Cam Newton wants young players to see his smile isn’t fake


Of all the things said about Cam Newton before he became the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the dumbest was said by Nolan Nawrocki, a draft analyst who believed Newton would fail in the NFL in part because he has a “fake smile.” Newton has proved his pre-draft doubters wrong, but he hasn’t forgotten.

Newton has brought up the “fake smile” thing before, and he brought it up again today at the 7-on-7 tournament for youth football players that the Cam Newton Foundation hosts in Charlotte. Newton told the Charlotte Observer that when he spends time around young players, he does so in the hopes that he’ll see he genuinely cares about their development.

“They’re looking to see why I do it,” Newton said. “‘Why does he keep wearing a smile? Is it a fake smile? Is it something that’s genuine?’ For me to be around these kids, it puts it all into perspective for me. This is why I work out. This is why I always try to keep my image as flawless as possible. Because for those kids, I go from a hero to a guy where they can say, ‘Oh Cam, he’s just like us.’”

Newton said he tries to get to know young people well enough that they’ll feel comfortable talking to him, and not just to ask for an autograph.

“I think it’s even more important to be accessible,” Newton said. “To be touched and looked at and talked to. Some of these kids are screaming for help by the attitudes and their personas. They may not know how to ask, ‘Hey Cam, how do you feel about this?’ But for me being around them, they may feel more comfortable to ask questions.”

That sounds genuine.

39 responses to “Cam Newton wants young players to see his smile isn’t fake

  1. Don’t worry Cam we all know the pouting on the sideline with a towel over your head is genuine.

  2. If you have a problem with Cam Newton, then you probably aren’t spending your time wisely to identify problems.

    All I’m hearing here is passion to help kids and to be a super man of a role model. That’s authentically awesome.

  3. I don’t think anyone said he would fail because of a “fake smile.”

    I am glad he is at least trying to project a positive image for children because whether athletes like it or not, they are role models for children.

    How many kids watch a baseball player and then grab a huge wad of bubble gum and stick it up in their cheek?

    How many kids imitate their favorite player’s endzone dance or celebration when they make a play?

    To kids, these guys are their super heroes.

    Good for Cam.

  4. Only the most ardent haters and the defenders of wanting to “turn back the clock”, ever bought that “fake smile” junk. Most of us saw it for what it was, a whisper to those who were socially invested in your failure. The same ones who say Bridgewater is not intelligent, though they never met him and the ones who bash Geno Smith any chance they get, even when he’s not in the discussion

    Real NFL fans are over it and so should you be over it. Just concentrate on improving, getting healthy and staying ahead of Nate, who is still “loosening up his arm.”

    Keep soaring Superman.

  5. None of this matters. He’ll never win anything at the NFL level because he’ll just never be good enough to play well on the big stage.

  6. After 2014, there will be a reboot at coach and GM in Charlotte, WHOOOO, BY GOD, North Carolina!

    After 2015, there will be a reboot at QB. Live it up now while up can Cam!

  7. The fake smile is to try and distract defenses from the fact that he can’t read them. Hello kitty.

  8. I think he’s probably a very genuine and decent guy who likes helping kids.

    I don’t think he’s a great quarterback yet and I also don’t think the Carolina Panthers are putting him in the best position to become great. I have no faith in the management of that team.

  9. You watch Newton every time Carolina scores a TD. He’ll pick the ball up go to the end zone seats and give the ball to a different kid every time. Guy is for real.

  10. He has not succeeded at anything yet. Vince Young made the Pro Bowl twice. And, he’s just trying to get the young guys’ confidence so he can steal their laptops computers.

    sCam Newton will never win anything other than Loser of the Year. Carolina will slide back to mediocrity this year and he will blame the Coach, GM, weather, his shoes, the media, and his great grandpappy.

  11. All the pouting on the sidelines and his behaior at the Pro Bowl. No respect of the game obviously. Then that smile is way cheesy. Why fake smile all the time?

  12. Guy has a clean haircut, wears a suit and articulates during press conferences. Only QBs wanting to be the best project that way,being a professional at their job. There are a host of teams who would want his as their starter, towel and all. Appreciate that he wants to present a positive image even if it’s fake.

