Seahawks plan to keep training wheels on Percy Harvin in camp


The Seahawks found out in the Super Bowl that Percy Harvin can make a big impact in a small amount of time.

So they’re going to keep him on that schedule.

According to Todd Dybas of the Tacoma News Tribune, the Seahawks are going to continue to monitor Harvin’s workload into training camp.

Specifically, coach Pete Carroll said they were being careful not to push him three days in a row, and would make similar arrangements when training camp opens late next month.

Easing him back in after hip surgery is a smart way to handle a big investment.

Harvin possesses the kind of quick-strike ability (like his 87-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in the Super Bowl), and the Seahawks need to make sure he’s well for the regular season.

52 responses to “Seahawks plan to keep training wheels on Percy Harvin in camp

  1. It doesn’t matter how much down time they give Percy. He’ll just get injured again once he’s in the game. That’s how he it works with Harvin.

  2. Look.

    I think everyone can agree the Minnesota Vikings completed fleeced the Seahawks in the trade involving Percy Harvin.

    While Seattle paid a first round pick, a third round pick, a seventh round pick and a next years third round pick to acquire an injury prone, expensive wide receiver who’s production will never match his salary.

    We acquired Xavier Rhodes with the Seahawks pick – the best Cornerback on the Minnesota Vikings and shut down Megatron and Brandon Marshall in every single game, in his rookie season where CB’s tend to struggle.

    We also ended up acquiring Cordarrelle Patterson using the extra picks the Seahawks gave us – who is a more reliable, higher upside version of Percy Harvin without the expensive contract.

    We also used our third round pick in the next years draft to trade up to draft Teddy Bridgewater – a high potential QB who will be the face of our franchise.

    Whoever believes the Seahawks won this trade – is completely delusional and doesn’t know anything about football, which is very common in the Seahawks fans that post on PFT.

  3. The betting line on Harvin’s season-long availability would look something like this:

    -Plays in more than 8 games – 50-1
    -Plays in more than 6 games – 20-1
    -Gets inured in the opener and is out for the season – EVEN MONEY

  4. Yeah but that TD return took all the hope out of Denver mounting some imaginary comeback that might have been in their heads when the third quarter started. The ring looks pretty great. The Vikings do not.

  5. Harvin will only be allowed to throw 10-pound weights at coaches during training camp, and only at assistant coaches. They’re hoping to ease him up to 20-pound weights that he can throw directly at the head coach by Week 1.

  6. Every single Vikings fan would make the same trade if it meant winning the SB.


  7. Thanks for all the future pro bowlers! It’s only a matter of time until Percy gets re-injured or fails that drug test again. We all know how Seattle players love them some illegal substances.

  8. Laughable trade? ^^^^^^

    Try Herschel Walker trade. Harvin is typically hurt yes. But he contributed to SB win. Vikes drafted Rhodes with that pick, and he got burned all game vs Doug Baldwin 41-20

  9. Tjacks, Percys and Rices Super Bowl Rings should be made of plastic with cubic zerconium stones for their fabulous contribtions in 2013. Talk about 3 wastes of salaries…

  10. While Percy Harvin is riding his “Training Wheels”

    Cordarrelle Patterson is riding his brand new 2014 purple & gold, Harley Davidson.

  11. My favorite memory from the Seahawks vs Vikings game was Jarius Wright burning Richard Sherman for 2 TD’s with Christian Ponder throwing to him.

    I can’t wait till we destroy you in the playoffs with Teddy Bridgewater this year and a solid defense under guru Mike Zimmer.

    The Seahawks are on the decline, and everybody knows it.

  12. Did you really just call Seahawks fans delusional? Really? You??

    The Vikings have never won a championship, yet you continue to rant and rave that they are the best franchise in sports history. You piss and moan about the Seahawks PED use and forget the Vikings own PED use. You pretend that Vikings fans have any more class than any other teams fans. You create lists of “best athletes, in that order” but the only “best” athlete on the Vikings is Adrian Peterson.

    Percy Harvin hasn’t been a good investment. That much is clear. But he’s still playing, so anyone who claims to know who got “completely fleeced” hasn’t seen this trade play out completely. Percy Harvin scored a touchdown in the Superbowl while the rest of the Vikings watched from home. You can look at the trade however you want, but at the end of the day the Seahawks have one more Superbowl victory than the Vikings. And there is no reason to think your Vikings will be any better this year than they were last year.

