Harlem Globetrotters jump on the Johnny Manziel bandwagon


Johnny Manziel is the most popular rookie in America’s most popular sport, so it’s no surprise that other sports are trying to get into the Johnny Football business.

First it was the San Diego Padres, who drafted Manziel even though Manziel has no interest in playing professional baseball. Now it’s the Harlem Globetrotters, who announced today that they have drafted Manziel as well.

The whole idea of the Globetrotters having a “draft” is, of course, simply an effort to generate attention. The point of a draft is to divide players among different teams in the same league. The Globetrotters are in a league of their own and don’t need to draft anyone. Other players the Globetrotters “drafted” include soccer player Landon Donovan, the two brothers of likely high NBA Draft pick Andrew Wiggins, two winners of college slam dunk contests and 7-foot-5 New Mexico center Sim Bhullar.

Johnny Manziel is a fantastic athlete that knows how to be entertaining,” said Sweet Lou Dunbar, the Globetrotters’ director of player personnel. “‘Johnny Basketball’ has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?”

Johnny Football has a better ring to it.

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  1. How bout ….Johnny “get your butt to practice and your nose in your playbook ” Manziel…Play a down earn your stripes…

  2. .
    How long will it take the Canton folks to throw all the Joe Montana junk in the dumpster while replacing it with a new exhibit memorializing the many NFL accomplishments of Johnny Manziel.

  3. I’m a Browns fan and I’m sick and tired of hearing about Johnny Football. Until he has some actual football results to debate can we just treat him like all the other guys – like me – who have NEVER played and NFL game before.

  4. I am in NO WAY a Manziel fan, but this ever-growing sideshow is quickly becoming a fiasco of epic proportions. He’s going to become a caricature of his actual self before ever even stepping onto the field in an actual game.

    I never thought I’d ever say this, and it’s still a little hard to type, but I’m almost beginning to feel a bit sorry for him. Yes, he created this image himself by constantly placing himself at highly visible events, with every famous person he could befriend, always in front of TV cameras…and this began long before this year’s draft. But the more ridiculous the momentum from his “persona” generates, the more fed up real football fans are going to eventually become.

    I also have to imagine that his teammates just *might* eventually begin losing respect for him if he’s not an immediate superstar on the field, because to them he’s just another teammate…an actual living and breathing person who is not literally capable of walking on water or flying through the air. Johnny may at some point even come to realize that a lot of this overblown attention and adoration actually equates to others simply using him as a free prop for their own promotional agendas. Or maybe he won’t.

    In any case, I can’t wait to hear what’s next…is the pope going to anoint him sainthood?

  5. Love all of the Manziel hate. Did I miss the part where JM didn’t “get his butt to practice” or “put his nose in the playbook”?

    He went to Las Vegas on Memorial Day Weekend. Just like 10’s of thousands of others. He likes the occasional adult beverage. Just like millions of others. He won the Heisman Trophy as a freshman. Just like no one else ever, in history.

    I’m not saying he’ll be a great pro, I have no idea and neither do you. But I can’t remember a guy getting more negative attention with a similar resume, apparently solely because he doesn’t live his private life the way you want him to.

  6. I am sure when Canton memorializes the many NFL accomplishments of Johnny Manziel it will be able to do so in the ashtray outside the front door.

  7. Remember when Tim Tebow was on every channel and all over radio and couldn’t be stopped??? What ever happened to that guy?? I give Johnny 2years before him and Tebow share a CFL locker

  8. While college talent can take your popularity to levels as seen in this example, his ego being continually inflated could hinder his ability to clear the mechanism required of NFL quarterbacks to succeed under the duress of men coming at him who are faster and larger than he has seen. I don’t understand why an agent would encourage his client to get his name everywhere with the “even bad press is good press” mentality when his future contract could be less than fantastic to nil if he cannot succeed also affecting the payday of the agent. It’s counter-intuitive to say the least.

    While Manziel could be a huge success despite all the insane hype, is it going to endear him to fans more or less that his ego under a successful career will come off as arrogant and rude, maybe in Cleveland more, but as a possible marketable golden-boy would it not be more prudent to take a humble approach versus an in your face style?

  9. Well, why stop there. Can he claim residence for the Ohio governorship or maybe Texas. They’ve had some good ones. Gov, Opps now and George W. once before.

    Heck, send him on to 1600 Penn. Ave. He wouldn’t be the first drunk. “Hell to the Chief”? Plus he’s an oilman.

  10. What if the Browns would have stayed in Cleveland and the Ravens would have gotten the expansion team instead of the Browns? The Browns would have won two Super Bowls and the Ravens could have drafted Johnny Football.

    Wow….we dodged a bullet.

