Virginia legislators throw support behind Washington team name

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At a time when neither the CEO of the company that put its name on the Washington franchise’s stadium nor the man who serves as the current face of the franchise will publicly support the team’s name, a Virginia legislator predictably is willing to go all in.

A group of Virginia legislators have founded the “Redskins Pride Caucus,” which will openly support the name of the franchise that conducts its training camp in Richmond.

“Wherever I go, it has been a constant topic that comes up,” Delegate David Ramadan told the Washington Post. “People ask me, ‘What can be done?’ This is our team, and as representatives of the people of Virginia, we are standing up for our citizens.”

Ramadan added that members of Congress inclined to challenge the team’s name should “go work on other issues and leave our Virginia businesses alone.”

The position isn’t surprising.  While FedEx’s Fred Smith and Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III realize that taking a position could alienate those who disagree with it, the Virginia legislators advance their careers with a simple majority only.  Then again, supporting the team is less about gaining the majority than it is about preserving it.

Fans of the team are far more likely than non-fans of the team to believe the name is fine, and those fans of the team who share owner Daniel Snyder’s all-caps-never-over-my-dead-body zeal regarding the name will be far more likely to show up at the polls to vote in favor of those politicians who agree — and to vote against those who don’t.

In Virginia and Maryland, opposing the team’s name will be the quickest way for a politician to no longer be a politician.

149 responses to “Virginia legislators throw support behind Washington team name

  1. let the traditional and social media attack begin! Get your 1 finger out and start clicking! Other than one click don’t worry that is all that is needed. no need to get out of your chair or anything like that. just one click should do it.

  2. The Washington Redspears, the team already used the a spear motif in its history. It keeps the Red moniker. They can keep singing Hail to the Redspears and HTTR. The logo can just be a red-tipped spear. Simple solution. Just use native american imagery with respect.

  3. So all the politicians who oppose the name nationally aren’t doing it for PR and elective purposes, only those that are in Virginia. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  4. Cowboys have not only massacred Redskins, now they want to take their name from them. Them mediocres down in Dallas are behind this.

  5. Indian high schools still use the name, most look at the name as a source of pride, no one said a word 10-20 years ago, and the name is based on the paint on their faces, not their skin color.

  6. It is only a slur if your don’t understand the meaning. Redskin is a term natives used to describe warriors who had painted their faces with red clay before battle.

  7. A state is allowed to have a differing opinion?
    What a novel concept… how many of these so-called states are there?

  8. I’d say the name ‘Running Rebels’ is a bit more offensive than Redskins as it truthfully goes back to the darker times of American history, but since UNLV isn’t visible, their name isn’t considered offensive.

    Same for Ole Miss Rebels. Why not attack their namesake?

  9. Instead of dragging this out and making the entire franchise look ignorant and insensative to the growing cultural tolerance of the country, why doesn’t the franchise adopt the name of a native american tribe from the area.

    No one has a problem with the Seminoles’ name.
    to a lesser extent even the Braves are named after an iconic aspect of the culture., not a slur created by elitest white settlers.

  10. At the time, few thought that a seemingly insignificant dispute over a team name would lead to the ultimate succession of Virginia from the Union, and plunge the nation into a long and bloody civil war.

  11. No one has yet still explained how the use of this name by the team is being racist…just a bunch of liberal close minded individuals who take offense to everything. If you need a cause to fight for how about the homeless, wounded warriors, and other worthy social issues.

  12. So the majority of the people who live in the area support the name. The majority of the people who work for the team support the name. The majority of the fans support the name.

    The vocal minority can label people as racists and shame them all they want, but at the end of the day they will have to get over the fact that most people don’t agree with their stance.

  13. Sad that hyper sensitivity in the form of polictical correctness has finally invaded PFT – won’t even mention the dreaded “R” word….so dissapointing…

  14. fans of the team are far more likely than non-fans of the team to believe the team name is fine? That’s quite an assumption. And you would be incorrect. I am a non-fan of the team who believes the team name is fine. If the team name was “fine” 80 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, the team name is “fine” now … and beyond.

