Cast you vote for the best to wear No. 82

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It’s Prime Numbers time on Wednesday, where the lottery ticket of jersey numbers includes a fan lottery (or more accurately a vote) on the best players to wear No. 82.

So get your No. 2 pencils ready (or more accurately your mice) to pick the best two to ever wear that specific number.

And then get your dial-changing hand ready (or more accurately your remote control finger) to turn the TV to NBCSN at 5:30 p.m. ET for the latest edition of Pro Football Talk.


36 responses to “Cast you vote for the best to wear No. 82

  1. Ozzie? Wishful thinking. Compare his stats to Stallworth’s. Raymond Berry had better stats than both, but Stallworth has the rings to go with it.

  2. So, Jason Witten is about 2,000 yards ahead of Ozzie in two fewer years. I will say that Oz is probably the best GM to ever wear #82.

  3. Raymond Berry put up the best numbers relative to his era though Newsome was the NFL’s all time leading receiver as a TE when he retired. Stallworth was a good player on great teams. Smith and Witten put up great numbers during the passing era but it’s hard for me to compare them to the older guys. Mike Quick had loads of talent but the misfortune of playing loads of games at Veterans Stadium.

    Gotta go with Berry, but it’s a tough call. Berry > Newsome > Smith > Stallworth > Witten > Quick.

  4. I’m not saying Jimmy Smith is the best on this list, but he is not the worst. Product of playing in Jacksonville I suppose. Man, people forget how good that dude was.

  5. ^^ Obviously not the best ever, but its good to see he’s getting some love (especially since Fred Taylor got left off the ballot). Remember the Baltimore game (15-291-3td)? Great player for a long time. A Jimmy Johnson draft pick that was cut by the Cowboys and Eagles before becoming a superstar in Jacksonville.

  6. Newsome. Mike Quick was probably the best receiver in the league in 83, 84, 85 but injuries ultimately hampered the rest of his career.

  7. Anyone who doesn’t answer “Raymond Berry”, is either young and stupid, or simply doesn’t know football.

    I have no doubt that both Stallworth and Newsome would answer “Raymond Berry”.

  8. I’m only 33 but even I had the same thought process before voting. Raymond Berry was a great, great player and should win this hands down

  9. Stallworth and Swann together make a nice NFL career but apart they are not HOF players, they benefitted by playing on those 70s Steeler teams with the great defense because they were average WRs without it #pittsburghclowns

  10. IMO the top 82s:

    1 Berry: Before Jerry Rice the only worthy ones for the Hall were Hutson, Berry, Fears and Hirsch.
    2 Jimmy Smith: All time underrated. Better player than Irvin or Cris Carter. Should be in the Hall of Fame with Tim Brown, Rod Smith, Isaac Bruce, Herman Moore and the rest of the great but overlooked.

    3 Newsome
    4 Witten: Complete tight end.

    I’m sure there are more to players to put between 4 and 5 here.
    5 Stallworth: Overrated like his counterpart Swann but better than him. Both are not Hall of Famers. Lucky to get to be member of the great Steeler dynasty. A lot better before, during and after him.
    6 Quick
    7 Taylor

  11. Amazing that none of the Steelers’ offensive players of the ’70s were any good. Franco was no good … for a variety of reasons. Bradshaw was no good because he had great receivers, unless, of course, the topic is about those great receivers, who were no good because of the team’s great defense. Even Chuck Noll, the only coach in NFL history to win four Super Bowls, was an afterthought among great coaches until just recently.
    Did the Steelers win every game by 3-0 scores? Doubtful, considering that kicker Roy Gerela was beyond no good. He was a liability, actually.
    While there’s no doubt the Steelers’ defenses carried the team from 1972 to 1977, the offense arrived in ’78, and it was explosive, dynamic, elite and unequaled.

  12. Love the Steeler haters on here saying Stallworth was over-rated. What are you on? Stallworth owned the Cowboys and Rams in SB XIII and XIV.

  13. Sorry Steeler fans just giving you my honest assessment of the players presented. I will say regarding the Steelers:
    Joe Greene was the best DT ever.
    Mike Webster was the best C ever.
    Chuck Noll was a top 4 Head Coach all time.
    Mel Blount was a top 4 Corner ever.
    Lambert was a top 5 MLB ever.

  14. Jimmy Smith ALLLL Day!!!
    This isn’t even fair to compare 3 different generations. Moving on, Jimmy Smith was easily overlooked (being in a small market & all), but during his era he was UNSTOPPABLE. Forget about being biased, just ask any of the AFC Central DB’s.

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