  13. The Superman I used to watch did super human things, great things.

    This “Superman”, not so much, great at pouting though.

  14. For all the towel posters; get a grip. You know where you find Peyton Manning during a loss? Sitting alone on the bench with his head in his helmet; he doesn’t take it off if he loses. If Manning wins a game he puts on a hat or at the very least removes his helmet, if he loses (especially if he’s had a bad game) he hides in his helmet.

    Where do you find Cam Newton when he’s losing? Usually alone on the sidelines with a towel over his head. Where do you find him when he’s winning? With a towel on his head. Does the man sulk? Yes. Does Manning sulk? Yes. Does Brady sulk? Well just watch his reaction after the Panthers beat him last season. Doesn’t even congratulate the winners; because he’s too busy complaining (that’s about the nicest way to put what he was doing) to the ref.

    Truth is the only NFL QBs that take losing well are the scrubs. I’d rather have a player pissed and sulking than happy after a loss.

  15. How is one winning season in three proving people wrong? He’s made tons of money, but only won a single divisional title.

  16. I didn’t care for Cam when he came out.

    But, I don’t pass judgment that quickly.

    Of course he was young. I wanted to see if he’d improve.

    Not only did he improve, he started off at a high level.

    Now, I’m NOT a Cam fan, an SEC fan or a fan of his pro team.

    I went to a Big Ten school for college and I root for the Bears.

    But Cam’s QB rating for his 3 seasons are as follows:


    He began a very good rating and he’s IMPROVED it each season…

    His career QB rating is 86.4

    Let’s check some others…

    Eli Manning career QB rating 81.2
    Joe Flacco career QB rating 83.7

    Cam only has a career completion % of 59.8

    But Eli Manning’s career completion % is 58.5%

    Flacco’s career completion % is 60.2%

    Cam has throw an INT on 2.8% of his career passes.

    Eli has thrown an INT on 3.4% of his career passes.

    Flacco at a very good 2.5%

    Is CAM great, one of the best in the league yet? No, he isn’t.

    But, especially for his first 3 seasons, when many young QB’s struggle, Cam has done well.

    Eli’s first yr… 48.2% completion % and only a 55.4 QB rating.

    Yes, Eli WAS polished at dealing with the press, came from a GREAT family, was privileged growing up etc…

    And Eli IS good (not great, but he is good).

    So, even though I am NOT a fan of Cam’s, he IS acquitting himself quite well…

  17. Its not all about stats…. Does Cam have the ‘it’ factor that all the greats have? The answer right now is a resounding NO.

  18. I absolutely love Cam Newton. Hahah you haters wish he was your qb of the future…btw, I feel embarrassed for Kap everytime I watch and listen to him speak. I mean seriously dude, you look and dress like a 14 year old. I would be so embarrassed to be a niner fan.

  19. People want Cam Newton to fail so bad. You would think he did something to their family. Well, get used to it people because Cam is not going anywhere for a LONG time. It’s easy to criticize somebody sitting on their computer, isn’t it haters?

  20. So many haters in the comments. I love it. What are most of you, Florida fans who are mad he left your school and won a title at Auburn? Maybe Bama fans mad about that comeback? Or perhaps just good old fashioned racists.

    And the towel comments are great. I guess Michael Jordan used to pout under his towel all the time too.

  21. he is trying but….

    just don’t see the skills or potential to be a top QB in Cam; think he is best in game manager role as last year

    he is big but not nearly as talented as many of the other young QBs…… Luck, RG3, Tannehill, Kaepernick… maybe even Wilson

  22. Why does Cam bring up the “fake smile” comments? Because he is aware there are people out there who truly believe Cam is the only human being that ever stole a laptop, that he’s the only athlete to ever have a father try to score cash off the son’s name, taht he’s the only human being to ever sulk after a defeat, that he’s the only football player in history to do an end zone celebration, and that since he’s the only human being to ever do these things, he must be viewed as the ultimate definition of evil for the rest of his natural life.

    Adults, on the other hand, view him as someone who did a few dumb things between ages 18-22, but has since matured a great deal, that he has immense talent with Bo Jackson speed and a linebacker’s body, who realizes that as the QB of an NFL team, he is revered by many, especially children, and is trying to live up to those responsibilities on and off the field.

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