  13. “Whoever believes the Seahawks won this trade –”

    Superbowl Kickoff Return at the start of the second half that deflated the Broncos thus sealing the game. Yeah, unless the Vikings get a superbowl (ha) the Seahawks pretty much won the trade.

  14. Is he overpaid? Yep!
    Is he an incredible talent that can dramatically change any game he’s in? Yep!
    He has had a record of injuries and so the article says that the Seahawks are doing their best to minimize the injuries. That makes sense to me.

    Who wouldn’t protect an expensive, talented but injury-prone investment? Anybody would (with the possible exception of the haters on this site).

    I think this is Harvin’s year and definitely the second of what is going to be several Super Bowl rings for the ‘Hawks.

  15. I agree that Harvin is a bit of a risk, but if anyone knows how to manage a player of his caliber wisely and keep him healthy, distributing the load among a bunch of other talented players it is the Seahawk’s management from top to bottom. Harvin’s never been on a team that didn’t abuse him.

    We don’t need him to be a number one receiver, and a frequent target in the traditional sense.

  16. The guy is 25 years old, an absolute beast of a competitor who has had one major injury that he has fully recovered from, pump the brakes on the expert analysis people, sit back, grab some popcorn and watch Seattle win another championship.

  17. So yeah, the Vikes got the better of this trade, so what? It certainly didn’t help Minnesota in 2013. The Vikings went 5-10-1 and didn’t even sniff the playoffs, while the Seahawks went 16-3 and won the Superbowl despite Harvin’s limited participation. So the trade obviously didn’t hurt them.
    At the end of the day winning is all that matters.
    Heck, I’d be happy for my team to get “fleeced” in a trade every year if the result was still a Lombardi trophy.

  18. Viking fans, Outside of the sprained ankle which cost Percy Harvin the 2nd half of the 2012 season and missing most of last season with the hip surgery, how many games has he actually missed in his career?

    It sounds to me like the silly viking fans and their equally silly coaches were upset because he missed practice.

    Sometimes true superstars play by a different set of rules. And good coaches have the ability to take advantage of that. Marshawn Lynch doesn’t practice in the off season and hasn’t practiced more than one day a week in 3 seasons. But he’s been the backbone of this superbowl champion team ever since he arrived here. It looks to me like Percy will be doing something right along those same lines too. And he is still only 26 years old. Let’s wait just a while longer before we decide who won that trade.

  19. Wow, so much hate from fans with no clue. Seattle is getting stronger, not on the decline. The Vikings don’t stand a chance. Better luck next year.

  20. I predict a “headache” coming for Harvin. Even money. Injured by 3rd game. Injured reserve.

  21. The Vikings fans on this board calling Seahawks fans “delusional” was a prime example of irony. Alanis Morissette, take note.

    In all seriousness – Percy Harvin helped the Seahawks win a Super Bowl. The Vikings are still a ways off from having that kind of talent.

  22. So what the Seahawks are saying is when the season starts the wheels will come off?

  23. Yeah pretty sure the Seahawks would have won the Superbowl without Harvin. They certainly didn’t need his help getting there either. It will be interesting to see if Seahawks fans are still in support of this trade a couple years down the road when Harvin, who in all likelihood will be hurt or benched for being a knucklehead, is eating up cap room and great players who got them their first title are lost in free agency. Lynch knows it’s BS. I think they would have better off with Tate and Baldwin for half the price. At least they play

  24. When they take the training wheels off, he’ll fall off his bike and brake a leg. Don’t want that to happen is just inevitable. Jacoby jones>>>>>>>Percy harvin

  25. I love watching Harvin. In every game he had minutes last year, he demonstrated his explosiveness. Each time he touches the ball, he is a touchdown waiting to happen. Even when he is not touching the ball, the opposition becomes fixated on the fact he might get the ball. And that opens things up across the board. I love watching Harvin. Worth every dime. Maybe the best player in all of football. I would love to see a Total Yards Per Touch figure. (TYPT).

