Detroit’s rookies getting along well


The NFL’s Rookie Symposium doesn’t lack for scripted elements (speeches by current players, etc.) intended to help drafted first-year pros begin their professional lives on and off the field.

However, the symposium also gives rookies a chance to continue to get to know each other — an organic, unscripted process. And in the case of the Lions, it appears the bonding is going well.

In a story published Tuesday by the Detroit News, multiple Detroit rookies spoke of how well the Lions’ draftees get along.

“We’re all like best friends. At my wedding next year, I would invite every last one of these rookies to my wedding just because I understand they got my back,” tight end Eric Ebron, the club’s first-round selection, said Tuesday, according to Josh Katzenstein of the News.

“Nobody is on that selfish type of behavior where they just stay to themselves. Everybody talks to each other,” said fourth-round cornerback Nevin Lawson, according to the News. “It’s basically all we have, so everybody talks to each other, takes care of each other and I like this group because we really bond.”

In perhaps another positive sign, Lions senior director of player development Dr. Galen Duncan told the News that the drafted rookies “have been stellar from the beginning” with regard to taking care of business.

“They’ve approached everything we’ve done with vigor and have just been pros,” Duncan said, according to the News.

As early-summer progress reports go, this is a good one for Detroit.