Man accused of killing Adrian Peterson’s son now charged with attacking the boy’s mother


Joseph Robert Patterson, the man accused of killing Adrian Peterson’s son last year, has been free on bail since October. But now Patterson is locked up again, accused of attacking the mother of the 2-year-old boy he allegedly killed last year.

The Argus-Leader reports that Patterson has been arrested on kidnapping and assault charges for reportedly attacking the mother of 2-year-old Tyrese Doohen.

Patterson is still facing the charges of murder and child abuse in the death of Tyrese. He had been living with and dating Tyrese’s mother at the time of the boy’s death.

Patterson, who had been ordered not to have contact with Tyrese’s family, is expected to appear in court this afternoon.

48 responses to “Man accused of killing Adrian Peterson’s son now charged with attacking the boy’s mother

  1. This man deserves nothing less than the death penalty.

    I don’t think there’s a worse crime than beating a two year old to death.

    Let justice be served.

    R.I.P. AD Junior.

  2. Life in prison? Yall are crazy, this scum should be no more.

    Maybe let Adrian have 5 good minutes with him and see where we’re at after that.

  3. AD Junior? Please.

    Peterson couldn’t care less about this one night stand among many. Without a photo he wouldn’t even know who she was, much less the mother of his kid.

    There is no credit available for Peterson whatsoever in this picture.

  4. Call me crazy but a man accused of Killing a child should be let out of prison ..

    But most importantly a man accused of killing your child shouldn’t still be dating or living with you.. What the Hell???

  5. So let me get this straight, he killed her son and she still allows him to live with her? Is it a shock to anyone that now he has laid his hands on her? Isn’t to me.

  6. There was a rumor that Peterson wanted to stop those nagging child support payments so maybe he bailed Patterson out of jail. . You’d hate to think Peterson was involved but who knows.. no kid, no more 14,000 a month support payment.

  7. whomever helped him post bail should join him. Something tells me there are some cracks in the legal system.

    If you stoop to disparaging a team for something terrible that happens like this, you are the lowest common denominator and a troll. A pox upon you.

  8. 1.What woman goes back to the man that killed her child?
    2. How is he out ON BAIL?!

  9. TMZ has several articles about Peterson being sued for back support. . Something like 52,000 and another talking about what a dead beat dad he is so I would say it is plausible.. child support on three different kids too three different women can break even the deepest pockets.

  10. Wish we spent as much time bashing an actual murderer instead of the father of the victim. Don’t understand some people.

  11. Go look up this dudes record. We have people spending years in jail over weed and this fool is out amongst us. This isn’t his 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th time being in trouble. Most of them have to do with assaulting women or a child. He has money as well, so you know what that means.

  12. Adrian didn’t know it was his child because the WOMAN never told him about the child. Admittedly, until the child got hurt. Come up with new material.

  13. Perhaps I am in the minority on this one, but how the hell can some of you people think this dude deserves to be alive??? Life in prison? Really?

    I am sick and tired of what this country has become. When a person’s only contribution to society is crime (especially disgusting crimes like this), and said crimes get him a prison sentence such that he will never ever ever ever get out of prison, it is time to just end it. Why do our tax dollars need to be spent on caring for these kinds of scum bags? There are far more important things going on that require funding, but we waste the money on these people.

    My solution is that these people be put down, or we have a special tax created for the prison system. Those that feel he deserves to live can opt in to pay additional taxes to ensure he lives comfortably, and those of us who feel he shouldnt be around, we wont pay for his care.

    It will go the way of everything else in this country that requires funding. Once you are required to personally fund it, no one wants to take that responsibility. Everyone loves to jump up and say “we need to…”, because then they can find the loop hole in secret to not be part of the “we”. We love to throw others peoples money at the problem…

  14. im kinda more disgusted with the bany mama.find it hard to believe she wasn’t in contact with him b4 he decided to “kidnap” her.

  15. I don’t know what article some of you are reading. Patterson was with the mother AT THE TIME of the murder. Not now. One of his bond conditions was that he not have contact with her or her family. He was living with his parents in South Dakota. Do your research.

