Giants WR coach “noticed a difference” in Rueben Randle


The Giants didn’t make much of an effort to retain wide receiver Hakeem Nicks when Nicks became a free agent this offseason, leaving a big role in the offense for Rueben Randle in Randle’s third season with the team.

Randle’s had some bright moments in his first two seasons, but he faded in and out of the offense alongside Nicks and Victor Cruz. Wide receivers coach Sean Ryan wanted to see more consistency from Randle this spring and says he saw progress from his pupil.

“For me, the battle with him is consistency, and I think he’s addressed it in this offseason in the way he approaches his job,” Ryan said, via “I’ve seen a difference in his seriousness towards his work. This spring, I thought he was locked in. I thought he did a good job learning the new offense. Like I said, he’s got some football intelligence to him. Things come to him. He sees things pretty well. But I thought he really worked hard at being locked into the meetings and on the field as well. I noticed a difference in him.”

Randle may be helped by making fewer adjustments to routes that call for him to be reading things the same way that quarterback Eli Manning reads them, something that bedeviled the pair last season and led to interceptions. Ryan said that Randle will still have to make some of those reads and the Giants will need him to make the right ones on a weekly basis for the offense to rebound from last season.

10 responses to “Giants WR coach “noticed a difference” in Rueben Randle

  1. Running long, crisp routes is counter-productive when all it does is take you farther from the spot where a DB gets the interception and heads the other way. He should stick at the line of scrimmage so he can tackle the defender cleanly instead.

  2. Pretty cool the Giants having a Trio of Rueben Randle, Trindon Holliday and now ODB. LSU NFC North

  3. Rueben NEEDS to become a better rout runner and I’m hoping that’s what he worked on.

    Natural talent can only get you so far. Glad to see he’s working.

  4. What is wrong with my Giants? First they draft that soccer player Beckham in the first round this year. Then that Beckham’s friend Randle who they drafted a couple of years ago decides he doesn’t care about running the right routes. What has happened to the once proud Giants?

    It all went downhill when Tiki Barber left. He was the heart and sould of the team. A real leader. Eli would have been out of the NFL after his rookie year without Tiki to guide him and teach him how to be an NFL player.

  5. “Justinschmuckrule” get lost….lol. Though I must admit as idiotic as your opinions are, they do mildly entertain me. Your lack of football IQ makes me question your standard IQ. Your ability to compose a sentence with more than 3 words or flush a toilet bowl……is a real accomplishment.

  6. Good to hear Randal is stepping up.

    On a side note can PFT please start banning trolls. I am getting so tired of having to skip the same exact comments from the same exact poster every Giants article I read. It’s one thing if they change it up but can we please ban the cut and paste trollers? God get some new material guys.

  7. Randle was responsible for eight of Eli’s interceptions last year not reading the coverage correctly.If he struggles this year Odell Beckham will replace him.

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