Donald Driver says Andre Johnson “will be back”


Houston-native Donald Driver spent his entire career with one team.

And he thinks another Houston legend will do the same.

Driver told James Palmer of that he thought Johnson would be back on the field by training camp.

“I’ve been through the same situation Andre’s in,” Driver said. “You feel like you want more. Normally, the organization knows what they want and the player knows what they want. Sometimes you have to meet in the middle. I think sooner or later they’re going to meet in the middle and Andre is going to be back at camp.”

Johnson has skipped all the voluntary workouts, and the mandatory minicamp, after questioning whether his future was with the Texans.

“As long as he’s here for training camp, I guess that’s the biggest thing,” Driver said. “You know these minicamps and OTAs, do they really matter at the end of the day? No. As long as he’s here for training camp when the season is starting and is getting ready to kick off. Andre will be back. It’s just one of those things; it’s a business decision that we all have to deal with. It’s unfortunate.”

While there’s no indication Driver has talked to Johnson — or otherwise knows of which he speaks — the veteran wideout doesn’t have that many options.

If the Texans are adamant about not moving him, he can either show up and collect his money or retire, as unlikely as that seems.

10 responses to “Donald Driver says Andre Johnson “will be back”

  1. If for some odd reason he doesn’t play for the Texans this year (would love to see him go to the Panthers) DeAndre Hopkins becomes a nice fantasy mid to late round pick up.

  2. Panthers do look like a good fit. Andre would get the respect that Houston is not willing to give him, he would be the missing piece of the Panther’s puzzle, and he could help win that Super Bowl ring like the one Donald Driver has. Houston will never be able to provide him with that opportunity, just a few more years on a mediocre team. Problem is that Houston would rather hold on to him to deprive him of every pro football player’s dream. What would it take?

  3. Please come back and join the roster of garbage in green Bay”

    I see the Packer obsession lives on but the article is about A. Johnson.

  4. Donald Driver is doing a good job of helping EVERYONE see both sides; that it is in their best interest to get a deal done. It is a natural fit that nobody should disrupt.

    Fans should not call talk radio with inflammatory name calling and accusations. Everyone should be one happy family when the negotiations are over.

    Give it time to work out.

    The viking idiots that came to this article to insult the Packers have only seen the vikings top WR get 1000 yards once in the last 10 seasons (when Brett Favre was QB) . Donald Driver alone had 6 consecutive seasons over 1K yards in the Packers current streak.

    Donald Driver had 14 seasons with the Packers and retired rather than play elsewhere. He knows about contract negotiations and the extra affection fans have for a player spending his career with one team. He was never one of those diva WR’s.

    Donald Driver wants what is best for the player, the team, the fans and the NFL.

  5. Am I missing something here? I thought his whole reason for not showing up was because he didn’t like the way the Texans are going… Not getting a decent QB. Either PFT messed up or Driver messed up .

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