Titans coordinator talks up Jake Locker: “He’s worked his butt off”


First-year Titans offensive coordinator Jason Michael says fourth-year quarterback Jake Locker should be ready for big things this season.

Michael told the team’s website that Locker, who missed nine games last season and is recovering from foot surgery, is showing exactly the kind of dedication that a team expects from its franchise quarterback.

“From day one, he’s worked his butt off from rehabilitation of his foot to jumping in the playbook, to how he’s gone about his preparation on the field,” Michael said. “It’s been a frustrating go at times with his foot, but he’s never shown it. He’s a poised man. I’m excited about working with him. He does some good things that we’ve already seen.”

The Titans didn’t pick up the fifth-year option on Locker’s rookie contract, meaning Locker becomes a free agent after the upcoming season. If Locker is going to make big money next year, he’s going to have to earn it with a big season this year. If Locker keeps working his butt off, he may reap the financial rewards in March. But if he continues to be plagued by injuries, he may find himself just competing to be a backup somewhere. If he can’t stay healthy, it doesn’t matter how hard Locker works.

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  1. Hope he plays well. What people fail to realize is the more talented individuals in the game, the better the game is, the longer it will be around.

  2. Destined to be a backup. Not drafting his successor was a mistake. The Jags will compete with Indy for the division.

    Texans can get in the mix with above average QB play. (not likely) Titans finish last.

  3. I hope Jason is correct. His father was my neighbor growing up, a very successful high school football coach in his own right. We chat now and then. I’m not a Titans fan but I will be sending good thoughts to them this year. Just wanted to give a shout-out to Jason Michael, guys. So c’mon Jake. Don’t screw it up!! 🙂

  4. The last time I liked an unproven QB this much it was the late ’90s. (Steve McNair)

    Right now there are only a few people on the Jake Locker bandwagon–including the driver and the guy riding shotgun. … Better get on board while there’s plenty of room.

  5. Drafted to early, funny thing is Vikings wanted him bad, even funnier is he was suppose to be the #1 pick his Junior year.

  6. Not sure why people are surprised. Locker ran the WING-T in high school for crying out loud. He barely ever passed and he just ran around (or over) people at Ferndale H.S. He was like the biggest and fastest kid in a pee wee league but he couldn’t pass the ball. An amazing athlete, but a reason many programs recruited him as a safety.

  7. Aside the injuries Jake’s only issue he’s ever had is accuracy from the pocket. I’ve watched him for 10+ years now and he is one hack of a football player.

    Move him a bit from the pocket and he’s deadly accurate, but stationary the ball sometimes sails. He’s always been a hard, hard worker, team leader, great athlete and better person.

    I hope the guy has a huge season for the Titans. He deserves it. His team deserves it. And Titan fans deserve it.

  8. Jake Locker is the future of Titans football. If he avoids the injury bug this year Tennessee will offer him a real contract.

  9. I would not have drafted Jake, but I admire his willing heart. I sincerely hope he becomes the QB we need him to be. May God bless him with an outstanding year.

  10. I wish Locker the best this season. Most Titans fans know that he has shown at times he can be a really really good QB, his only down fall is being injury prone. The Titans may surprise some people this season!!

  11. Lol @ Jags fan up there. Listen, if (big if) Locker can stay healthy I really think he can be special. But Bortles, dude has bust written all over him. I actually hope he turns out ok because I miss the Titans-Jags rivalry from the late 90s early 2000s when both teams were pretty good. But I just don’t see it. Even if he winds up being pretty good, the Jags are still gonna be last place in the division this year. For starters, Henne is still your starter. And there just isn’t enough talent on that team to compete yet. Wasting high picks on Blackmon & Gabbert were killers. And then not trading MJD when he still had value was also a mistake.

  12. Jake Locker and Sam Bradford are two guys that have to drive their teams’ fans crazy. They’re a couple ticks short of being legit, but yet they’re good enough to keep their GMs from bringing in anyone who might have a chance to be an upgrade.

  13. Lot of players going into make or break seasons this year. Jake is definitely one of them. After what I saw of him briefly last season, I’m pretty far over on the “he’s going to succeed” side of the thought spectrum. But those injuries, wow… Arm strength issues aside (it’s just 3rd on my list of QB attributes ranked in order of importance), I always thought Chad Pennington could have been one of the greats if not for the same issues. But you can’t be great when you only have two 16-game seasons in 11 years. Hopefully Jake doesn’t go that route.

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