Brandon Carr vows to step it up in Dallas this year


The Cowboys’ defense was a mess last year, and Brandon Carr knows he needs to do something about that.

Carr, the veteran cornerback who’s heading into the third year of a five-year, $50 million contract, says he expects to have his biggest season in 2014.

“I just feel like this year it’s time for me to step it up bigger than I have in my six years in the NFL and come out there and produce and make the plays on my side of the ball and also get my guys going, need to get my guys going this year,” Carr said on KRLD, via the Dallas Morning News.

The Cowboys promoted Rod Marinelli to defensive coordinator this season and shifted Monte Kiffin to assistant head coach, and Carr said that’s not a significant change, but it may make the Cowboys a more aggressive team.

“I think our philosophy has changed. Just want to be a little bit more aggressive in the back end — kind of put some more weight on our shoulders,” Carr said.

We hear vows to step it up and promises of more aggressiveness on defense often in the offseason. In the case of the Cowboys, an improvement on defense is a necessity if they’re going to get out of their 8-8 rut and into the playoffs.

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  1. I’m a Cowboys fan and I’m sorry, but I just can’t see us being anything but a disaster this year. If we win more than four games, I will consider 2014-15 a successful season… 1) because 5+ wins would be a surprise; and, 2) a 4-12 record would surely get The Ginger fired.

  2. Aggressive sounds good, but logical technical positioning and movement would be even better to help make plays and to shut down opposing offenses. Play smarter and harder!

  3. And anybody that believes this is crazy!

    Im waiting for some Cowboy fan to say the same thing about Morris Claiborne!!!

    Good luck trying to cover Garcon,D Jax,Riley Cooper,Jeremy Maclin and Victor Cruz!!!!!

    They were ranked 32nd in defense for a reason.No need to believe they will be elite over nite!

  4. He also said he was excited to play against Calvin Johnson. Meanwhile Johnson put up numbers that would have been impressive for 3 games in just 1.

    Yawn. When the Cowboys are actually good, wake me up.

  5. As a Cowboy fan I think he knows he had better or he gonna get cut next offseason. Frankly, it’s hard for me to in vision him not being cut because the rate he is getting paid. He can be very good but, at his pay grade he should be one of best corners in the game. Playing the cover 2; I didn’t think he can deliver. He is best suited as a press man corner and he’s not a top 5 guy at that.

  6. How about this Dallas??? NOBODY in the entire organization say ANYTHING about how good this year is going to be. Just shut up, practice hard, and play to win every game one at a time. Tired of all the meaningless hype…

  7. You are in the 3rd year of a 5 year/$50 mill contract and now decide you are going to play well? Dallas should get a refund for the 1st 2 years as apparantly the millions you were given were unearned.

  8. Since Rob Ryan was first hired I’ve heard the word “Aggressive” used over and over again. Now three coordinators later, all I can say is, SHOW IT.

    Worst defense in history last year. It’s put up or shut up time. Tired of hearing Carr making promises and proclamations. Tired of Bruce Carter playing like he’s never been on a field before. Tired of Mo Claiborne doing everything he can to prove he’s a bust. Just play your position, stop the offense 3 times, and get off the field. The window on all the talent in Dallas is all but closed.

    This year…get it done.

  9. He’s right. If Carr knuckles down and the defense gels, the Cowboys could go 8-8 or maybe even 8-8.

  10. As an eagles fan, I’m loving hue cowboys right now. Jerry jones has allas ( no D) in cap hell and with their best two defensive players gone ( Ware and Lee) they have no shot at contending for the division; but Romo is just good enough to keep them from being at the top of the draft. The cowboys should be once again this year drafting in the middle of the first round.

  11. Now,..hold on a gall darn minute! There is a silver lining in those high ratings for the tee vee. Monday stats come out for coaches, but nowadays they don’t give Coach Jerry a copy. They just give him a copy of tee vee Guide.

  12. Problem with Brandon Carr is that’s overrated and doesn’t know it. Chiefs knew it and the Cowboy’s overpaid dearly for him. Decent but not worth near what they paid.

  13. Jason Garret is the problem…. His offense will finally look good this year due to the revamped O-Line but the defense is what it is.. crap. Red Jesus needs to get fired.

    Our luck they will win 10 games and make the playoffs only to lose in the first round and JJ will give him a 3 year extension

  14. well what does that mean,last year he didnt go all out.come on its the same old dallas story,put the star on and players think thier entitled to be good.Wake up carr you have to earn it every year.Thats why dallas hasnt won a superbowl since 90 s.That and soft coaching.

  15. Na, it doesn’t mean “last year he didnt go all out”. Of course he did. What it means is he’s lost weight and Marinelli has already told folks he’s going to use more man coverage this year since he recognizes that both Carr & Claiborne are much better in man coverage than they are in zone. Although the Tampa 2 calls for a lot of zone coverage, Marinelli is smart enough to change the scheme to fit the talents of his players and not try to force them into the scheme.

  16. Brandon’s play on the field is a human highlight film, it’s too bad it’s not highlights of him playing well, it’s highlights of his opponents playing well. If you don’t believe me watch when they show receiver highlights of teams playing the cowboys, Brandon is always getting beat. He reminds me of Ron Francis, always chasing the receiver, arrrrrggggg.

  17. I’m telling you cowboy fans, that kiffin zone D was crap. With us going back to mostly man defence. We are going to be 100% better than last year. Carr is a much better corner in man than he is in zone. And Claibourne will step up this year. The secondary is young, and they have a big chip on their shoulders. They stunk up the league so bad last year, they where the butt of every defencive joke. So get ready because you want see it coming. If you’re a true Boys fan, you Will have a little faith. Remember 1-15

  18. This team is a joke. The head coach (who is supposedly an offensive guru) doesn’t call the offensive plays. But that’s ok, the offensive coordinator calls the plays. Oh no, you would be wrong, the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys doesn’t call the plays. What??? Well at least our owner wants to win and hires the best GM money can buy. Nope, he’s in charge of personnel matters.

    Thus, the 1 playoff win in the last 18 yrs.


  20. And anybody that believes this is crazy!

    Im waiting for some Cowboy fan to say the same thing about Morris Claiborne!!!

    Good luck trying to cover Garcon,D Jax,Riley Cooper,Jeremy Maclin and Victor Cruz!!!!!

    They were ranked 32nd in defense for a reason.No need to believe they will be elite over nite!

    Lol, even ranked 32 in Defense Dallas was 5-1 against the receivers you just named. Try again!

  21. It’s appropriate to say things like this when you are paid 400% more then you are worth which is the case for Carr and Romo.

  22. Funny all I hear from are guys who obviously hate my boys. But I don’t hear them saying anything about their team. As bad as 8-8 is, three years in a row one game away from winning their devision. A devsion that was, not to long ago the power house devision. Dallas will be just fine. At season end we’ll be in the hunt once again for the NFC east. And if Carr’s A – S has to get burned on the way there. Then so be it. ( If Carr was a relative would you worry about him being over paid.)

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