Brad Allen replaces Mike Carey as NFL referee


Last month, the NFL announced its roster of game officials for 2014.  With veteran referee Mike Carey taking a job with CBS, the league needed to amend the list.  And in lieu of bumping up a current non-referee into the job, the league has gone to the college ranks and hired a referee.

The NFL has announced that ACC referee Brad Allen will replace Carey, moving the number of new officials to a lucky 13.  A participant in the league’s advanced training program in 2013, Allen was assigned during his apprentice period to Carey’s crew.

The other two new referees, Ronald Torbert and Craig Wrolstad, were elevated from other NFL officiating positions.

“Our first-year officials were all among the best in college football, including Brad Allen, one of our new referees,” NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino said in a release. “Brad was an outstanding referee for many years in the ACC and we are excited about having him on the field.  Ron and Craig have proven to be outstanding NFL officials and they also are ready to assume the referee position.”

Assuming the position is something that various NFL teams and coaches will do from time to time when on the wrong end of inevitable bad calls. Regardless of the quality of the officials, the human eye can only see so much in real time, especially when the human eye resides in a body that is trying to preserve itself amid a swarm of large men wearing layers of plastic armor.

That’s why, in addition to finding the best possible officials, the league should embrace all available technologies that would allow calls to quickly and efficiently be reviewed after the fact — or ideally to be made in the first place.

15 responses to “Brad Allen replaces Mike Carey as NFL referee

  1. Damn…I grew to love Carey’s enthusiastic calls. #20! DEFENSE! I used to think he was more enthusiastic calling against my team, but then I realized he was like that for everyone.

  2. I wonder how much CBS offered Carey for his new position. He was by far the best the NFL had. He was always very thorough with his explanations. Hopefully Brad Allen can fill his shoes.

  3. You could write a book on how the game could be improved through the use of technology and a logical system for making calls and getting things right no matter what. The NFL won’t come close to having a good system for at least 20 years in my opinion. They are too far away and don’t seem to have the capacity to figure this stuff out.

  4. Change the Chiefs name?? Just because a word is used to describe the leader (Ex. Commander in chief) is used by Natives doesn’t mean it’s offensive.

    She is basically saying that if they were called the Presidents that all Americans should be up in arms. That is just ridiculous.

  5. I may be over simplifying this officiating bit, but I keep thinking something that sounds so simple and effective. With the emphasis on “getting it right” and keeping the games tempo and rhythm, the once or twice during a game that the call is obviously blown, take a timeout, have ALL officials huddle, take a poll of what EACH one saw, then call it/change it – whatever. Huddling would take all of 30 seconds to a minute. And a “second” opinion that gets it right could result.

  6. The NFL is losing a great one in Carey. He may have been the best official they had.


  7. I am going to miss Mike Carey’s emphatic “points as to whom the offender is.

    “Pass intterference…DEFENSE!”

    My brother and I have been watching for where he popped up on Sunday for the past 10 or so years because of the way he “points,” it’s almost like Michael Irvin’s “First Down” motion, but from a totally stoic man in a referee uniform.

    Hard to believe that man is 66. I hope I look that good at that age.

  8. The first rule is greenbay can hold all they want that’s how we keep a hick town in the NFL rule number 2 is they can have fake stock sales to buy things rule number 3 Kaepernik is the sole owner of this team!!!

  9. The Ravens were always screwed on calls and Tom Brady and the Patriots were always favored —- except when Mike Carey was officiating. In the world of “let me call this to help the Patriots” Mr. Tuck Rule Walt Coleman, there was a Mike Carey that called them evenly. I am going to miss Mike Carey.

    Too bad Walt Coleman wasn’t given a job as manager of the New England Patriot Cheerleaders. He has been doing that job for quite a while, he should be acknowledge and paid for it. Well…actually he likely was paid for it.

  10. Mike Carey was an excellent referee. I often felt that he snuck a little “spirit of the rule” judgment into his work, and I’m not sure that’s what the NFL wants, but I liked it.

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