Greg Hardy’s court date moved to contract deadline day

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The Panthers have until July 15 to reach a long-term deal with franchise-tagged defensive end Greg Hardy.

If they were ever thinking seriously about it, they might want to wait until late in the afternoon.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Hardy’s court date for charges of assaulting his girlfriend was moved from Friday to July 15. And as pointed out by Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review, that’s the same day as the deadline.

It would be interesting to hear Hardy’s thoughts on the two situations, but he hasn’t talked to reporters since his arrest earlier this offseason.

He scheduled a radio interview with WFNZ to promote a charity event, but the call abruptly ended when he was asked about his contract situation. It’s unclear if he hung up or had a bad cell signal, and no questions about his legal status were asked.

Perhaps he knows that he has a very big day coming up next month, and didn’t want to risk making either one more difficult.

4 responses to “Greg Hardy’s court date moved to contract deadline day

  1. Gettleman would be smart not to play games with Hardy. If he wants him, he’d better act like. If he doesn’t say it.

    Hardy has never had money, so for him not to get it from Charlotte won’t kill him. There are 31 teams who will pay him market value. He’s just been a top pass rusher over the last 2.5 years.

    An insult in handling this, won’t help anyone here.

  2. Keeping quiet is the best thing he can do. Negotiating a contract through the media never ends well for either side, and anything you say about a pending legal case will be used against you later.

    I’m not all that confident that a contract will be signed. I think DG will want to see if Charles Johnson will be willing to restructure to a more back-loaded contract and then try to get a similar deal for Hardy. With DG right now, it’s all about getting out of cap jail.

    Nothing is going to come of the legal case – especially if the Perpetual Celebrity Girlfriend’s lawyer tries to persuade everyone that Hardy beat her to a pulp without any physical evidence to back it up, like he did at the bond hearing.

  3. There is so much money tied into the DE’s and RB’s, I wouldn’t be surprised if its a “wait and see” type of thing on three counts now that this legal mess has happened. One being his status legally and if he’s convicted, if he has a huge reprimand from the league office. Two being how he handles having a deeper pocket, but I think he’s put in work and is working hard so far from what I can tell from OTA videos…lastly how Kony Ealy plays, if the kid grasps the system, buys in and plays at a high level, there couldn’t be a scenario in the world where they keep both Hardy and Johnson.

    Without that cap room added with the cap room from one of the RBs they can’t afford Cam Newron and Luke Kuechly’s new deals in the future.

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