Panthers like what they have at guard


Thanks to injuries, the Panthers had something of a revolving door at guard last season.

They saw several of their top candidates for starting jobs go down for the season, leading them to bring back veterans Travelle Wharton and Geoff Hangartner to help settle the situation. The scrambling worked out well enough for the Panthers to win the NFC South, but they’d surely like a more placid situation this season while they try to get tackles Byron Bell and Nate Chandler playing at a high level.

It’s a good thing that they’ve liked what they’ve seen from this year’s group, then. Amini Silatolu, one of the injured players from last season, and third-round pick Trai Turner have General Manager Dave Gettleman liking “what’s going on” and center Ryan Kalil says he’s been impressed with the men who are set to line up on either side of him.

“They look good, as good as they can look in pajamas,” Kalil said, via the Charlotte Observer. “I’m anxious and excited to see how they do when we get full pads on.”

Silatolu said he’s close to 100 percent after last year’s knee injury and the team is expecting Garry Williams, Edmund Kugbila and Chris Scott back at full health as well. Assuming the injury bug doesn’t strike again, that should give them a higher comfort level than they had last year even with things looking a bit less bright at tackle.

7 responses to “Panthers like what they have at guard

  1. Panthers priority problems: Players only
    1) OL
    3)Aging RBs(overpriced)
    4)DE (% of cap $)
    5)Return game (PR and KR)
    6)Cam’s health

  2. Did you know GM Dave Gettleman was O-lineman in college? IMO this is Gettleman’s pet project. It would be mine if I was an o-lineman. Then it explains his terms, Blue Goose, Hog Mollies, and LT Tackle feet.

    So I’m not worried about the o-line. I would think this o-line is under a microscope by him and he wants to make sure it’s right. Seriously when chandler is getting coached by our own coaching staff in Matsko’s 22 yrs. on the job and Browns 20 years playing 7 coaching then Chandler going to go practice under another o-lineman who played for 19 years who is now a coach to. Yeah I’m smiling for good reason.

    We all knew last year we were going younger on the o-line so this isn’t something new. The only problem is we lost Gross who was a rock at LT.
    Then going young across the board was the plan from the beginning. I think it was meant for Bell to go to the LT position and Chandler was the surprise who caught everyone off guard.

    It makes since that Chandler found favor with Gettleman after I read a while back G-man was an O-lineman. The puzzle makes since. Also makes since that Gettleman at the end of last season went around and grabbed LT’s & LG’s off practice squads and brought them in. Smooth move G-man.
    G-man, Matsko, Brown, O-line
    Ramsdell, Dorsey QB’s
    Pete Hoener TE’s
    Jim Skipper RB’s
    Proehl WR’s
    Rivera, Holcomb LB’s
    Washington DL
    Wilks DB’s
    Now don’t forget Rivera and McDermott coached on the same team before the Panthers,
    Ramsdell and Rivera coached together before the Panthers, Ramsdell, Matsko and Proehl coached and played together before the Panthers.
    Gettleman and John Fox coached and drafted tighter before the Panthers.

  3. LT is the only severe deficiency on this team. That’s an important spot, obviously. Silatolu was a second-round steal and has lots of promise. I think we’ll be much better than the world thinks we will.

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