Richard Sherman tells Vernon Davis to stick to his guns


After Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman teed off on 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, tight end Vernon Davis explained that there are times when Sherman should shut up.  Davis may like what Sherman is saying now, however.

Sherman said Tuesday that Davis, who has skipped all offseason workouts in San Francisco, should continue to take a stand in order to get a new contract.

Do what you believe,” Sherman said, via USA Today‘s The, by way of Matt Maiocco of  “If he believes in what he’s doing, you got to stick to it.  You can’t be wishy-washy in this situation.  And it sounds like he’s standing his ground.

“So if you’re going to stand your ground, stand your ground.  But if you’re going to cave, cave.  You can’t stand your ground half the time and then go . . . because that’s when they get you. That’s when you don’t get that deal you want.  So I think he’s doing the way he intended.  He’s really valuable to his team, so I’m sure they’ll get together on something.”

Of course, if the 49ers won’t talk to Davis until he honors his contract and reports for duty, staying away won’t get this thing solved.  And it ultimately will hurt the 49ers, if Davis stands his ground through the preseason and into the regular season.  And that ultimately will help the Seahawks.

Sherman’s comments on the Davis situation come at a time when teammate Marshawn Lynch apparently caved on his own desire for a new deal, showing up for a mandatory minicamp last week.  It would make sense, then, for some 49ers players to publicly cajole Lynch into taking a stand by boycotting training camp, and perhaps beyond.

50 responses to “Richard Sherman tells Vernon Davis to stick to his guns

  1. I don’t think Lynch is going to change his actions based upon what some 49ers think. He knows what he does and he does what he knows. Being aggressive and loud and holding out works to get the faster money, but sometimes being patient works to get the better money. Lynch will figure it out and get exactly what he really wants in the end no matter what anybody says.

  2. Marshawn Lynch never said he wasn’t going to show up, the media did & all that was need on nothing but speculation. This is apples & oranges.

  3. Lynch knows he is blessed to be where he is in life right now. When he was with Buffalo and in all that trouble…who would have thought that he would land on a great team that will go on to contend for many superbowls? He is not in a position to complain, but rather be thankful.

  4. If im the 49ers i with no doubt left about it tell Vernon Davis and Sherman to stick it where the sun dont shine….you got an agreement…live up to the deal you made like a man and quit acting like a million dollar mis fit….

  5. Why is Sherman even commenting on Davis’ deal? Lay off the Adderall and mind your own business.

  6. Unless Sherman is just trying to convince Davis to hold out so that he doesn’t play at all for the 49ers / against the Seahawks this year, I see no problem with his advise…

  7. …and the Minneskolltrolls continue to chime in on the Seahawks because no one cares enough to write about the vikings…about anything. Why? #norings. that has a nice ring to it…The Minnesota NoRings. “One ring to rule them all…except in Minnesota”.
    -Remember when Russell Wilson was being compared to Fran Tarkenton? Wilson has graduated beyond NoRings Fran; no comparison now.

  8. This is a conversation between two Pro Bowl athletes on two Super Bowl caliber teams, which concerns the fans of those top-notch organizations. I don’t know why some laughable fan of a woeful team like the Vikings feels the need to chime in. What would a mouse have to say to a lion?

  9. When did Vikings become so rabidly obsessed with all things Seahawks? Not a natural rival. No real history between the teams.

    But the fans in Purple foam at the mouth when anything little thing about the Seahawks is posted on this site. Why? It’s just bizarre.

  10. Love the cheathawk fans for the last 4o years who cried about super bowl wins not being important…and then after cheating their way to one…..finish all their deranged posts with:

    Go back to your mom’s basements

  11. Now that I have Sherman’s address (thanks Seattle P.I.), I think I’ll swing by and tell him to take the cotton out of his ears and stick it in his enormous mouth

  12. Why would anyone listen to what that idiot, cheating Sherman has to say ?
    Maybe Sherman just hopes Davis listens to him and then won’t be there when the Hawks play the Niners , so he and his team mates don’t need to cover the fastest TE in the League(if he indeed has team mates and doesn’t really do it all alone, as he seen to think).

  13. Sherman likes to talk. He likes to win. Bolstering Vernon Davis’s will to hold out helps the Seahawks by potentially weakening the 49ers. It also allows Sherman to maintain his media persona by telling Vernon to stick it to the man. Slam dunk for Sherman.