  15. Or it could be an astute move to see if the Washington Team would even bring their economic impact to the State of Virginia, maybe even with a completely new name. The Virginia ??????? coming to an NFL near you?

  16. The name is not a slur. You can’t just up and decide the name is a slur one day out of the blue. There has to be a history of the term being used in a derogatory fashion. A little research on the issue will quickly demonstrate the term doesn’t have such a history (as opposed to other, actual slurs).

    Three high schools which have a majority of Native American students (Red Mesa High School (Arizona), Wellpinit High School Wellpinit, Washington and Kingston High School Kingston, Oklahoma) all use the name Redskins. Does anyone actually think these schools — again, with a MAJORITY of Native Americans — are calling their own teams a slur?

  17. There are always those who are last to realize that things have changed and we have moved forward as a society. Social change, big and small, makes us a better country. Hanging on to the past wrongs just makes you look out of touch with the modern world. The team name has always been offensive, even when it was acceptable to most people. It still demeaned a group of people. Flat Earthers like those who support the vulgar name slow us down, but they do not stop us from becoming a better country.

  18. The PC Name-Changers are becoming the Jane Fonda’s of this issue. There is not a war for them to complain about so they have taken on this topic as a way to satisfy their desire to be a royal burr under the saddle. It is sad that so many intelligent people have allowed themselves to be brainwashed against traditions in our country. As an individual of Native American heritage, I feel strongly about traditions. Although I am a Panther fan, I support retaining the name in Washington and will show my support by buying Redskin memorabilia and displaying it proudly. Hail to the Redskins!!!

  19. God forbid someone stands up for what they believe in. Oh wait, I forgot that if your beliefs aren’t slanted left you’re completely in the wrong.

  20. Keep the name. It’s a proud image of an Indian chief. The first Wash team had an Indian qb, rb, and coach. It Was named after them.
    I admire native pride. It’s not a slur

  21. This questions the sincerity of the Virginia legislators based on what? The simple fact they have an opposing view to yours.

    I’m a Cowboys fan and not a fan of the Redskins but I have always stated the name should not be changed. Leave it alone.

  22. Sure, the Democrats rounded up people and stuck them in camps for looking different, but they respectfully called them “Asian-Americans” while doing so.

    Credibility = 0.

  23. I love how State Congressmen who actually went through all the procedures of creating a caucus to support the Redskins name are specifically questioning whether US Congressmen have better things to do with their time.

  24. If native americans consider it a slur, then its a slur. It’s not up to non-native americans to decide that. The capital of the US is offending a demographic of our population. Get a grip and realize that the name should be changed.

  25. It is amusing to me that people defend the Redskins’ name and don’t understand that by doing so they show the world just how ignorant they are. Or maybe they do understand it, but don’t care because they want what they want no matter what effect it has on others. Which gets at the root of the problem, some people don’t understand, or care what effect their actions have on others. We can debate all we want, but the Redskins’ name won’t last. The growing distaste for this sort of backhanded racist comment will inevitably force the NFL’s hand. The more intelligent among us understand this. We know that this isn’t a real debate. The name will change. It’s only a matter of time. The debate seems to exist because those of us who are big enough of character to admit when a wrong has occurred would like to correct that wrong sooner rather than later. Either way, the name will be a changed.

  26. As a Skins fan, I’m tired of this. I’m tired of never getting to read anything sport related about the team I was raised rooting for. I’m worn out consistently reading negative press about a silly name, spiteful posts about the young QB, and non-stop disparagement for the team’s leadership.

    I’ve found myself turned off reading about football and am consuming less NFL related media (shows, PFT/ESPN articles, Washington Post articles, etc) and am simply looking forward to the season starting so I can watch games on mute and not hear Bob Costas pontificating about this anymore.

    I guess congrats are in order to media types for successfully turning a lot of Skins fans off to their articles. We’re still going to watch the games and support our team but one can only click on so many negative articles before one just stops…clicking.

