Richard Sherman has boycotted Seattle media, unless he hasn’t


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman recently purchased a new home in Seattle, a $2.31 million estate previously owned by NBA star Jamal Crawford.  The local media — specifically the Seattle Times and — published information about the transaction, including the address of the home.

Now, CBS Seattle reports that Sherman is refusing to speak to the local media.  He’s not happy that fans are showing up at his house seeking autographs.

Curtis Crabtree of KJR Radio, who moonlights weeknights for PFT, says that the CBS Seattle story is premature at best, inaccurate at worst.  According to Crabtree, no blanket refusal to speak to the local press has been issued.

But Sherman indeed is upset that his address was published by two publications in Seattle.  For now, there’s no indication that Sherman will hold that decision against the full local media.

It would be unfair if he held the decisions of, which listed the address in its story, and the Seattle Times, which linked in an online version of the story to the real estate website containing the address, against all local media.  It’s arguably unfair for him to even boycott and the Times, since they were merely sharing publicly available information.

No league rule forces Sherman to give access to any specific publication.  The situation could get interesting if Sherman refuses during mandatory media availability to not answer questions posed by accredited representatives of, the Seattle Times, or any other media outlet.

For now, it’s simply too early to know what Sherman specifically will or won’t be doing in the aftermath of the editorial decision to share with the citizens of Seattle information that any of them could have found by taking a trip to the proper office of the King County courthouse.

112 responses to “Richard Sherman has boycotted Seattle media, unless he hasn’t

  1. I could live without the media. I hate the way the dirtbag press and reporters dont leave athletes alone.

  2. The media is out of control and needs a governing body, issuing licenses and pulling those licenses if abuse is on purpose, derelict, or habitual.

  3. Celebrities usually buy homes under Trusts or Limited Liability companies to keep their purchase anonymous. Home sales are public record. Sherman isn’t getting very good advice from his agents or managers.

  4. I’m not sure what would make the local media think publishing the home address of one of the most popular and polarizing figures in all of american sports is a good idea.

    I doubt Sherman is boycotting the local media at large, he’s a communications major and spends his offseason advertising his charity events.

    Still, wouldn’t blame him if he was a little annoyed that at a time when his star is burning brighter than it possibly ever will, the local news is giving everyone a GPS waypoint right to his front door. That would tick me off too. Of course, if i had several million dollars to roll around in, that would take away some of the annoyance. But not all of it.

  5. I don’t see why anyone, famous or not, would want their address made public. I know people give Sherman crap for his outspoken ways at times, but I won’t him being upset about this.

  6. Richard Sherman has the biggest mouth on the planet. How does he know it didn’t slip out during one of his self aggrandizing moments? That is, unless he didn’t.

  7. “It’s arguably unfair for him to even boycott and the Times, since they were merely sharing publicly available information.”

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. As a Niner fan I never thought I’d see the day I’d defend Richard Sherman but here I am. Sharing his address was way out of line. Saying it doesn’t matter because its public record makes no sense since nobody would even know where to begin looking considering the whole Seattle metropolian area is pretty large. The media outlets in question went way too far by doing that. And what did it accomplish other than create a lot of extra stress for Sherm? I’m also surprised there are moron fans showing up at his house wanting autographs. People really think NFL players want to conduct daily autograph signings at their house?

  8. Richard is right to boycott these two outlets. They do have the right to publish that info but, it is in bad taste at best. The same right that they have to publish he has to refuse to ever work with them again. It is in their best interest to keep him happy and they will only be hurt by no longer having the most outspoken world champion to quote. This gets worse for them if he gets others in Seattle to join him.

  9. This clown is so insufferable. There are fans like me who really liked this guy even though he played for another team. He’s physical, he’s smart- just a helluva CB.

    Now I can’t stand this man. If you’re going to shut up, then do it. We’ll all thank you.

  10. Oh please. Sherman is too full of him self and seeking attention to not talk about himself!

  11. I don’t like Sherman, but if the media was stupid and insensitive enough to post his address, than I don’t blame the man for telling the media to stick it up theirs.

    That’s the mans home right there.. The media could endanger him or his family by posting his address , or at the very least stump his privacy.

  12. Even as 49er fan who doesn’t care for him personally. I think he should be upset. While its public info you would think that local news outlets would be smart enough to know how big of a problem they have created for him and in turn themselves for alienating the biggest star athlete in town outside of Wilson.

