Finnegan’s comments ruffle Rams’ feathers

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Former Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan recently gave the team the figurative Andre Johnson treatment, taking a few verbal swings at the coaching staff and schemes.  And like Andre Johnson, the Rams are swinging back at Finnegan, albeit privately.

Finnegan called the team’s defensive approach in 2013 “atrocious,” adding that former defensive coordinator Tim Walton was “in over [his] head” and that the defense struggled from “game plan to technique to fundamentals.”

A source with knowledge of the team’s thinking tells PFT that the problem with Finnegan had far less to do with the coaching or the schemes and far more to do with Finnegan.

Some believe the Rams actually played better without Finnegan, who eventually landed on injured reserve in November with a fracture of the orbital bone.  We’re told that Finnegan initially tried to play with the injury and that, as he struggled, the injury became a crutch.

So he decided to have surgery, and the team placed him on IR.  And, per the source, Finnegan never actually had surgery.

While Finnegan currently is saying all the right things in Miami, those who know him predict it’s simply a matter of time before he has issues with the coaching staff there — especially if he struggles and needs someone other than himself to blame for it.

38 responses to “Finnegan’s comments ruffle Rams’ feathers

  1. As far as I understood, Finnegan didn’t slam the Rams as much as he slammed Walton (who WAS in over his head, by the way).

    But if you watch the first few games from last year, Cort was either way out of position or picking up a 15 yard flag.

    He’s cooked and so is Walton. Good riddance to both. We’re better off now.

    GO RAMS!

  2. Jamar Taylor is coming on – and may make Finnegan have to begin again … on another team.

  3. Cortland Finnegan is a great player , and the Rams are a team which is absolutely stacked with top five and top ten draft choices that nevertheless still can’t get out of its own way.

  4. I predict Finnegan won’t make it out of training camp. He’s been going downhill ever since Andre owned him on national TV. Man, what a beat-down.

  5. I think the Rams are incorrect here. The Dolphins are going to implement a 46 defense and will dominate similar to the 85 bears. Cortland will be a key factor.

  6. Well if he flops we have the 2013 2nd rd pick Jamar Taylor ready to step up this year. Wouldn’t want Finnegan to be a progress stopper anyway just because this GM has no loyalty to Taylor since he didn’t draft him, you gotta see what he can do regardless, and word is he’s having a good offseason…on a side note I think we will regret letting Dimitri Patterson walk to the Jets for Finnegan but I do love the guy’s feistiness.

  7. This kind of stuff, more than his declining play, is why I was/am apprehensive about his signing by the Dolphins.

  8. Apparently Finnegan’s eye injury caused him to lose all of his speed. It didn’t matter what receiver they put him on or what coverage the Rams were in, he still got beaten. Over and over.

  9. He played well his first year and atrocious his second year. I can’t comment on the coaching and such bc I’m not a rams player but the couldn’t have cover me last year. That’s how bad he was.

  10. The couple times I checked in on a Rams game, their D looked pretty good to me.

    I’ll trust my eyes instead of jackass Finnegan.

  11. Why would any team sign this clown? You can get away with talking like that when you’re an above average player but anyone who saw Finnegan play last year could tell he’s way past his prime.

  12. Dolphins D is ok but to compare them to the 85 Bears is quite a stretch of the imagination there scrp2. That was a top 3 defense of ALL TIME, up there with the steel curtain and the 2000 ravens squad if not better. I mean they only allowed 10 pts in 3 playoff games and those 10 came in the super bowl for crying out loud. Rethink that statement sir lol

  13. Greg Williams won’t have an atrocious D this year ! I can’t wait to see what he will do with those guys. I’ve never really been sold on Fisher, and Bradford is pushing bust status. Gonna have to lean on D and a strong run game like Seattle did.

  14. Actually both sides are right in this situation so i can see why Cortland is trying to defend his play and the Rams are right and saying that it was also mainly on Finnegan play. Finnegan is right in saying that Walton was in over his head playing man corners in a soft cover 2 zone, hell just look at what he did as a defensive back coach with the Lions I still don’t see how the hell he got hired. The Rams play did improved when Finnegan was taking out of the line up, Finnegan speed started to decline and he cost the Rams with dumb penalties

  15. It’s telling that the Rams *source* didn’t even bother trying to refute Cortland’s about the coaching staff, but instead attacked him personally. That’s the very definition of argumentum ad hominem. Seeing as the coach who attempted to implement the scheme that Finnegan was disparaging actually got canned, maybe Finnegan’s comments simply hit a little to close to home for Fisher’s liking.

  16. Well, the old DC got fired, which should tell you who’s right on this one. Finnegan lost a step, but the Ram defense had way too much talent to not be as good as the other 3 in the division. The DL performed naturally because Mike Waufle who is an excellent coach (check his resume going back to his Oakland Raider days, not to mention his Giant days).

  17. Finscanes’s comment was 100% right. I will add however, that the Dolphins Defensive Coordinator is also in over his head. That unit was much better under Mike Nolan than it is now. with the same players.

  18. Cort sucks but his comments are spot on. Walton kept his corners play off 12-15 yards and teams kept picking that secondary apart with 8-10 yard completions at will starting from that first game against Arizona. As a Rams fan it was more than frustrating watching someone complete a 9-10 yard pass on 3rd and 7 or 8 with our corners playing 12-15 yards deep. It’s absolutely AMAZING that Quinn could rack up 19-sacks in this defense.

    Now, with Williams as Defensive Coordinator the Rams should lead the league in sacks by 10 or more and the secondary WIL be contesting the underneath/short stuff.

    This defense will be a whole lotta fun to watch this upcoming season.

  19. He’s always been kind of a punk. One of those guys who’s always a victim, never at fault.

  20. Finnegan did what he was hired to do. Play some DB while bringing in some backbone and attitude to a soft, complacent locker room with a losing mentality. Based only on his play, he was a bust. But, he brought in Fisher’s attitude. Hopefully it pays off. Think an over the hill Sherman.

  21. Rams, enjoy your bounty of pics!
    Sincerely, Bruce and Mike.

    PS. If you can’t even compete with the league, and I’ll give you a pass on the NFC West, someone should be canned. Last year to pay Bradford his Manning money, move on from the coaches, GM or Sam.

    Redskin Fan! (Don’t comment on the name please)

  22. This puke was good for 3 seasons. You have to applaud the way he sells himself to millions of dollars and is now a marginal at best DB. You go Cort! Miami is a horrible team and they need help!

  23. Say what you want about the Phins Defense, it certainly can be better but don’t forget it was in the top 8 in scoring 2 years in a row under Coyle. Giving up yards sucks but not giving up TDs is what really counts. Our D was on the field ALOT last season and Ireland’s LB swap failed us. I like our DC, this is year 3 for him so hopefully Coyles D takes it to the next level.

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