  26. So, all those guys you listed, the one’s that the Vikings drafted with the picks from the Harvin trade… you do realize that NONE of those guys would have made the team, right?

    All the picks, all the money… even with the limited time on the field last year… we finally got our SB, so yeah, it was all worth it.

    Say all you want about PED’s, Sherman’s mouth, Harvin’s imjuries (which is over-stated, btw), but the Lombardi is here now… talk ALL you want… I’m still all smiles, so you have no impact on me 🙂

  27. The Vikings fans in this thread are really going overboard this time, and spectacularly failing to convince the rest of us that they are not severely butthurt.

  28. My thing is I understand you want to be careful with the Porsche, I get it. I am a 12, so we do Kid Gloves until we see something not along the lines of ‘The Boz’. What is starting to tick me off a bit is the Lynch song and dance. Shows up with a bad wheel and has been off work since Feb. don’t piss on my boots kid and tell me it’s raining. No way to go about getting a ‘Token’.

  29. Harvin comes to Seattle, wins a SB ring and returns a KO for a TD during it.

    Ohhhhh how terrible.

  30. Percy Harvin is a very fast, very expensive sports car. The sports car can do great things, but you have to take great care of it and not overuse or abuse it.

  31. Sure glad the Vikings never have injured players. It’s only the 31 other NFL teams that have to worry about injuries.

    Oh wait we’re talking NFL teams not the Vikings. My bad.

  32. Percy Harvin is a real Canadian. He makes up these conditions to excuse himself from the level of training that the field Canadiens do. He’s a real Uncle Tom that Canadian is

  33. Worse than the Herschel Walker trade? Are you kidding? The Walker trade may be the worst in NFL history.

    The Vikings gave up three first rounders, three second rounders, a third rounder, a sixth rounder, and five players, in exchange for Walker, a third, and some lower-round picks.

    Walker’s most notable accomplishment as an athlete during his years as a Viking was getting a spot on the US Olympic Bobsled team. He never even had a 1000 yard season in Minnesota.

    Meanwhile, the Cowboys used those picks to get players like all-time NFL rushing leader Emmitt Smith, 3-time All-Pro Darren Woodson, and several other contributors to a team that eventually won three Super Bowls.

  34. Hawks are worried Harvin will repeat last year.

    Only contributes a kickoff return for a TD in another Superbowl win.

  35. Unless all they’re gonna use Harvin for is end arounds , reverses, & special teams then he needs to get his ass out there & develop some timing with Wilson. I’m a lifetime hawk fan but this is why i hate wr’s. With the exception of Doug Baldwin who happens to be one of my favorite players. Steve Largent wouldn’t have sat out. Bryan Blades wouldn’t have sat out, Bobby Engram, etc. I don’t care how big a play he made here or there. Hens one of the highest payed players on the team & he needs to be part of the team. Seattle should ship him back to Minnesota as far as I’m concerned. The Hawks have an excellent core of receivers. They don’t need some Allen Iverson prima dona. The hawks are a blue collar team & they should be satisfied with blue collar players. Just my opinion of course. Btw, i give Lynch a pass for obvious reasons. He actually needs to heal from week to week & from the totality of the season.

  36. Even as a Seahawks fan, though, I’d have rather seen the Seahawks stand pat in the draft and take Patterson at #25. This is long-term thinking, Harvin’s negligible contribution last season notwithstanding. Patterson is younger and healthier, and his total 4-year rookie contract is for $10.8 million, or approximately what Harvin makes in a year. Patterson is also bigger than Harvin, though he has yet to play like he’s 6’2″ in the pros. Taking Patterson would have meant keeping another 3rd rounder and you think the Hawks won’t want that cap space over the next few seasons? We have a lot of good young linebackers to try and resign and it would be nice to keep Maxwell opposite Sherman.

  37. Just face it, Harvin is lazy. (Like R.Moss) Only plays when he wants to but unlike Moss Harvin fakes most injuries or gets them so he doesn’t have to play much. That’s why Minn got rid of him. They want players on the field as a team. Harvin isn’t a team player and never will be. So he’ gets special treatment.
    Oh, and Sherman? He’s a good CB, but lacks class and is a self promoting wimp. Got a kick out of him saying he’s a nice guy.. What a joke. Nice guys don’t have to tell anyone, people already know it. And you don’t physically attack your own team trying to do their job. (Last weeks practice) You always promote yourself. On and off the field.

