as it is, but revis is ridiculous cuz he only had 2 good years (yes he was the best for those 2 years but it’s still just 2 years), and Woodson played his best ball either wearing 2 or 21. Asomough (sp?) was better while he was in Oakland than Woodson was.

  17. Ken Burrough might have something to say about Jim Otto in the battle for 00.

    Sorry to digress…

    Lenny Moore was better than C. Woodson with an NFL record 18 consecutive games in scoring at least 1 TD.

  18. IMO the top24s:

    1 Bailey
    2 Christensen: 6 time all NFL, Helped Lions win 3 world championships during their 50’s dynasty. An all time great and feared return man.
    3Revis: Best Jets player ever.
    4 Wood: A top 10 safety all time. Great return man early in his career. Helped the Packers win 5 world championships during the 60’s dynasty.
    5 Moore: Helped the Colts win two world titles.
    6 Brown
    7 Woodson: Would be much higher if wore 24 in Green Bay
    8 Law

  19. A lot of the old players probably benefited more from playing before the league tilted every rule in favor of the offense.

    So… yeah, Woodson & Me-vis.

  20. Although he wasn’t the best to wear the number Everson Walls definitely deserves to be in the conversation.

  21. Forget it-it’s HOF Lenny Moore period as number 1. Along with Frank Gifford, Moore was one of the first running back/flanker combo backs in the NFL. Ask Jim Brown how good Moore was! The man had no hips hence he was hard to tackle. Just look at the 6 or 7 Packers who tried to tackle him in 1964 in Baltimore. Moore was the football godfather to his ultimate successor and future HOF Marshall Faulk.

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