Arbitrator upholds Marty Magid suspension

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David Cornwell is no Joe Namath.

Last year, after the NFLPA’s Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline recommended a six-month suspension for agent Marty Magid for his role in the Elvis Dumervil fax machine faux pas, Cornwell declared that Magid would prevail on appeal.

“Marty will appeal.  Marty will win,” Cornwell said at the time.  “The discipline will not stand.  The NFLPA made general and unsupportable assertions of negligence against Marty and then ignored or created facts to support its disciplinary decision.   Marty represented Elvis Dumervil’s interests effectively and consistent with the standards imposed on him by the NFLPA’s agent regulations.  We are confident our arbitrator will agree.”

The arbitrator did not agree.  For the most part.  While a $25,000 fine was overturned on appeal, Roger Kaplan upheld the six-moth suspension, finding that “Magid’s insufficient knowledge of the CBA and negligence violated NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors.”

If insufficient knowledge of the CBA is cause for suspending agents, plenty of agents would be suspended.

Magid’s failure to ensure that a signed renegotiation was timely presented to the Broncos for timely filing with the league office resulted in the Broncos cutting Dumervil, who then fired Magid.  And who then signed a new contract with the Ravens as a free agent.


8 responses to “Arbitrator upholds Marty Magid suspension

  1. Well maybe it’s time to look into what other agents are doing and act accordingly if some are breaking the rules, or the law, or failing to represent their clients’ interests at a qualified minimum level. But then again the NFL has a lot of stuff on their plate right now, it’s not really a good time for them to admit there is more homework left to do. They only care about playing games.

  2. Plenty of agents should be suspended for not knowing the CBA. That’s their job, not chasing a players laundry and getting their Bentley serviced. Start suspending them and they will learn the CBA and be better agents.

  3. He played like his agent also forgot to fax him instructions on how to rush the QB.

  4. All those idiot agents who think waiting until the last minute to negotiate gives them some leverage, the message that goes with the suspension, is for you.

    Stop playing games and get the deal done!!
    Not like some foolish lawyer making a deal on the steps of the courthouse on the way to the courtroom.

  5. Magid is being scapegoated here.

    If a player and his agent wait until the last minute to fax in a renegotiation to a team, they are clearly looking for other options. Don’t tell me Magid didn’t know there was a deadline, the document was only late by minutes not days. I think the Broncos didn’t want to keep Dumer.

    Thankfully he is a Raven.

  6. “He played like his agent also forgot to fax him instructions on how to rush the QB.”

    Not sure how you can make that comment. He had 8.5 sacks in 9 games while healthy and playing as a situational pass rusher and while playing on clearly a damaged ankle he got 1 more sack in the last 7 games he played.

    He should have a bit more help on the D-Line this year with a healthier Ngata and a much stronger option like Brandon Williams over the over inflated Mt. Cody. Suggs is also supposedly getting himself in better shape, but the thing is with him is staying in shape. He’s done this before. Shows up looking great and by mid season you’re looking at him and saying…man…did he get a bit pudgy?

    I think a healthy Dumervil easily gets double digit sacks this season.

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