  27. fact of the matter is that if the trademark removal isn’t reversed they will have no choice. no trademark = no $$

  28. Now, all of a sudden it’s OK for politicians to give their opinion. See how that works?

    Only last week it was, “they need to but out”, don’t they have more important things to do, etc. But now you find a “good guy” congressman, it’s all good.

    My guess is he’s both a science denier and a birther. two things uniquely for bigots.

  29. Gee, where are all the comments about government overreach and how our country has gone down the tubes and how we are all commies now living in Orwell’s 1984? Those stupid liberals! Right?

    …Oh wait… this time its politicians backing the name? thats totallllly different then guys..

  30. “Wherever I go, it has been a constant topic that comes up,” Delegate David Ramadan told the Washington Post. “People ask me, ‘What can be done?’ This is our team, and as representatives of the people of Virginia, we are standing up for our citizens.”

    They’re standing up for their citizens??? Really??? They mean the white ones right???

  31. The term “Redskin” actually refers to a Native American’s scalp worn as a pelt and NOT their skin color. Scalping was actually started by Europeans who thought the Native Americans had beautiful hair and wanted to make wigs form it. This is indeed racist.

  32. “If native americans consider it a slur, then its a slur. It’s not up to non-native americans to decide that.”

    I absolutely agree. Here’s the thing though, all of the latest polls have shown that a large majority of Native Americans do NOT consider it to be offensive or a slur. So stop deciding it is for them.

  33. if you dont defend the name, then you are clearly ignorant as to what the term means… just another manufactured issue from the left leaners

  34. How about all those high school teams within indian reservations, which have REDSKINS as a team name? Are they not offended? Its only a select dew with the problem if you ask me.

  35. This is funny, all these “outraged” white folks who think Native Americans are too stupid to know they are being insulted should just fade away. Rich white liberal Americans. Thank goodness we have them to look out for the important things in life.
    Renaming the Redskins will solve all of the Native American’s problems – poverty, substance abuse, lack of education – it will ALL be fixed if we could only rename the football team.

  36. The State of Virginia — long known for it’s progressive social views going as far back as the Civil War.

  37. Hmm. How many have figured out that even if the name did somehow constitute a slur by some (big IF), it would in no way be incumbent upon a private enterprise to acquiesce to such an opinion. The great thing about our Federal Constitutional Republic is, if you don’t like the law of the land, you’re free to leave.

  38. I say keep the name. The connotation of a word can and will change with time. Redskin started out as a neutral word and was hijacked and given a negative connotation which had faded in recent decades back to it’s original meaning. Until the liberal media started, it was a none issue.

    Whose name will be their next target? I thought they were all against bulling? Seems like they are the bully here.

  39. “The term “Redskin” actually refers to a Native American’s scalp worn as a pelt and NOT their skin color.”

    Completely untrue. Slate (which is actually against the name) looked in depth into the origin of the word. It’s a translation of the term some Native Americans used to describe themselves. Look it up.

  40. I HAVE THE SOLUTION….. SERIOUSLY…….. DAN SNYDER SHOULD BUY APPLEBEES OR THE CRACKER BARREL. OR BOTH THAN WE CAN THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS mashed potatoes. He can drop potatoes after the first year. than maybe wait a few more years and drop the mash.

  41. The term “Redskins” is a racial slant. You simply cannot explain that away. It always have been and it always will be.

    I can agree with those who are looking at this as an infringement on tradition. That’s a good argument. But to say that “Redskin” isn’t a racial slant, is an appeal against logic to a point where it’s becoming comical.

    Red Skin. How much racial can you get???

  42. Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, oh how I love hypocrisy. Agree with me and you have your opinion because it’s “right”. Disagree with me and you have your opinion because you are seeking personal gain.

    In all honesty I’m not a redskins fan. I grew up with a best friend that loved them I have always hated them.

    That being said I am now a redskins fan and will cheer for them as long as they keep their name and aren’t playing the vikings. I’m fed up with our “democracy” being ruled by the minority because liberal media outlets agree with their opinion. In most of these PC cases the opinion was first rendered by the media and then the minority agreed not the other way around. I’m not a member of the bewildered herd and according to the thumbs neither is about 70-80% that visit this site.