  13. It’s one thing to share some pictures of the home, but publishing the address is crossing the line. Sherman should boycott the Times and P-I until they publicly apologize. At what respectable newspaper would editors sit around a table and agree that publishing someone’s personal address (except for maybe a sex offender) is OK?

  14. File this under “white girl problems” and move on. Honestly, i am sure it sucks to have people waiting out front of your million dollar home. You know what sucks worse?…pretty much every real problem in the world.

  15. Typical media getting in the personal space of celebrities. Is there no such thing as “privacy”?

  16. I can understand why he’s upset. The vast majority of people aren’t going to go to the courthouse to find out where a specific person lives, but they might read a newspaper or web article that publishes the information.

    Beyond the nuisance factor, there is a risk. The wrong kind of people knew where Sean Taylor lived, and that didn’t end well.

  17. Why are people going to his house in the first place? ..There is a time and… forget it. This autograph deal is outdated


  19. Let’s not forget that if he just went about his business quietly, the Seattle media wouldn’t have reported on his home purchase to the extent that they gave away the exact location. And even if they did, far less people would care. He needs to realize that if this comes with the territory when you constantly seek attention.

  20. I feel as if the media as a whole has evolved over the years, and not for the better. Every occupation in the world has a set of inherent goals that one has to achieve in order to successfully do their respective job, and what once was a simple job of relaying the news and events has become something so much more nowadays. The goals of the media have changed from simply reporting the news, to today where members of the media make every effort TO CREATE NEWS THEMSELVES. A lot of the questions and various interactions members of the media have with pro players are entirely inappropriate, and often times they are done only with the intention of coercing an emotional response or regretful behavior from the players…all for the sake of a news article.

    For instance, Michael Sam announces his sexual orientation to the world, and the media pounce on the opportunity to lure other players to chime in on it. The vast majority of people will take the politically-correct road of respecting Sam for who he is while applauding his courage, but that doesn’t make for an interesting story at all…so the true aims of the media in that instance is to find that tiny minority of individuals who are willing to detest Michael Sam’s sexual preferences, thus providing the necessary ammo for a story. Before you know it, 150 players whose name isn’t Michael Sam have all chimed in on another man’s personal life, when ANY question concerning something as personal as sexual preference SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO MICHAEL SAM HIMSELF!

    One can point to innumerable instances of the media baiting, tricking, and antagonizing pro athletes into saying/doing something they will regret, when the media should be focused substantially more upon simply reporting the news instead of making it themselves.

  21. ‘Mo money, mo problems.’ Sir Richard of Coversalot must adapt to these challenges, and he will no doubt. I picture a mob seeking both an autogragh, and the other half to want to argue with him. That is why I say, ‘Release the hounds!’ Get several Dobermans Ric, that should keep them at bay. Plus it just sounds cool, ‘Release the hounds!’

  22. I don’t care for Sherman, but his home is his castle, and he’s entitled to his pr1vacy. As far as mandatory media contacts are concerned, all questions related to football are fair game — access to his home is not.

  23. Really after Sean Taylor’s murder, it’s okay to publish the home address of athletes? I don’t blame him for being angry. His safety is now at risk because some “journalist” felt like giving out personal information.

  24. Pretty sure he published it himself so he could get some ‘outrage’ time on the front page since we haven’t heard much from him for the last five days

  25. Just because the information is publicly available doesn’t mean that the media should publish the man’s address. Doing that is irresponsible, invites trouble for him from crazy fans and I hope Sherman refuses every question posed to him by both publications.

    This is why I root for guys like Evan Mathis for taking the steam out of the media.

  26. I’m extremely insecure and so embarrassingly desperate for attention… I need constant reassurance of my worth as a human being… I’m constantly drawing attention to myself with annoying, pointless press conferences and twitter wars… I’m so embarrassingly desperate for attention and my issues run so deep … but… I don’t want attention at my house.

  27. 2.31 million seems like modest digs (in the Seattle market) for a guy with Sherman’s money. Maybe that’s why there is no gate to keep the public pond scum away?

  28. I don’t see how you can let the media off on this one. They screwed up big by publishing his address. For you to say Richards address is public information is ludicrous. It doesn’t need to be advertised in the media. There is a difference in principle.