    And to imply that Adrian Peterson had anything to do with this to get out of child support payments is beyond mind boggling.


  16. This dude needs to go away. Maybe put him in the same cell with a “lifer” and see what happens in prison when you have hurt a child.

  17. Aaron Rodgers was with Ryan Braun when he did ‘roids. And I don’t mean around him!

  18. A few things:

    1. How is this guy out on bail?!

    2. Who cares if AP was behind or ahead or on par with his child support payments?! This guy murdered a freaking 2 year old child. The courts allowed him back into society, where he attacked that same child’s mother. There are two places for blame: the murderer and the court that allowed him to walk back into society.

    3. I hate the days of immediate (false) information. People can spread around whatever they want. A simple google search will reveal the headline: Court records prove that AP has been paying child support. Not that difficult to find. While, I don’t recommend having 7 kids with however many baby mamas AP has.. I at least respect him for stepping up to the plate and paying what’s likely 100x or more what he should be paying these women.

  19. This is a disgusting failure of our justice system. Many people currently reside in holding cells on marijuana-related offenses while accused child killers get free on bail.

  20. People please read…. for those who keep saying why was he living with her after killing her child. read this paragraph again….

    Patterson is still facing the charges of murder and child abuse in the death of Tyrese. He had been living with and dating Tyrese’s mother at the time of the boy’s death.

    Now since yall missed it the first time. go ahead and read it once again while we wait……..

    ok for those who didnt get it. it clearly says he had been living with her AT THE TIME OF THE BOYS DEATH. NOT since then.


  21. The article clearly states that the woman was living with the guy at the time he allegedly killed her son. She was not living with him after he killed her son. Yet multiple people make comments about her living with him when she was attacked and they get dozens of thumbs up and no thumbs down! Then somebody suggests that Adrian Peterson arranged for the murder because a guy making $15 million a year didn’t want to make child support payments, and there are people thumbs upping that. Unbelievable.

    It almost makes me question whether all my self-esteem should be wrapped up in the number of thumbs up on my PFT comments.

  22. I once tried to become a police officer so glad I didn’t. I would not be able to keep my hands off scum bags like this. Maybe in my interview they realised this and for that I am grateful. I know now many years later that when it comes to crime against children I would not have been able to keep my cool with these monsters.

  23. My ex wife is with someone who has broken her collar bone, bashed her face in, doesn’t work, plus he’s a drunk. The looser hasn’t touched my kids yet cuz he knows jail is the only thing that will save his life if he does.

    It’s situations like these that courts should recognize as regular. The courts need to be more fair to the fathers. Too many times woman get with whatever psycho in the next relationship. I had to pay almost 20k in my divorce and custody battle to get my kids. The system is totally slanted against men. That was the best 20k I ever spent.

    My heart goes out to Adrian, cuz whether or not he was highly involved in that child’s life, it has got to be hard on him.

  24. When this guy finally gets convicted and sent to prison some lifer with nothing to lose will most likely pay him a visit.

  25. Can you please leave the above post. I assume someone is some sort of Peterson apologist but everything I said is factual so what is the problem?

  26. WTF is wrong with our legal system that a guy charged with killing a child just gets to roam around free on bail? Just a despicable set of priorities in our society sometimes.

  27. A baby killer was out on bail? I could now launch into a tirade at the state of our justice system, but I think my first sentence says all there needs to be said.

  28. 1) Peterson was never involved with this child incident (except to sporadically send a check).

    2) Patterson is free on $75K bond unconditionally as he has not been convicted of anything. Some slept through civics class.

    3) Typically the prosecution has trouble in these cases as the star witness against the defendant is the mother, who is not inclined at all to help the prosecution.

    4) Yes, Peterson may not have to write any checks anymore but it is unlikely he cared enough to ever get involved in the situation.

    5) This is not your typical suburban household and your view of justice is not the same as theirs.
    Let justice unfold in Eastern Dakota fashion.

  29. But I mean this is all AP’s fault, right?

    I guess its no surprise why those fans turn on former Packer players as soon they can’t contribute to the Green Bay organization.

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