    Stand strong Snyder!!! Never change!!!

  43. I have no problem with the Redskins dropping the embarrassing part of their name — the “Washington” part.

  44. Giants and Eagles will own this division whose other teams are busy with mismanagement at the top.

  45. I still think if you are offended by a team’s name you need to get professional help.

    It doesn’t matter what we call them, or don’t call them, or try to cover up the name, so omitting the name doesn’t really matter. We’re still talking about the Washington Redskins.

  47. Oh my goodness, you mean a political group is taking the Politically Incorrect stance on this issue? Oh what ever shall we do?

    I know! We’ll label anyone who disagrees with us a racist bigot! That’s it. That’s how we’ll get our way!

    Seriously, I’m glad to see a group unafraid of the PC police pushing this agenda through the media. A pox upon all of that latter group.

  48. I love the hipocrysis on display here. When democratic politicians had something to say about it the people here went nuts. “Don’t these PC liberal db’s have anything better to do” was the common theme. Now a republican weighs in and its “go get em boys” and nothing but love. Just face it pubs, you sdont have any thoughts of your own and only follow the party line. If the GOP was anti-redskin you’d be on board 100%, but if the dems are for it then it must be bad. Typical. Don’t y’all ever get tired of being on the wrong side? Healthcare for the poor…nope, you don’t like it, more taxes for the rich, nope, not for you, social security and medicare….privitize it, regulations and the spa, get rid of them. This is America, we’re going to do things the way they’ve always been done and we ain’t changing. Lol…..progress is for suckers

  49. Remember from 1992-2011 when this wasn’t an issue? You know, the time between the last R-Word Super Bowl win and drafting RG3…makes you wonder what changed.

  50. So the CEO of Fedex and RGMe won’t take a stand because they will be labeled as insensitive lunkheads (and scared they may lose a $$$). As an Eagles fan with no sympathy to the Redskins, I support the Redskins in keeping their name. The PC police keep inching into every corner of society and are attempting to define acceptable speech and behavior. At what level do we draw the line in determining insensitive speech – 20% of the population, 10% population, 1 percent, .1%? How about changing the name of Planned Parenthood to The Easy Abortion Outlet for the pro-lifers, how about changing every Midget Football league to the Early Youth Football League, the Aztecs to the Medieval Central Mexicans. Where does it stop? Take a look at the positive and negative ratings of the comments and you can plainly see it is about 20% complaining about the Redskins name (I dare guess that most of these suffer no real offense).

  51. Giants and Eagles will own this division whose other teams are busy with mismanagement at the top.

    There was some mismanagement with the Eagles regarding Desean Jackson (not saying the Eagles were wrong in letting him go, just saying it turned out to me a mess at the top).
    Regarding the Giants, Eli will have to prove he can even get back to mediocre.

  52. I am waiting for a real slur to be dealt with—that slur against those poor women athletes at Oregon State University.

  53. I support the Washington Redskins team name.
    – Bengals fan

    *The assertion in this article a team name is only supported by residents of that area is simply not true. I don’t root for this team, but as a fan of football, I’m not for politicians who don’t even like the game, to mess with the game I care about.

  54. Nothing political, left of right-wing, that establishes the fact that something is racist or not.

    Red. Skin. That’s racist, even if it is the tradition. I personally do not care if they change their name or not- but Red Skin is racist. That’s as racist as 2+2=4 is correct mathematics.

    I mean, the earth rotates around the sun is truth. We fall to the ground because of gravity is true. The San Antonio Spurs won the NBA Championship is the truth. The term Redskin is racist is truth. It’s not racist because the P.C. police somehow deemed it racist. It’s not racist because Nancy Pelosi said so. It was racist back in 1933, when they called themselves the “Boston Redskins.” It’s been racist, but people haven’t cared until now, for some reason…

  55. So wait a second here–50 senators write a letter and everyone is all, “don’t you have more important things to be doing?” But politicians who come out in support of it are doing a great job and hard work?