  11. Do I smell the stomach-turning stench of jealousy in these comments? How foolish so many have labeled themselves; I suppose that’s why we all choose identy-less poster names.

    My attitude, if it means anything at all: if you got it, flaunt it.

  12. All jokes aside, that locker room is going to implode.Remember everybody in leadership positions are brand new.

    They fired everybody after one year. The team is starving for guidance, so Haslam lets a homeless guy make his pick. OK, that’s over. As predicted, players are starting to give interviews that can’t camouflage some issues.

    Some blame those players, the coaches, the GM, even camera phones, but not Johnny. Had Emmit said this about Josh Gordon, nobody calls him wrong. If you’re Manziel fan, visit the local newpapers to see what they’re saying.

    Once flattering words, are changing and they’re from voices that matter.

  13. Wait … didn’t Meadowlark Lemon weigh in? Sweet Lou Dunbar couldn’t hold Meadowlark’s jock. It’s not official until ‘Lark — or possibly Curly — has his say!

  14. The Globetrotters are nothing more than a joke. Manzel would fit in well with them since he is nothing more Stan an Aggie joke.

  15. All show, complete with disco strobe and hiphop music as they cart him off the field in Week 1…to a fanciful yet concerned crowd in Cleveland. Globetrotter like.

  16. Well, if Johnny Manziel makes a guest appearance as a Globetrotter in the re-make of Scooby Doo, then we’ll know they’re serious.

  17. Johnny Manziel is the greatest quarterback to ever play football and that is proven by his 6 straight Superbowl wins. I was really impressed by his ability to also play as a DE and KR. This kid is straight up amazing. Let’s also not forget that he discovered a cure for lung cancer, and built a working warp drive in his garage. Now man is finally free to colonize outer space, all thanks to Johnny Football. What does the future hold for this wunderkind? Only time will tell, but it will surely alter the course of mankind!!

    As a Seahawks fan, I just can’t believe we haven’t traded Russell Wilson and 10 straight first round picks for him yet. He’s clearly the future.

  18. When an individual’s “persona” takes on a life that is so exponentially larger than the actual person can ever possibly measure up to, they’re likely headed for some sort of crash. It’s becoming clearer every day that even if JF is not photographed or sighted partying in public EVEN ONCE more for the rest of the off-season/pre-season, it no longer matters…the articles will continue to be written.

    His persona has officially become the “product” that virtually anyone can profit from, simply by stating an opinion about JF, wearing a JF shirt, flashing JF money hands, announcing a JF draft/recruitment/award/etc. Hell, I’m willing to bet that a PFT post with just his name in the title and zero content would still get more hits than virtually anything else.

    How in the world could that not affect a person’s psyche in a profound way? And the QB has got to have his head in the game 100% in order to excel. Love him or hate him, you cannot honestly believe this circus won’t have an impact on the mental aspects of his play – it’s just a matter of to what extent.

  19. Im posting this just to see if my comments post or if I have a problem on my end. thanks

  20. Guess I don’t, anyway I say why all the negativity especially from Browns fans. Hey we are in for a really fun ride with both of these qbs we have now. I can’t wait to get this season started. After what we have been through the last few years this is going to be a lot of fun if you ask me. Show some love and give the kid a chance with us, he cant control what people write and take pictures of , I have to always go back to Joe Willie days this is nothing compared to that and looked how the Jets turned out with him. I’d take that right now, anyway let’s enjoy it. And Jf will be fine but it’s Hoyer who I’m excited to see at first. Although if JF beats him out so be it. Let’s get it on. WOOF WOOF!!

  21. Manziel knows what he wants and he doesn’t care if he annoys people along the way to get it. It is within his rights. It is also within football fans’ rights to think he’s a jerk for doing so. I’m sure Manziel isn’t losing any sleep over it and neither should we.

    And it’s another MONTH until training camp…


  22. Just wait until his buddy Lebron returns to Cleveland, then the craziness will really begin.

  23. Be honest, if a Cleveland game is on TV, we’ll watch. And there’s only one reason for that.

    I’m referring, of course, to non-Browns fans.

  24. Well let’s look at this for a moment. JF was the most dynamic college athlete the past two years and when teams would mush the rush and keep him in the pocket, he lead the nation in completion percentage. He has a well above avergae IQ and has a very strong arm. The only knock on the guy is that he parties too much.

    Joe Thomas, a perennial All Pro, said that he has been surprised at how humble he is in the locker room. Kyle Shannahan stated that he has picked up the play book a lot faster than he could have expected. JF will be awesome mark my words. The only fear that I have is that he gets injured because he is so competetive and will fight for that extra yard. Stop the hate, you’re just mad that your team didn’t draft him!

    GO BROWNS!!!

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