Browns add more old voices to personnel staff


From the time he took the job as Browns General Manager, Ray Farmer acknowledged his lack of experience.

By hiring former Chiefs boss Bill Kuharich as an adviser (and later giving him the title executive chief of staff, which makes this sound like The West Wing), Farmer showed a willingness to surround himself with veteran voices. He’s continuing that now.

Per Tony Grossi of, the Browns have revamped their personnel staff, with many of his old Chiefs co-workers and older voices.

Among the hires were Ron Hill (who gave Farmer his first scouting job in Atlanta), Charles Bailey (who Kuharich hired in New Orleans) and Mike Hagen (Farmer’s supervisor in Atlanta).

He also hired longtime scout Bobby DePaul, and added two young scouts he worked with previously.

Hiring guys you know is common practice in the NFL, and in the inter-connected world of personnel men, it’s inevitable.

But the degree to which Farmer is surrounding himself with old pals is impressive, as he puts his own stamp on a franchise that changes directions like most of us change socks.

13 responses to “Browns add more old voices to personnel staff

  1. Kuharich single handedly destroyed both the Saints and Chiefs franchises for years! Mickey Mouse would be a better hire.

    Good luck with that Browns! lol

  2. The best move Jimmy Haslam has made as an owner was firing Banner & Lombardi and installing Farmer as GM. He has revamped the roster by infusing quality vets with the young talent already on board. He’s also brought DEPTH to the Browns. Something they haven’t had in years. Whether it translates to Ws on Sundays is yet to be seen but if you’re a Browns fan you have to be excited about how Farmer has handled himself in his new position thus far.


  3. Ray Farmer survived Scott Pioli’s scorched earth back office personnel decisions and now, to some people, seems poised to emulate Ozzie Newsome as a GM.

    Good for him—Pioli’s treatment of Joe Kuharich destroyed any possibility that Peyton Manning would end up in KC…i.e., if there had been any likelihood that he would go anywhere other than Denver.

  4. Ray Farmer’s composure has impressed me, it really has. Even when the news of a potential Josh Gordon suspension didn’t get him flustered. Of course he already knew about it, but he didn’t panic and stuck to his board. Maybe he knew something we didn’t, but that cucumber is calm.

    No one knows everything, but one in a high position must know what he doesn’t know and hire people who are familiar with that situation or circumstances, and he seems like he is doing just that.

    Maybe the Browns fortunes are changing for the better. Even though I didn’t agree with the Manziel pick (I wanted Bridgewater), I like the direction my team is going, and at least they didn’t draft Manziel with the #4 or #8 overall pick. And, if Bridgewater ends up being the better pick Farmer can blame it squarely on the owner who talked to a homeless man and made the call.

  5. What a fool . He should do what Holmgren did… Kept all the money for himself and walked away fat and happy without actually doing anything.

  6. .
    Anyone with a budget can hire people. How about winning enough games to not pick in the top ten of the draft every year?

  7. If all you do is hire more incompetent people, it won’t change your franchise. You have to Draft well or else it will be more of the same. Gilbert was a solid pick but Watkins was the better player and the bigger need. They could have got better QB’S with Mettenberger, Murray or Mc carbon in later rounds. Jeremy Hill is better than Terrence West. Another botched Draft and another double digit loss season

  8. I guess in a couple of years, we’ll see how it all plays out. Meanwhile, Browns fans must be patient…even more patient than before.

  9. brownsmakemecrazy Watkins is not better than Gilbert and a 2015 #1 pick combined…. Browns did the right thing.

    Had Buffalo not threw that crazy trade their way, i’m sure they would’ve picked Watkins. But they did, and Cleveland had no choice but to take that deal.

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