  56. Ok, as soon as the KC Chiefs and Cleveland Indians and others (Univ of Illionis, Florida State Seminoles) ALL change their mascots, then you can change the name of the Redskins to some generic politically correct meaningless mascot”

  57. I heard the people of DC were so upset they voted and decided to remove Washington from the team name.

  58. Once again. This is nothing but politics. Amazing how they can agree on something so trivial as a name but can’t manage a buget.

  59. The Washington football team keeps denying its name is a slur and it’s an embarrassment to this great country.

    270 | 857

    857 for the name and 270 against…that’s about right.

    USA…ruled by the whining minority opinion.

  60. It’s silly for a lawmaker to waste time and effort grandstanding about the evils of a team mascot for political benefit while larger problems abound; however, it’s equally silly for a lawmaker to waste time grandstanding about the righteousness of a team mascot for political benefit.

  61. It’s scary to see how easily the sheep are hearded into thinking the name is bad. A few years ago, before this notion was planted by a politician, NO ONE cared about it. Hopefully they don’t use this simple mind control for something more sinister.. You people are lined up and waiting to be herded.

  62. I’m so sick of this, where are these Indians that are offended? Also if this is to be changed then you better get out the list of all the other sport teams that have slurs for names, like the Indians, the Braves, and the Browns, anything that could offend anyone. Even if these have been around for decades. So yes lets have them change their names and not to forget all the T-Shirts, Jerseys, Hats, and thing with the name on it so they can tack it onto the fans! Let the sports people do their thing and the government people try and do what they need to focus on, the real issue like saving our Country!

  63. What a bunch of whiny little b’s we’ve turned into in this country.

    As for a media outlet refusing to use the name in the article. Get over yourself, it’s your job to report stories, not take sides.

  64. Force a name change of the Washington Redskins and where do you stop because all of the NFL team names can be spun to be bad by the PC people. All of the names suggest a predator of sorts, even the NE patriots would be offensive to the progressive, communist indoctrinated PC people. After all flying old glory is offensive to them and that is why you can burn an American flag or be forced in this country not to display it; or even allow illegals in this country to fly their home country flag above it.

  65. So most Indian’s live west of the Mississippi and most of those Indians could give two craps about any of this subject.

  66. Is this the same Virginia legislature that required rape of a women with an invasive ultrasound probe before she could get an abortion?


  67. I’m 100% Native American and am currently wearing my high school shirt of the RINGGOLD REDSKINS out of Louisiana. “Proud of where we came from, proud of where we are, PROUD of where we are going”. I just wish Caucasians would stop speaking on our behalf…..WE DON’T CARE ABOUT THE NAME…IT’S PRINTED ON OUR SHIRTS! Slur? Lol, to who, whites?

  68. so it could be that politicians are just trying to keep themselves in office. but there’s also the possibility that they can think rationally and objectively for themselves. ever think of that, florio?

  69. “If native americans consider it a slur, then its a slur. It’s not up to non-native americans to decide that. The capital of the US is offending a demographic of our population. Get a grip and realize that the name should be changed.”

    IF…but since we know that a very substantial MAJORITY DO NOT find it offensive or a slur…then there goes your “argument” — You are correct that it’s “not up to non-native americans to decide that”…they already have. The majority is well known to not find it a slur. The capital of the US is only offending the weak-minded PC blowhards–in other words the REAL people that need to “get a grip.”

  70. I find this entire topic laughable. Not because it’s right or wrong to keep or change the name but every single person on this post asking to change and everyone else that is screaming for the change NEVER before this has become a topic thought twice about it.

    There was a poll last year when this topic started and taken to a vote by Native Americans asking if the name offends them and 9 out of 10 said no.

    I do believe that Snyder gives a % of their revenue to tribes and other groups as well.

  71. Great to see some people taking a stand against the over-PC’ing of our country. As a Saints fan, I have no “skin” in this game, but really pulling for the Redskins on this one. Stay strong Dan, don’t let those bleeding hear liberals tell you how to run your franchise.