    Vernon just may be dumb enough to listen to him. All the while, really angering fans, and hurting his “brand”. And while I’m at it, there’s nothing that hard working men around the world like less than a guy who makes a deal and then breaks his word because he changes his mind. If Vernon was being paid out of the top 5 tight ends in the league, I’d be behind him. But he’s 3rd.
    However, I believe a big part of this is that he is angling for more money because he knows that he won’t be getting as many touches this year with a much stronger stable of wide receivers and he won’t have leverage next year after a statistically down year.

  14. Just a heads up Richard Sherman has never tested positive for adderall. Unless you think his case was thrown out the door without compelling evidence.

    Any other criticism not out of fantasy land?

  15. Perhaps we have found one of the investors in Vernon Davis future earnings.

  16. God I can’t wait till this all blows up in the Seahawks face including their idiot fans. They will all start asking for the world. Then they will have to break it up and they will be back to th di old selves. BTW 12 was used way before the Seahawks but they don’t know how to be creative and come up with their own.

  17. HA! Like a single Seahawk is even remotely afraid of playing against Vernon Davis. He’s done absolutely nothing to their D stats wise in the last how many games??…unless you count getting concust on the regular by Chancellor a note-worthy stat.

  18. cornerstone2001 says: Jun 24, 2014 5:43 PM

    Love the cheathawk fans for the last 4o years who cried about super bowl wins not being important…and then after cheating their way to one…..finish all their deranged posts with:

    Go back to your mom’s basements


    If you love us so much, why not join us? You know what they say… “If you can’t beat em, join em!”

    We’re the world’s loudest fans, the proudest fans, the best fans in the NFL and it’s been that way since 1976.

    You know you wanna come on out to the Emerald City, enjoy a few local microbrews at the finest stadium in the NFL, and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you could never get anywhere else. We’ll even teach you a few tricks, like putting honey in your tea before the game so you can scream longer and louder without losing your voice. Eventually, you’ll realize there is no reason to root for your old team because they stink, and they will never have an owner like Paul Allen, a coach like Pete Carroll, or a QB like Russell Wilson – the greatest to ever play the game.



  19. RE: seahawkfanfrom1970s comment, “This is a conversation between two Pro Bowl athletes…” It wasn’t a conversation between the two, Sherman was responding directly to the question that I asked him.

  20. I’m AMAZED at how many of you think that Sherman sought out someone in the media so that he could comment… “Hey, I have to tell you my thoughts on Vernon Davis!!!” He was asked a question and gave an answer… you want him to shut up, then tell the reporters to stop asking him questions. Guess what, bet you won’t hear from him anymore…

  21. “if you’re gonna run your mouth, run your mouth. You’ve gotta stick to it.”

  22. 12hawksfan1976 says:
    Jun 24, 2014 5:35 PM

    When did Vikings become so rabidly obsessed with all things Seahawks? Not a natural rival. No real history between the teams.

    But the fans in Purple foam at the mouth when anything little thing about the Seahawks is posted on this site. Why? It’s just bizarre.

    1976 was a memorable year for both teams.

    It was Seattle’s first year in the league.

    It was also the last year Minnesota went to the Super Bowl.

    I think some…well, one…of their fans is so infuriated that BOTH teams that came into the league that year have now won rings, while his beloved franchise only has two painful, last-second losses in the NFC Championship Game to remember over that same timespan, and feels that the only recourse is to vent spleen on every Seahawk article that comes across this webpage.

    It’s a theory.

  23. Sure sherman. Like if ur WORD is respected. kylexitron, evidence was tampered. You know for a fact that sherman was and is on ADD ER ALL. Especially since browner admitted to it and almost rat sherman out.

  24. Cant believe whiners are still this angry about Hawks winning. Get over it boys you’ll lose again this season. Not a chance in Hell. You just have to look at your team and be honest about it. Santa Clara Forty Whiners sux thats all.

  25. Sherman is just goading one of the better Niner players into missing training camp. Sherman couldn’t care less about Davis’ future.

  26. Sherman is on Adderall. Adderall is an amphetamine. That’s why he’s always running at the mouth and why he tends to lose control.

  27. I don’t know who Vernon’s advisers are but I sure wouldn’t hire them. He’s trying to market himself as an investment. But who in their right mind would invest in anything that doesn’t honor its or his contract(s).

  28. Superbowl champion and best corner in the NFL, Richard Sherman, is already playing mind games with the weak, struggling 49ers.

    Guess who is ready for football?

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