Mike Evans says Johnny Manziel will be “committed” come camp


Mike Evans had ringside seats for the Johnny Football show at Texas A&M.

And based on his experience, he doesn’t think the Browns have anything to worry about regarding the extracurricular activities of Johnny Manziel.

“In training camp, I don’t think he’ll go out at all,” the Buccaneers rookie wideout said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He’ll be committed and devoted and fighting for a starting job.”

Whether it’s partying with Rob Gronkowski or swimming with the swans or flashing the money phone, Manziel’s off-field life has become a subject of fascination before he plays his first preseason game.

But Evans said Manziel knows when to flip the switch.

“He’s a great guy,” Evans said. “He practiced hard. He came to work. He’s one of my best friends. So I wouldn’t trade him for anybody. I think he’ll be a great pro. He’s a great guy. He’s a better guy than most people give him credit for.

“It’s just he’s under a bigger microscope than everybody. Being a Heisman Trophy winner and coming out of college, he’s just under a bigger microscope. Everybody does it. When he gets on the field, all of that will go to rest.”

That last part is probably wishful thinking.

26 responses to “Mike Evans says Johnny Manziel will be “committed” come camp

  1. Until he hits the IR after getting knocked out by the rest of the AFC north. One Ngata sack and the dude will be crushed.

  2. Manziel a subject of fascination? By who? I think he’s a jerk really. Maybe it’s just the media who is all ga-ga. Do we every see any crowds around this guy? Who cares. So glad the Bucs got Mike Evans and not Johnny whoever.

  3. He might not care about preparing for next season over the next couple months, but he will be more committed and dedicated than anyone for the first couple days of September… now that’s what I call heart!!

  4. One thing will fix the pomp and hype. “It’s first and ten. Browns begin on their own 25. Johnny Manziel in the game, his first set of downs in the NFL, making history. He comes up to line. Split backs, two wide receivers. There’s the count. Johnny’s back to pass….he…he…scrambles to his right….he throws over the middle….and it is…..INTERCEPTED!”

  5. “Being a Heisman Trophy winner and coming out of college, he’s just under a bigger microscope.” I can’t recall too many other Heisman trophy winners getting anywhere near this level of attention. The spotlight shines a lot brighter around Johnny.

    Flame meet oxygen, yes we have combustion.

  6. Gotta respect Evans for sticking up for an X teammate. That doesn’t change a thing. Evans is the classic type B follower. He’s an introvert that makes me uncomfortable for him in interviews.

    He’s happy to be in the league and has nothing bad to say about Manziel, but his off the field behavior speaks louder than his words. So far, he’s shown to be the opposite, off the field – quiet and unassuming.

    It should be understood that Evans made Johnny, Johnny didn’t make him. His basketball background was needed to snag all those jump balls.

  7. I get Evans point and I suspect he’s right. But QB in the NFL is a year-round job any more, especially for rookies trying to drink from a fire hose in terms of the amount of stuff they need to learn in a short amount of time. Johnny had better be fully committed well before camp starts.

  8. If you wait until camp to be committed and devoted, my guess is that you’re committed and devoted to the money, and little else.

  9. that is like the kids that work for me saying “id work harder once I get that promotion”. Hard work is not a trait that every individual possesses.

    It will be interesting watching him… half the fans want him to blow up, and the other half want him to blow up

  10. Wow, talk about overhyped. The only thing left for the Browns to do is put a logo on their helmets. You know, Chicago has the “C”, Green Bay has the “G.” The Browns need a “J.” Of course, they need to lay the “J” on its side so when Johnny’s on his back, you can read his initial.

  11. He may get lit up by some defenses but I hioe he does well. It will be good for the nfl, for Cleveland, and a divsion that doesnt have many exciting players outside of Josh Gordon and AJ Green.
    Can we please stoo acting like the AFC North has a bunch of doomsday defenses. The Steelers have come and gone, the Ravens have a few aging guys and Ngata is too slow to catch Manziel, and the Bengals are purely efficient. The best chance of getting lit up is a late hit by Burfict.
    This is from a Dallas fan who knows my teams defense is terrible but our offense would put up 25+ on any AFC north team like we did to the Ravens the last time we played.

  12. Manziel is a good guy. Evans maybe even a better guy. Some guys come out you know they will be great because of their character. Mike Wallace, DeMaryius Thomas, Alshon Jeffery, jumped out at me that way. Mike Evans is the same type, and maybe more so.

  13. Something tells me the party will be over if he starts week one. Rookie QB with a patchwork receiving corp and suspect running game is a recipe for disaster.

    At least that way we won’t have to hear about him week two when he’s on season ending IR.

  14. He’ll be fine, otherwise we’ll have to read more about someone tying his shoe laces.
    He’s a kid, let him get some, drink some, and learn some from his teammates.
    I’m not even a Browns fan, just tired about hearing what he had for dinner every time he farts.

  15. IDk for sure how johnny football will play on the field but Darin Gantt’s last comment really irritated me. None of us know how his playing will translate to the NFL stage and most people are haters just simply because 1) their team didn’t draft him and 2)The kid is famous and doesn’t give a rats behind what any of us including lame sportswriters like Darin have to say about his lifestyle OFF the field.
    Its not his fault that everybody is fixated on him. Could he generate less media bs by laying low? Absolutely! but I give the kid credit for giving everyone the middle finger on whatever involves his personal life. Hate him all you want but making stupid predictions that his personal antics off the field mean anything on the field is a waste of time (wow offseason sucks for stories). We all have to wait and see and if the kid sucks I’ll be the 1st to admit it. Otherwise I’m just waiting it out to SEE what he actually does playing football!

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