  72. Who is the determining factor on if something is racist or offensive? Of I get a bunch of my friends to find chocolate chip cookies offensive to their heritage, will it work? You guys are fools. Not everything is racist. Redskins. Oooooooo he said Redskins

  73. This has nothing to do with politics. I am not liberal. I support Obama. Why?

    Because the Bible says we should respect our leaders. Period.

    Ironically, the term red skins came because indians spent their days shirtless and got sunburned. It wasn’t “cowboys” that started the term, it was explorers.

  74. Wrong is wrong. It doesn’t matter how long it has been wrong. It doesn’t matter how long it took for people to realize it is wrong or how numb the people have become to the wrong. It doesn’t matter how much money those who are wrong have to throw at those who have been done wrong to shut them up and it doesn’t matter how much self dignity has been eroded over time because you have accepted the wrong that has been done to you. The name is a slur, it is wrong, and when a wrong is identified it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

  75. Tick tock

    That antique Reds**** gear will be worth something some day.

    Since the team won’t win under their mini-jerry owner, this will be a financial bonanza for you gear owners.

  76. Here are my two cents on this issue, and a perspective that I’ve not heard expressed yet. I support the “Redskins” name because all press is good press. While it may be an offensive term, at least it keeps the idea of Native Americans exist somewhat in the American consciousness. Honestly, before all this hub-bub, when was the last time that you thought about a Native American? When was the last time you saw a Native American in person? When you think of a Native American in this moment, what do you think of? I would rather have an “offensive” name for my people be on t-shirts and flags and bumper stickers than to have the idea of my people continue to fade into lore. If the Redskins name goes away — and with it the image of the Native American on the logo — when will be the next time that Americans think about us? Losing the name, losing the exposure, is just another step into obscurity.

  77. “Wrong is wrong. It doesn’t matter how long it has been wrong. It doesn’t matter how long it took for people to realize it is wrong or how numb the people have become to the wrong. It doesn’t matter how much money those who are wrong have to throw at those who have been done wrong to shut them up and it doesn’t matter how much self dignity has been eroded over time because you have accepted the wrong that has been done to you. The name is a slur, it is wrong, and when a wrong is identified it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.”

    The substantially larger MAJORITY of native americans do NOT say it’s a slur. Thus what is “wrong” is dolts who keep falsely claiming it’s a slur. The only think that’s eroding is the credibility of those who claim it’s a slur and that it’s wrong. It’s not a slur…when I tiny fraction claim it’s a slur. The only slur here…is the slur to common sense. What needs to be fixed “as soon as possible” is the brutal blowhards cramming PC garbage down our throats.

  78. Wow..just wow first you Americans massacre them, steal their land and exile their people now in a supposed more evolved society you won’t even change the name of a sports team that is world renowned for having a racist name, (the word redskins was started as a slur for originally native Canadians by the Europeans before the English pilgrims even settled) just rebrand Get more money from your whole base needing new jerseys and also maybe get new fans from your change of “heart”, his reluctance just shows how of a selfish and evil human being synder really is.

  79. What about the Fighting Irish? I guess that is not a problem because it is old white guys. Obamma isn’t going to have the Trademark office work on their concerns. He doest care about the VA either, just the Redskins – a football team.

  80. This announcement by David Ramadan is just a way of throwing a little red meat his constituents. It also helps him avoid discussing that’s state’s huge problems.

    Virginia has a history of racism and it’s not a shock that many of the citizens support something disparaging like the term “Redskins”. In the 1960s, the State of Virginia was still arresting, prosecuting, and jailing people for sharing a bed with a person of a different color of skin. “Virginia is for lovers” didn’t apply to “race mixing”.

    Back then Virginia politicians were also saying that everyone else should just mind their own business.

    Same tune, different decade.

  81. Google ‘definition of the word Oklahoma’ looks like they’ll have to change that states name soon. Funny how nothing’s being said about that.

