Ron Rivera impressed with leadership Cam Newton’s showing


Other than a few surprise turns in 7-on-7s, Cam Newton was physically limited through OTAs and minicamp.

But the growth he’s showing in the mental game impressed his boss.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera said his quarterback has shown a remarkable grasp of the offense this offseason.

“Over the last 10 weeks, we’re seeing Cam maturing, and doing things in other ways to contribute and improve,” Rivera said, via Albert Breer of “It got to the point where Cam was installing things. He led the meetings. He was sitting with the receivers, the tight ends and helping them, not just standing next to [offensive coordinator Mike Shula]. You see stuff now you didn’t see before.”

That kind of growth will be essential, as Newton will have to overcome issues he didn’t have to deal with in the past. They’re sticking with an unproven group of competitors for the left tackle job, and have a bunch of question marks at wide receiver.

Throw in the ankle surgery that limited him to mental reps, and there’s more pressure on Newton than ever.

“I think it’s great when a guy can manage a game,” Rivera said. “But there comes a point where you have to make a play. He does that. He made some great plays, he had some teammates make great catches, great runs. But he’s the trigger guy, and that’s part of his growth. . . .

“The one thing you don’t ever want to do is put it all on one guy. That becomes hard. We want him to sense it — It’s time to make a play.”

The Panthers still have an exceptional defensive front seven, and enough help at running back to keep things balanced. But Newton is going to have to make plays on his own in the passing game, and they’re confident with the steps he’s taken, he’ll be able to.

18 responses to “Ron Rivera impressed with leadership Cam Newton’s showing

  1. Newton will be taking a pounding this year with the O-Line and WR problems.

    Add in any limits to his mobility and he may not make it through the season in one piece.

  2. It won’t be hard for Cam to show improvement over previous seasons; Sitting on the sideline with a towel on your head while pouting isn’t really a great leadership attitude. ANYthing more than that will be a tremendous improvement. The Panthers are one of the teams I really enjoy watching, so I hope Cam can pull it together and make another good run at a Championship. …But you’ll have to go through the NFC West again. So you gots to bring it!

  3. I love this time of year, the “feel-good” part of summer before training camp. Everyone is faster, smarter, bigger or smaller, catches better, knows the offense or defense better, they are all great. It stirs the fans’ hope and makes everyone happier. This is when – no matter your team’s history – that you can say “we have a chance!”

    Let’s face it, no coach is going to say “Oh my God I can’t believe how much this idiot has regressed!”

  4. I had my doubts when I relocated from Nashville to Charlotte a few years ago, but I must say, the locals were right … Cam Newton is proving to be everything we Titans fans were promised Vince Young would be.

  5. Come on Cam is fine he has just been cleared and is at a practice facility working on his game.
    Oh yeah those WR’s he is throwing to are probably auburn WR’s.
    I lol Cam or any great QB throw to new no name WR’s every year. Benjamin is a beast and caught passes from a Heisman QB and won a National Championship. Ohio States Corey Philly Brown was the go to WR. If I remember right Ohio State was in the hunt for the National Championship. It blew m away Brown didn’t get drafted and I’m tickled over it to.
    As far as I can tell Brady, Manning, Rogers and others throw to new WR’s every year. So what’s new about that.
    Did you know that the WR’s that Cam won his Heisman with didn’t make it in the NFL. Cm had only 3 players he threw to in the last three years and now 2 are gone.
    Mind blowing, just mind blowing. All media hype.

    O-line, hey everyone did you know that Dave Gettleman was an o-lineman in college and he might just know something about it. You should know John Matsko coached the o-line for Marshall Faulk and the Greatest Show on Turf.
    How About Ray Brown assistant o-line coach for the Panthers who played 20 years and in his last season was a starter in a playoff game.

    Speaking of o-line it’s no secret that last year we went younger on the o-line, injuries set in and G-man brought back some vets to fill in. These same young gun are back with a few additions.
    Nate Chandler has stepped it up and was the surprise player on the team last year and he took it to another level going and working with another o-line coach who played for 19 years as a starter.

    I’m laughing at rites an analyst because your not taking time to research. Rubber stamping articles is the norm I think.

    I would advise starting with the Panthers coaching staff like John Ramsdell who coached Kurt Warner, Trent Green, Marc Bulger and Phillip Rivers and the Chargers decided to clean house. LOL

    This was Gettleman’s smartest move as new GM, he didn’t cut anyone on the coaching staff but added to it. Even added back RB coach Jim Skipper who coached 8 RB’s to over 1000 yard seasons, TE Coach Pete Hoener coached up Vernon Davis.

    Think about this. Rivera was a LB with the Chicago Bears, who is the perfect fit for Rivera’s Defense. one of the top 3 players in the NFL Luke Kuechly.

    Panthers is the team you have 2 Freak of Natures on both side of the ball at both of most important positions on any team and your worried. Come on.

    I want to see opposing defenses play the Panthers 11 on 10 Cam will laugh at you.

    Don’t think for a minute our own defense can’t play you 11 on 10 it’s coming and you don’t want to feel it. Panthers aren’t worried about the WR’s they are coming for your QB. Stop the QB, stop the offense. Doesn’t matter who the WR’s are or TE’s.

    Man I can go on all day. Panthers haven’t missed a beat, just watch what the rotation does to opposing teams.

  6. You can say what you want about Cam, but the dude has really grown and matured. He has progressively got better each year with little to no help on the offensive side, and he continues to get better. Yeah, people will still spew their idiotic comments about him (SCam Newton, etc.), but since arriving to the NFL he has stayed out of trouble, kept to himself, and learned to be a leader which showed last year. And for you people that continue to talk about the towel on the head, you do realize that he does that even when they score a TD right? You people just find anything do dog on him about. I am proud and excited to have Cam as our QB!

  7. “You don’t want to put it all on one guy…”
    “He’s the trigger man…”

    Um…isn’t that the job description of the Quarterback, you ARE THE GUY. You are the one that runs the offense and makes it all happen. It is all on you. The Quarterback is the guy that is supposed to make all of the people around him better.

  8. “The Quarterback is the guy that is supposed to make all of the people around him better.”

    He does. He revived Steve Smith’s career after it looked like it would be his last season, he revived Ginn’s career after people said he was all washed up, and he made LaFail get a good payday.

    “Hello Kitty is purely a game manager! No potential to ever be more.”

    This is obviously a troll comment. No way does a “game manager” break all kinds of passing and rushing records and make 2 pro bowls just being a game manager.

  9. Yup, I guess leading 4 game winning drives, 3 game winning TD drives, and throwing clutch game winning TD passes against playoff teams with elite QBs (Patriots/Saints) is all part of being a game manager.

    I guess all game managers have elite arm strength and elite mobility as well LOL

    Cam’s already a 61.7% passer. With ankle surgery and better footwork, better WR talent, and a switch to a 2 TE offense (which Cam thrives in), that can go up to 63%.

  10. Cam will lead our Panthers to multiple Super Bowl wins. It is as inevitable as tax day.

  11. Funny how the “experts” were knocking Cam’s leadership skills. I guess the just dismissed the fact that he won National Championships at 2 different universities, back-to-back years.

    You could tell from day one in Carolina that he can lead a football team. Players gravitate towards him and he doesn’t let them down.

    Absolutely thrilled to have Cam on the Panthers, and more than excited to watch him grow into the player I believe he will grow into.

    Keep Pounding Cam!!!

  12. LOL at Rivera

    he knows Cam has limited potential and skills.. but also knows he was drafted 1 and heavily marketed…. so he is kind of stuck with him for awhile…. turning him in to a game manager did work but that can only go so far

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