  29. It bothers me what fans think “their rights” are. An athlete, singer, or other star does not belong to you except on and around the stage on which they perform, or on other venues at which they allow fan entrance (i.e. autograph sessions, red carpet events, facebook, twitter and such). Otherwise, their time is theirs. Fans shouldn’t crowd them at restaurants, grocery stores, and especially not their homes because their time outside of the venue on which they perform is theirs.

    Fans don’t seem to comprehend this, and for a newspaper to post Richard Sherman’s address was extremely irresponsible. A man’s home is his castle, and that castle does not need to be invaded by anyone not invited for any reason under any circumstances.

    If I were to see a star in a store or walking down the street I would simply wave. If I was in close proximity without going out of my way to intercept I would offer a handshake and simply say, “I enjoy your work,” and keep it moving, but before it even got to that point I would watch body language. If at any point the person looked annoyed I would walk. No selfies, no nothing. Their time is their time, and outside of their stage or allowable venue fans have the rights to none of it without permission.

  30. Definition of an optimist – someone who turns up at Richard Sherman’s front door expecting a warm friendly welcome.
    Now the man has been paid, give him some space.
    Do you think that Denver media informs Bronco fans where Peyton lives?

  31. Can’t imagine all the vile the vile things that would be said if RGIII did this. But I guess your guys’ hate is particular.

  32. His boycott can only be taken as a good sign that we don’t have to hear more asinine talk from him

  33. He should not speak to any reporters. As many nuts there are roaming around, it boggles my mind that they would print this information. If I was Sherman, I would find out who was responsible and release their home address AFTER I had punched them in the mouth.

  34. Bart Scott is confused, is Sherman doing a media boycott, or a media mutiny?

  35. Whatever……no way with his big mouth and ego he boycotts anything to do with the media for any prolonged period of time….

  36. Fans showing up at his house for autographs might be a nuisance. But there is a also a small sliver of people who are dangerous and just plain nuts who might show up, too. Perhaps if and when Sherman speaks to reps of those particular media outlets, he can make sure that as part of his statement, he gives out the home addresses of the managing editors of the Seattle Times and

  37. Mr. Sherman I hate to tell you this, but you have a karma debt that is coming this is just the beginning…..good luck to you.

  38. Im not a fan of Richard Sherman but I gotta say he has a right to be pissed off at the media over this one. Why the hell would they publish his exact address?

  39. Kind of a bad move by the paper, but Sherman has got to stop crying about everything. Just stick to fighting your teammates in OTA’s, getting defensive on twitter, and yelling nonsense into the camera during post game interviews.

  40. What a SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTER….I’m tired of hearing about this guy…..

    Boo freakin hoo they posted your address, you can go to Hollywood and get a book with celebrities exact addresses and drive around and look for them….it’s called a security system, you’ll be fine….it’s the price of fame, if you want to be on tv every 5 seconds promoting yourself you have to deal with the “consequences” of being a star

    Stop being a crybaby and get off your high horse…fame is really getting to this guy Sherman he needs to grow up….

  41. Oh but wait, I thought it was all nothing but brotherly love between the players and the “12’s”. They all they got, they all they need! LOL

  42. Figure out what county your favorite sports stars live in and use the auditor’s website to look them up. The media outlets here did nothing that you can’t already do on your own. If Sherman were a great corner that didn’t talk much, people would be happy to leave him alone. Instead, he wants everyone to know his name and sometimes the price of fame is more than people bargained for.

  43. There are some players who you actually look forward to seeing blow all their money and wind up broke, laughed at, and rejected by the fans. Sherman is rapidly becoming one.

  44. While the information may have been available to the public, they would have had to look for it and know where to look for it. If I was Sherman, I would boycott the local media too if they published my address and I had “fans” coming to my house and asking for autographs. Your home is your sanctuary and now his a place where the fans will show up whenever they want. Let’s hope that he doesn’t have to put up with some knucklehead fans like Matt Schaub did. If his family can’t feel safe in their own home, I would be asking for a trade out of Seattle.

  45. Yeah, but seriously, how many of you have taken a trip to the courthouse to find the address of your favorite football player? They could have left that out.

  46. “refuses…. to not answer questions”

    He does that already today. Never seen a mic he doesn’t love…

  47. I understand being upset bc while the info was public most would not have made the effort to obtain the address. Especially if it was not public knowledge he even bought a house. I certainly understand wanting privacy but are you telling me 2.3 million does not buy a gate to keep people off your property?

