Giants G.M. says “all systems are go” for David Wilson

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Former first-rounder David Wilson has yet to receive formal clearance from doctors after offseason neck surgery, but the Giants remain hopeful he will soon.

General Manager Jerry Reese said on WFAN that Wilson was expected to be ready come training camp.

They hedged their bets anyway by signing free agent Rashad Jennings, but are optimistic that Wilson can become the explosive player they thought they were drafting in 2012.

“We brought in Rashad Jennings and he’s definitely a bell cow type of a running back – he can run it, he can catch it, he can block, he can do everything with it,” Reese said. “David Wilson is an explosive player, but first and foremost we’re concerned about his health.

“We do think all systems are go pretty much for him to be healthy and ready for contact during training camp. We held him out for spring, no contact at all, but unless he has a setback we expect to release him for full contact during the fall. Any time he touches the ball he can go the distance. In this West Coast Offense, we’ll try to get them ball to him in different ways and obviously he’ll help in the return game.”

That’s the strongest suggestion yet that they expect him to be full strength, and a big contributor to their new offense under coordinator Ben McAdoo.

12 responses to “Giants G.M. says “all systems are go” for David Wilson

  1. CPitch12 – That’s “Fra-gee-lee” it’s French… LOL

    Anyway, in this new O under B-Mac, Wilson is going to bring back memories of Dave Meggett, can’t wait to drop a beat down and a 40 burger on pretty much EVERY other team in the league….

    Especially the Seahawks, I expect 3 salsas and 1 deep TD to OBJ – ALL TO SHERMAN’S SIDE, let’s be real, not only did the Giants steal the Hawks best Corner, but the only reason Sherman had that pick was because Kapernick threw it right to him!

  2. Dave Meggett, especially for a little guy, was remarkably durable.

    I’ve seen nothing from Wilson that would make me use that description, even loosely. Far from the first little guy with tons of talent that couldn’t take the beating of the NFL.

    But either way, even when he has been healthy, I haven’t been overly impressed. He seems like an OK back, good enough to be a player in the league (assuming he can stay healthy), but he hasn’t shown me anything that would get me excited about him being a future pro-bowler

  3. Sumkat – Meggett was NEVER used the way they have been trying to use Wilson, DM was always that Skat Back, never a F/T back, and very rarely did he even attempt to run up the middle outside of designed draw plays and such.

    They need to get Wilson working in space, not trying to blow through the LoS 25 times a game, if they get him in a position where he can leverage his speed and make someone miss he will showcase his explosivesness, just look at him on the KR opps he has had.

    I could be proven wrong, but if they use him like they used Meggett I suspect he will can be a special player in this new O!

  4. Coming from an Eagles fan, I’d love to see this guy play for NYG. He goes down far to easily and I haven’t seen anything overly special from him. I’d feel better about containing him then Jennings tbh. So yeah, I’m cool with them lining David Wilson up as their RB1.

  5. This guy was slammed on his neck in the end zone against the Panthers. Hes lucky he not paralyzed, that being said when he went out and Connor came in as FB the rock was being run at a decent rate. No one can make say anything about this guy yet. This will be his break out year if cleared to play. Giants made alot of changes up front and this guy when given the opportunity can hit them pretty dam good. Cant wait to see him this year. This will be a very different Giants offense this season.

  6. Jennings is going to be the feature back.That’s what they got him for.Wilson has to show he can hold onto the ball and that will dictate how much they use him.I can see him even lining up outside to get him the ball in space.Overall I think the Giants have more speed on offense than I have ever seen.If all stay healthy this offense is going to be mighty scary.

  7. “Jerry Reese is a complete clown”

    Says the fan of a team that hasn’t won anything since 1960 about a guy that has 2 world championships in his 7 years as GM.

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