ProFootballTalk: Who can compete with Brady, Manning in AFC?

The guys of PFT discuss whether Tom Brady or Peyton Manning will play longer and whether there is an AFC team that will be able to prevent a Patriots/Broncos AFC Championship game.

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  1. Who in the AFC can compete with Brady and Manning?

    Technically, every QB who’s on an AFC roster can compete — but I know what you mean, and here are a couple of possibilities.

    Luck is ascending — he gets Wayne back, Moncrief is filthy, Nicks may have some juice left, Allen is going be ready to rock, Fleener has another year of seasoning and Hilton is still young and beastly.

    Roethlisberger has both appeared in and won more Super Bowls than Peyton — and I happen to consider Peyton on the VERY short list of all-time NFL greats, despite the b.s. Bradshaw shamed all of us in Steeler Nation with. And since 2005, no QB has authored more Super Bowl success — including Brady. And Brady deserves enormous respect in every regard.

    About Ben, he finally has the *real* Miller back at TE after a late 2012 three lig knee shred, a healthy LeVeon, a rhino monstrosity in LeGarrette, Antonio freaking Brown, Dri “Lightning in a Bottle” Archer, the underrated high-production Lance Moore, whatever we get out of Martavis (maybe not much) plus Markus Wheaton. That IS a name the NFL world will be hearing from soon. Moreover, the Steeler OL is healthy and being groomed and coached up by Munch — the Black and Gold will be collecting scalps this year. I am counting on it.

    Short answer: Luck and Ben are the two guys behind center I think can compete with legends Peyton and Brady in 2014.

  2. If you’re talking MVP the those 2 guys are on top of the list. However don’t forget defense is still what wins in the NFL. So I think the AFC has lots of possibilities other than just the 2 marquee QBs. There is also still a reigning AFC champion that neither of those guys are part of to name just 1.

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