Todd Haley: Steelers receivers as deep a group as I’ve been around


Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has come to like working with offensive coordinator Todd Haley and Haley has come to like working with the Pittsburgh receiving corps.

The Steelers have lost three of their top wide receivers over the last two years with Mike Wallace, Jerricho Cotchery and Emmanuel Sanders all leaving as free agents. Antonio Brown remains, but, outside of Lance Moore, none of the other players currently on the roster have much history as effective pass catchers in the NFL. That isn’t stopping Haley from calling the group as deep as any other one he’s coached in his career.

“It’s as deep a group as I’ve been around from top to bottom,” Haley said, via “I think some guys that are pretty good football players probably won’t make the team.”

In addition to those Steelers wideouts, Haley also coached Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn with Dallas and Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin in Arizona so he has been around some productive receiver groups multiple times in his career.

The difference between this group and others that Haley has coached is that those other groups were made up of players with established track records. Markus Wheaton, Justin Brown and Martavis Bryant have a lot of promise, but they haven’t translated on the field at this point. They’ll need to do that to prove Haley correct and the Steelers will be looking pretty strong offensively if they do.

49 responses to “Todd Haley: Steelers receivers as deep a group as I’ve been around

  1. 11-5 this year boys!!!!!With Ben running no huddle and a improved faster d! Can’t wait for the season. HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!

  2. Last years #2 NFL WR, the return to health of the best all around TE in the league, the addition of an experienced vet in Moore plus two 6’3+, -4.3 speed guys in Bryant and J. Brown. Oh yeah, last years 3rd round pick Markus Wheaton is now healthy.

    Add Dri Archer to that list as he will be catching a lot of passes.

    Before the Steelers were too old, now they’re too inexperienced and unknown. The haters stay blind to the fact.

    But thats none of my business tho…

  3. That group in Arizona was pretty special. Hope Haley doesn’t write a check that can’t be cashed. ALL the blame will be placed on Haley — by the media, fan base and quarterback — should the offense sputter as it has since 2008. I wish Haley well.

  4. OK let me get this straight, these dudes is as deep as Larry Fitz, A Boldin and Steve Breaston along with Early Doucet knowing the the first three of that group all having 1000 or more yards with Warner at the helm in one season?


  5. Ya can’t win every Superbowl. Ya can only hope to win the most. Oh wait! The Steelers have done that. Sorry if that sounds arrogant, it’s just that I am so tired of seeing the AFC North represented so poorly. Sorry Cincy. The Bungles name didn’t come out of nowhere. Pitt has the pieces in place and are ready to resume.

  6. This group of wideouts is exceptional. Snagging Moore was just a bonus – and a very nice one at that. Great group.

    Expect the Steeler offense to excel in 2014 for a LOT of reasons at RB, OL, TE/WR and QB.

  7. Is it any wonder this guy didn’t cut it as a head coach? Seriously Haley, you had Fitz and Boldin together in their primes down in Arizona and you try to convince us this group of waterboys and peanut sellers in Pittsburgh is the deepest group of Wideouts you’ve been around? Come on man.

  8. It’s been a long day already, I needed a good laugh. I don’t question Brown, he’s legit but to say this team is deeper than what he had in Zona is a funny way to inspire the team, fans and organization.

  9. Steelers always find a way to be competitive, that Mike Tomlin is a hell of a coach. They gotta make a push while Ben is still relatively healthy.

  10. Line em’ up and let em’ work! That 4th or 5th WR should be able to beat most teams 3rd or 4th CB and/or linebacker. Add some play action, maybe some motion along the line with Dri Archer, because if he gets a step, he’s gone!

  11. Torrey smith > a brown. Marlon brown> Wheaton. Pitta > Heath miller. My dog > the rest of the steelers roster.

  12. Hope springs eternal.
    Until week 1.
    Can’t wait to see ben spun around and sacked!
    These receivers won’t even get close enough to drop a pass, that’ll be week 2.

  13. Some people apparently can’t read. He said as deep as any wr corp he has had. Didn’t say that they were the best receivers he has ever had. Brown is a proven option and isn’t a one trick pony. We will see how it pans out but the potential is there.

  14. Bold prediction – Markus Wheaton will have a Mike Wallace type imapact for the steelers, only Wheaton will run better routes and display better hands.

    Lance Moore will be a great and very reliable slot WR for Ben.

