Brandon Flowers admits playing Chiefs twice was a factor


It’s no accident Brandon Flowers chose the Chargers among the many teams that were interested in his services.

Not all of them offered the chance to stick it to his former team twice a year.

The veteran cornerback said the chance at a pair of AFC West games against the Chiefs helped steer him to the Chargers.

That definitely played into the decision,” Flowers said with a laugh, via XTRA 1360. “Just the way i play the game, I felt like it would be fun. . . .

“Just going back to  see some of the fellas, some of the coaches, it will definitely be fun.”

It’s hardly the most inflammatory statement made by a cut player, but it’s fun to hear someone admit it might be enjoyable to prove someone wrong.

Of course, he also had five million other reasons to be motivated.

23 responses to “Brandon Flowers admits playing Chiefs twice was a factor

  1. Apprently a ring isnt a factor. He should have picked the Niners, so that he could have pick six Alexis Smith & CO when they come strolling into town later this year. #failbyflowers #goNiners #Nobodycanpossiblyhaveitbetter #KapwillgetusSIXthisyear

  2. Chargers are headed in the right direction. With another 3’5 years out of Rivers they can possibly win a couple super bowls. Then we dont have to listen to “how many rings you have” crap anymore. At least our last super bowl didnt come from cheating the cap like the Donkeys.

  3. Can’t wait for D. Bowe, Donnie Avery and Junior Hemmingway to make him regret that descision. I don’t care that he made the Pro Bowl last year. He’s the most overrated corner in the league. And there isn’t even a close second. Go look at his #’s on PFF. Good luck with him, Chargers.

  4. I’m pretty sure the Chiefs know how to beat Brandon Flowers, we saw him get beat all last season on important downs. He made the Pro Bowl on reputation, certainly not on 3rd down man coverage …

  5. Chiefs fans who are saying ‘Bring it on! Our receivers are teh best and will beat Flowers like a drum!’ seem to forget Alex Smith will be throwing the ball to those receivers

  6. Phillip Rivers is just another Tony Romo will never win a super bowl just a good regular season qb. Also they though D Cox was going to be great also and were is he today.

  7. I like how he decided that the Niners would not be Superbowl bound and avoided them altogether.

  8. KC couldn’t get past the wild card game the past ten years. Last year they won 2 of last 7 games–both times against teams with losing records.
    The Raiders haven’t had a winning season in 12 years and lost their last six games.
    Good luck with that “Commitment to Excellence”.

  9. Interesting how players aren’t motivated till they are let go, then I want to play now.

  10. Maybe he should have gotten all jacked up to play with his first team, and saved himself some trouble.

  11. Seriously… Does any AFC west team have a snowballs chance against an improved Broncos team this year? Denver will run the table AGAIN folks..

  12. Snowballs chance of beating Denver? SD lost by 8 the first game, beat Denver in Denver by 7 then lost in the divisional playoff game by 7. SD improved too….picked up Flowers, Brown, and a number of depth players. Had a pretty good draft with Verrett, Attaochu, etc…get Floyd, Ingram, Freeney, Johnsom, Liuget, Teo back from injury. On top of that…they’re in year 2 of the new playbook/coaching staff. SD scraped a team together last year. They’re much healthier, deeper and have guys like Green, Allen, Ingram, etc that have barely even scratched the surface of their potential….starting year 2 or 3 of their career.

    Snowballs chance…yeah, ok.

  13. Last year they won 2 of last 7 games–both times against teams with losing records.

    And the Chargers got beat by Texans, Titans, Raiders, & Dolphins…so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

  14. Flowers is 5’9. Phillip Gaines is 6’1. That 4 inchs is an upgrade in my eyes. Maybe not right away, but once Gaines gets his starts, I think he’ll develop very similarly to Marcus Cooper. I just wish Gaines didn’t paint a target on his back just recently by saying he’s ready to face Manning. One thing is for sure, Gaines has to mature sooner than later because the NFL zebras control the games these days.

  15. I do not think Gaines was calling out Manning by any stretch, if anything it was a compliment. Right after the draft he was pressed about being a Chief and the jump from college to the pros. He just said it is every players dream to play in the NFL, at the highest level of competition and that Peyton is probably the best ever, been watching him since he was a kid and looks forward to getting to play against him.
    Hardly bulletin board material.

  16. I need to veer off a lil bit here, apologies. I absolutely love the Phil haters on here. Tony Romo? Have you seen him implode in the playoffs? Regularly. Have you seen Phil? Rarely. Unless you’re referring to the year Tony led his ‘Boys in the NFC Championship on 1/2 a leg and w/ his franchise HOF backfield mate on the sideline and his HOF TE hobblin’ on one leg too. Then yes, they’re exactly alike – oh wait, that was only PR who did that in the AFC championship, wasn’t it? And still gave the Brady Bunch a run for their $. Lost fair and square but anyone who hates on Phil, hates on football – the way it’s supposed to be played. Gritty, passionately and like your slinging it in the backyard with the fellas.

    Yo “Freddie” (what are you 12?). Fred, you’re right about one thing. PR is a good regular season QB, in fact great…see last season in an offense tailor fitted to his skillset. He is also a good playoff QB – check the stats. Maybe he won’t get a SB ring, but it won’t be because he wasn’t good enough. Ask LT about that one…

    Much love Phil, SD appreciates you and your expletive free trash talkin’ (best NFL Network Sound FX ep ever).

    Flowers, welcome. Anyone who started on another playoff team last year is a welcome addition for our secondary. Experience on the field and sideline is often undervalued. Go Bolts.

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