  82. The fact that we are even debating about it shows that it’s not really a slur. No one would ever debate the n word because you know it’s a slur, no question. Redskin…….no, not a slur.

  83. Take away the Redskin name. Take away the Seminoles and the Utes. Take away every reference to native americans in sports. Unfortunately it seems that is the only way we remember these great people. But for the most part, excluding the derogatory Cleveland “Indian” , the image that is presented is of a strong and proud people that were here before the white man invasion and are still here in north america. So take away all references to native americans in sports, in 20 years their great legacy will be even more forgotten than it is now.

  84. Virginia has the most corrupt and rascist lawmakers/police officers in the country-and Daniel Snyder is a weasel.Lets settle it this way:Find the chiefs of several Indian tribes-and arrange a meeting between them and Snyder with his cronies.Let Snyder call them Redskins to thier face.If they dont kill him or scalp him for it-the name stands.If they do kill him-change it to the Washington Warriors.That has a better ring to it anyway.Better yet-how about the Washington Hogs?

  85. There are two sides to the story and the majority of people still don’t want the name changed. And not JUST fans of the Redskins in the Virginia area where a lot of Redskins and Ravens fans . I’ve seen fans of the Cowboys Eagles and Gmen ALL post in favor of KEEPING the name. Those are true fans. That can despise a franchise but have respect and come to the defense of said franchise, The Redskins. Very much akin to the annoying little brother you would trash around and kick his ass when he needs it but I’ll be DAMNED if anyone else is gonna kick his ass! My hats off to ALL the fans of other franchises taking the time and effort to voice their opinion of the name staying the same. The Washington Redskins!

  86. Regardless of whether you incorrectly think Redskins means something other than what the Native Americans coined the term to mean. The main point should be whether Native Americans consider it a slur. So far as we’ve seen, THEY DON’T!!!! 90%+ majority is not even close. I am sure you can find some people who are offended by the term cracker, but it would be silly to remove the term because of that.

    Your talk about it being a slur is based on racists and lies.

  87. Lets face it, the only people who object to the the Washington Redskins name are the non NFL football crowd. Why let the haters bully the football lovers?

  88. Obama was a profit, change is coming! Just he couldn’t provide it. The new regime is coming and people like Harry Reid that is trying to make up for his racial slurs on Obama that he got caught making three years ago will be ousted.

    Moist comments on this is not for racial reasons its for hate of the team and its fans. The whole thing is a farce. 47 years this name has been trademarked but you know what if the trademark was deemed a mistake then the government and the trademark system allowed us to be exposed to this mistake for 47 years. Hmmmm, doesn’t make much sense does it. Why does a hand full of people get to make the mind up for the majority today. Agitators of this subject beware, this may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and all this political correctness crap is about to buried with the people pushing it.

    The trade mark was taken away once before and won back after being tied up in court for years. It will be appealed again and tied up for years. The Redskins will have 2 Super Bowls before they make a final decision, in which by then the government will have rolled over and we will have our trademark back. We to can play the political game, so let the games begin, I will let mine begin in the voters box first and freedom of speech second.

  89. Mostly whites are the ones making comments that the name is a racial slur. Then you have a couple Native American Tribes that say they don’t like it but the majority of Native Americans support it. The democratic senators and media are the ones writing against it and pushing the agenda to make news.

    News media knows that if the Redskins name is changed that it will create a huge backlash and be news worthy. They also know that will be the beginning of many more changes to come that will be news worthy. Check out the Native American Oneida list, it doesn’t just include Redskins, they want all Native American terms to cease and desist. Including, Warriors, Braves, Chiefs, Seminoles, etc. This is a just the beginning.

    Im glad to see my state of Virginia stand up for the freedom of speech and try to put and end to this cry baby of a country political correctness crap that this country has come to be accustomed to. Time for change and change is coming but it wont be the Redskins name.

  90. We’ll have this discussion again 7 years from now when the patent decision is overturned for a second time on appeal. We’ll have it 10 years from now and 15 years from now. And the most obtuse among you will STILL be saying “tick tock.”