    Martavis Bryant is going to shock some people and will have a Burress type impact on the steelers offense … Eventually… I’m not sure how much of an impact he’ll have on their offense this year though because he’s going to be the #4 wr

  15. Is it Backyard Ben or Bathroom Ben? This will be the last year of the Haley experiment.

  16. I’m glad Haley feels this way, really I am.
    Because he’s going to need to do a lot of scoring this year with a no name, no pass rush D-line and a secondary that still has Ike Taylor watching passes sail over his head.
    Yeah, Todd. That’s great.

  17. After Brown, a two-time team MVP and one of the top 5 receivers in the league, where’s the proven depth? And to compare that unproven “depth” to Fitzgerald, Boldin and Breaston is a little premature, don’t you think?
    Seriously, I don’t understand how “fans” can be excited about players who have never played at the NFL level. Chuck Noll used to say that everyone looks good in their underwear.
    Haley obviously is being publicly optimistic, but that can be a dangerous thing, especially with a local sports media waiting to crucify him at the first opportunity.

  18. Deep WRs??? Good, just another excuse he can’t use when the horrible play calling costs them games and at the end of the year he and Tomlin both get the axe.

  19. his nose is growing,Isee it all the way here in Baltimore.. Ravens are going bowling and not to the alleys either!!!

  20. Just you wait, naysayers; Todd Haley has good reasons for his optimism.

    Antonio Brown and Lance Moore have –barring something unforeseen– their wideout and slot receiver positions locked up. Despite what other sources say, the other three receiver positions are still open, with five fast, talented candidates — Justin Brown, Martavis Bryant, Darius Heyward-Bey, Derek Moye and Marcus Wheaton– vying for those positions. Wheaton now has the inside track on starting, but…the competition promises to be fierce, and will only make whoever’s left standing all-the-better for the experience.

    In fact, I expect to see at least one of those receivers who don’t ‘make the cut’ winding up starring for another NFL team, as Haley implied.

  21. Haley obviously is being publicly optimistic, but that can be a dangerous thing, especially with a local sports media waiting to crucify him at the first opportunity.

    Einstein, would you rather have him say they stink? Of course he is being positive. He need not worry about the media with the likes of this poster egging the faithful into a negative frenzy.
    Reading his statement closely and putting in perspective the position of the man who said it would make you take what he said less seriously. But why do that when you have a chance to be negative.

    The receivers must be showing him something to say this and the poster has nothing to base his doubts but years of being a local expert.cough cough.

  22. Haleys right. The steelers are very deep at wr. It should make for some great competition in camp. There will be another eventual Pro-Bowler from this group especially when you have a HOF like Big Ben throwing you the ball. Its not something the haters like to hear.

  23. Justin Brown is having a good offseason so far, but just to set the record straight about the WR’s or any position is contractually we couldn’t have played Brown, Wheaton much last year anyway. For those saying we don’t know what we have. Now I’m not saying they’ll be stars, but when Wallace, Brown, and Sanders signed their contracts they were guaranteed 50, 40, and 40 plays a game respectively. And seeing that there is about 60 offensive plays in a game there’s not much left for anyone else. Also don’t forget Heath Miller who has and will get a lot of targets this year as well. We are loaded this year, and I will boldly say when we click as a team this year offensively we will be one of the best I believe.

  24. This is a potentially a good group of WR’s. I think the Steelers will be putting a lot of points on the board this year with a balanced attack. Sorry Steeler haters, your going to be in for a looong year in 2014!

  25. Why is everyone forgetting Derrick Moye? That kid looked damn good in the limited play time he got last season.

  26. When Haley speaks I get my hip boots out.With that said, and not of his doing but we should have an awesome ground game this year,a better line with Munchak running the show,and a healthy Ben.Time to send Cinci back to the cellar.

  27. Another pro bowler from the group and future hall of famer Ben? The fans are as delusional as Haley?

  28. The #2 recv’r, tbd, will be very productive this season. Too many good weapons to cover, and a great mix of experience and youth. Wheaton/Brown/Bryant will have a great opportunity – take advantage, boys.

  29. Antonio Brown, Heath Miller and Moore are proven, anyone doubting that hasn’t been watching football games in years. If they are healthy and the ones starting, the Steelers and their fans are going to be very happy with their production.

    Wheaton, Justin Brown, Dri Archer and Derrick Moye are young and unproven, but have shown great work habits and appear to have excellent upside. Bryant has the most upside of all of them, but we’ll see if he works hard enough to actualize it. Heyward-Bey, is, umm, very fast. And kind of big, too. But probably not going to make the team unless he’s a special teams monster.

    Overall as a unit: Pretty good, with the potential to be great. I can’t wait to watch them play the games! Go Steelers 🙂


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