  48. What kind of stalker would you have to be to purposely go down to the courthouse and find out what his address is? Just leave him alone. Get his autograph at training camp

  49. “What kind of stalker would you have to be to purposely go down to the courthouse and find out what his address is? Just leave him alone. Get his autograph at training camp”

    …. a good reporter who does his/her research instead of printing heresay and quoting “anonymous sources”

  50. Sherman doesn’t seem to understand that standing on a soapbox, shouting to the world that you’re the best-ever and demanding attention gets you, um lots of attention.

    His actions, his constant self promotion and his blimp sized ego have come back to bite him here. You shout enough, and people will indeed pay attention. And publish all the dirty details of your life.

  51. The man deserves privacy so lets get over this and let the the man do what he is getting paid to do.Keep Crabtree and and the rest of the receivers around the league from catching the ball.

  52. All of you whiners would change your tune if he played for your team. He is the best.

    Only wackos and haters would bother to go to his house and most of them are too stupid or too lazy to get the info.

    Thay had no right to publish it.

  53. For a guy that cleary has brains and clearly has talent he sure is misguided.

    The problem with acting the way he does is when the talent goes, as it does for everyone, he’ll become just another bitter ex-player.

    He has the potential to be the next Primetime if he grows up.

  54. Wait. So you’re saying that Sherman shutting his yap is somehow a BAD thing?

  55. Sherman had made himself a focal point of the media for his non stop yapping so why is he shocked? If he would just keep quiet and go about his job this probably wouldn’t have been brought up. You don’t hear the media giving out Earl Thomas’ address and he is arguably the true leader of that defense.

  56. Even if the address is public info, it’s wrong for the ST to publish the address, or link to the RE website with the address. However, it’s even MORE wrong for fans to start showing up there bothering him. If you want to see your favorite player, buy a game ticket or go to one of his public appearances. Leave them alone otherwise. They’re not your friends.

  57. Karma debt? What a baby? Some of the junk you chumps come up with. You do realize you are feeding right into what Sherm wants right? More fuel for his fire. The Hawks are going to be even better than last year and it will be a pleasure to watch you haters squirm.

  58. Even when Sherman wants nothing to do w/ the media…he’s in the media.

    Guy can’t win.

  59. When I first saw the story posted about the details of his house I thought it wasn’t right. It is not that it had the breakdown of every room but the fact his new home address was clearly posted and shared for the world to see. Fans overstepped their boundaries and showed up to the guys house that night.

    He has a right to be pissed and for the most part Seattle sports media is just fine. Of any Seahawk including Russell Wilson I think Sherman probably has the best relationship with media and fans of the area so I can see this passing.

  60. For local fans and media that get to see and hear Sherman in his after practice press conferences and interviews on local radio, and his many public appearences and events, they find to be smart, friendly, engaging, articulate, and funny. That is why they have quite a different perception of him than those who only see him through national outlets. It will be sad if that doesn’t continue but I have a feeling that as time passes, he’ll get passed it and we’ll all be able to move on.

  61. What I find interesting is he bought a fairly modest home in Maple Valley, a Stepford Wives type suburb and not really high on the pecking order for a Seattle suburb. I would have went for a Lake Washington home in Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue and even Renton. Odd choice….

  62. These guys really only like their fans on game day (and payday). Don’t go to the mans house, wait for an event where he will gladly sell you his autograph.

  63. Some of you people are just straight up mentally insane.

    Football is entertainment. Richard Sherman has been polarizing. Hate him or like him, its fine, and your choice. Remember it’s only entertainment though. Some of you act like you want his home invaded. Like you disregard his life.

    If you can’t fathom what it means for your address to be published when you are a celebrity, the dangers and inconvenience. .. furthermore if you think this is a joke or somehow he had it coming… you are a sick individual.

  64. I love all the hate comments saying they don’t like Sherman and what a d-bag he is. The thing is that all of those people would love to have him on their team and would change their tune. I know because I’m sure I would hate him if he wasn’t a Seahawk.

    You can talk the talk if you can walk the walk and he’s the best there is baby.

  65. I assume Obama will call a press conference to address this matter. Sherman is unhappy about something? Really? Such a surprise!

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