  91. good on you VA

    this issue should really draw us all together in recognition of what evil and unAmerican the libs, Obama and co-conspirators and, we should all, be actively fighting them

    Hail to the Redskins!

  92. What I find so funny all this time this has been going on is that all these being saying REDSKINS is a racist term have probably been calling them the REDSKINS without any issue since they’ve watched football, until this last year. Let me ask, where was your issue with the name 5, 10, 20..hell even 2 years ago? It was a non-issue until the media made it one. Bandwagon losers. HAIL!

  93. I am sure that on the list of Native American concerns (such as poverty, alcoholism , poor education opportunities, unemployment etc. ) that the name of Washington’s football team is WAY DOWN the list if it is thought of at all

  94. It is interesting that there is no mention on this site anywhere of the high schools that just recently voted to keep the Redskins mascot for their own. One of which is on a reservation in Washington state.

  95. There is a house on the Lummi reservation in Wasington ENTIRELY painted Redskin, and I’m not just talking about Burgundy and Glod. The Logo is frosted into ALL the windows. The Redskins flags are flying. The local Native Americans almost ALL cheer for the Skins over the Seahawks. No slight to the Hawks, just facts. Anyone in the North Bellingham Ferndale area will tell you the same.

  96. Enough already! Everyone is tired of hearing about this. Florio you are the master at beating a dead horse. These articles are getting old. Surely there are better things for you to waste your time writing about.
    Maybe you can write another 1000 articles on RG3’s knee. Blah blah blah. Have fun deleting my post like you do every other one. Haha.

  97. ebbycalvinlaloosh:
    Jun 23, 2014 3:46 PM

    “*Racist Pride Caucus”

    There are going to be one heck of a lot of black “racist” supporters of that sentiment. Not to mention one heck of a lot of red ones.

  98. I’ve been talking to countless other Native Americans in person and on Twitter about this. It’s only the white looking Natives (like myself) that have the problem. Their argument is always “but all Natives don’t look full blooded like that Skins logo, so I feel stereotyped because I look white”. I am totally fine with the Redskins as a part Cherokee man, these other part Natives are just too insecure and oversensitive. Stop blaming others for your problems and start taking personal responsibility for your life. Stop blaming the Redskins.

  99. What a WASTE of time this REDSKINS debate is.
    We basically salughtered most NAs and now we want to coddle them? You idiots…..Dan Snyder has done MORE for Native Americans than our OWN federal govt. Look it up.
    Bleed Burgndy and GOLD!
    Feed the HORSE (Riggins & MORRIS)
    BEAT dem’ Cowboys!

  100. It is interesting that there is no mention on this site anywhere of the high schools that just recently voted to keep the Redskins mascot for their own. One of which is on a reservation in Washington state.

    Now there are 2 mentions……this country has TOO many problems to waste time and MONEY on this non-issue. Harry Reid is WASTING his time on the JOB…his constituents should be up arms that hes playing the opprotunist here…..but he’s a CAREER politician what do you expect? Get some pork barrell ear mark spending for your state instead Mr. Politician. Like a bridge that goes nowhwere, or better yet eary tornado warning sirens…….

  101. Exactly ENOUGH already…people like Harry Reid should be ashamed of themselves for wasting Nevada tax payers money on pursuing this lame cause. Carreer politicians are the ones who need to GO! Forget changing the Redskins name…..we need TERM LIMITS on these carreer spin doctors. Congress is a joke……hahaha just like Roger Goodell said NUMEROUS times…..
    “It’s a FOOTBALL TEAM people…a football team.” NOT a government entity or a Govt. branch or office a football team for ENTERTAINMENT, basically a hobby for the owner.

  102. so we should close the native American museum in DC glorifying the Native American slaughter since we are on this PC witch hunt amirite?

  103. glad to see overwhelming majority of Native Americans fighting the libs attempt to tell them what to think and to eliminate positive Native American images

    Hail to the Redskins!

  104. It’s getting hard to read these news articles when they refuse to use the Redskins name in the text.

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