  38. The Vikings used the 1st RD pick we gave them on Rhodes. A guy who had 0 INT’s… He missed the last 3 games of the season due to injury, which is as many games as Harvin missed in his first 3.5 seasons… And you clowns wanna talk about someone being injury prone??? Hahaha!!!

  39. Yea,..keep talking. Let it out. It must be rather cathartic really, to vent your having to lose all the time, while teams like the Seahawks are reloaded and ready to defend their title.

    It must be even harder to see a guy you traded, run back a kickoff for a TD in the Super Bowl,..lead the game in rushing and total yds…(could have easily been the MVP)..Dominated.

    Fact is, hope Harvin will be injured. That’s the only way you can validate your argument. The problem is, can only speculate. Sure, there’s a certain measure of probability based on his history,..but still, you don’t know that.

    What we all know for certain though, that Percy Harvin, is indeed a “bad boy”…When he’s on the field, he is the most dangerous player in uniform, period. He creates opportunities for other receivers simply by lining up. He can’t be ignored,..He’s basically the most valuable offensive wild card in the league.

    Go ahead and talk it out though,…It’s good therapy. It had to be a tough loss. Rationalizing the trade is just a part of the healing process. It’s probably best to deal with it now, before he wins another Super Bowl. It’ll be much easier to handle then perhaps.

    Sorry Viking fans,..but Percy Harvin is probably going to be healthy enough to help Seattle defend it’s title…As for your misguidedly, pathetic excuse for a franchise?…Win some friggin’ games, make the playoffs, go deep, and then you can talk some $#!t.

    Go Hawks!!!

  40. Hello Folks,

    Die-hard Vikings can tell you Percy Harvin is an animal in when he is in healthy form. Hold the jokes for a minute, Percy Harvin started 45 of 48 games his first 3 season. He was having an amazing season in 2012 when he had the unfortunate high-ankle sprain (or whatever it was). In less than 4 whole seasons Percy has accumulated over 4,000 yards from scrimmage and is tied for 8th in kick returns for touchdowns. I can see how a lot of people may not be completely aware of how good Percy is, because he was playing on a terrible Vikings team for so many years, but I am thinking people will need to be afraid of Percy this year.

    Vikings fans and Seahawks fans need to play nice, their GMs do. thepftpost (blogger in here) brings up some great points about how well Vikings have been making out on the Percy trade. But, also look at how Seahawks and Vikings have interacted the last couple of years. To get Bridgewater Vikings traded up from draft # 40 to 32 (from the Seahawks). Seahawks knew what Vikings were after and didn’t make them pay a whole lot for it. There seems to be a lot of off-season interaction between the two organizations and a willingness to entertain mutually beneficial trades and opportunities ,something that not all teams intend to do. Interaction examples would be Sidney Rice, Antoine Winfield, Kevin Williams, Percy Harvin, draft picks.

    Percy had a bad run when it comes to injuries, but I don’t attribute them to him being a problematic always injured football player (go back to paragraph 1 we mentioned 45/48 starts in 1st 3 seasons, who cares about practice). Just bad luck. He had a high-ankle sprain, a groin tear, and concussion from some dirty hits by the Saints secondary. Saints secondary also caused another Seahawks receiver to leave the game, at least temporarily, because of a hit to the head. All common sports injuries, but timing is everything and these all took place successively.

    I expect Percy will be a top-tier wide-receiver this season. His hands are unreal, he’ll catch anything in the area code. He’s a physical guy, watching him in Minnesota I couldn’t help but think he was a smaller version of Adrian Peterson, but didn’t know he was smaller. He doesn’t look small when he is laying hits on people when they are trying to tackle him. Percy is extremely confident, he’s been a winner his whole life, Google him. A big strong running-back in college Percy decided in the NFL to lose weight to get even faster. Percy makes fast people look slow. I’m a die-hard unrealistically optimistic Vikings fan, but I love the game and I enjoy watching the Seahawks play too. I’ll leave you with this final thought.

    “Don’t be a fan of only one team, be a fan of the game. It’s easier find a game to watch.” – Me

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