Why always Ndamukong? Suh sees himself as Balotelli

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Ndamukong Suh grew up around futbol, since his father was a former professional player in Cameroon. And the Lions defensive tackle sees the similarities to his version of football.

Suh was in Brazil yesterday for the United States’ 2-2 draw with Portugal, and in a pair of interviews, said he sees the similarities between the games.

The USA team has been great to watch,” Suh said, via the Detroit Free Press. “In a true team sport like American football and, obviously, European and world football, as I know it, from my dad, it’s just all about how good your team is as a whole.”

That’s interesting, considering Suh’s occasional offseason visits to be with his team as a whole.

Suh joked that when he was playing, he didn’t like all the back-and-forth running, which makes sense given his size.

But he said the player he most identifies with is Italian striker Mario Balotelli, one of the most colorful players in the game (who crashes cars and once set fire to his bathroom with fireworks).

“He’s very, very passionate,” Suh said of Balotelli. “He’s gone through a lot of trials and tribulations and, obviously, a lot of racism in Italy. It’s been tough for him. But he’s had a great family that’s brought him in.”

Suh has also has some problems, some self-created. And like Balotelli, they’ve sometimes obscured his incredible talent.

12 responses to “Why always Ndamukong? Suh sees himself as Balotelli

  1. Ndamukong Suh is constantly referred to as a “great teammate on and off the field” by his teammates and coaches. He donated north of $2 million to his Alma Mater in Nebraska. He’s led multiple charitable efforts in the Detroit area. He’s a talented player.

    He shouldn’t have stomped on that whiny little weasel’s neck and should have dropped his speed on the interstate (which he has done over the last several years). Other than, he’s got a clean slate. Oh yeah, he tackled a QB in the preseason a little bit too hard and also tackled Marion Barber by his hair (not illegal). People keep talking about his penalties. What has he had, 1 personal foul in the last 2 seasons? The way people talk you’d think he pulled a gun out on the field and shot someone.

    Keep trashing him. The sheep will follow…but anyone with a brain will know that this guy is far more of an asset than a liability.

  2. I like the subtle jab about him missing the voluntary OTA yet no mention of him showing up for all other VOLUNTARY OTA practices. Oh, by the way, didn’t Andre Johnson skip his otas? How about Vernon Davis. Nah don’t need to get on them about it because everybody loves the 49ers and everyone loves Andre! You should write for ESPN.

  3. Suh is from Potland, Orygun. We don’t like him here. People run when he visits.
    Ndumbakong Sue-me.
    Mr. Entitled!

  4. Yeah, I thought this post was rude and unnecessarily snarky (not the first time either), rather than providing quality journalism, or even quality wit for that matter.

    Balotelli is obviously a character, and has done a few crazy things, that’s to be sure, but he lives his life in Italy amidst constant ostracism and real threat of bodily harm. When was the last time the author was under that much existential stress on a daily basis?

  5. If Balotelli didn’t act like an American football player and showed some class, Italy would embrace him.

    Of course, he doesn’t get it and screams racism.

  6. These cheap shots at Suh are getting real old. Time to stop living in the distant past. As stated above he has one personal foul penalty in the last two seasons and it was for a low block after a Lions interception. I’m glad to have the best DT in the league on my team. The fact that he’s being (inaccurately) written about and talked about so much must mean he’s doing something right.

  7. I don’t follow futbol, but it looks to me like Suh is saying that if a black man is out of control and people object, they are racist. Is the black man not responsible?

    That’s even better than being a white man out of control. Then, with all the public pressure, he actually has to go to rehab!

  8. So he compares him self to an immature chronic underachiever who shows flashes of brilliance, but doesn’t seem to understand how to put it all together. Id say he is dead on with the comparision

  9. The bigots are at it again. Suh plays a clean game, and other players hate him because he can blow right by them one on one. Suh has very few penalties called on him. He has never missed a game do to injury. You want to talk about dirty players just look at the cheap shot artists on the Packers.

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