Case Keenum wants to throw to Andre Johnson


Texans backup quarterback Case Keenum wants to work on his craft during the break before training camp.

And he wants to do so with a guy none of the Texans’ quarterbacks threw to this offseason.

Kennum told Dave Zangaro of that he wanted to get together with disgruntled wide receiver Andre Johnson, who has stayed away from all team activities.

Asked if he was going to call Johnson, Keenum smiled and said “Yeah, I might.”

“Dre is Dre, you know?” Keenum said. “Obviously, he’s done a lot of things around this league, especially here in Houston. And I’m one of his biggest fans. He’s a heckuva player and it’s definitely an honor to step on the field with him. It makes me bring my game up. It makes me want to improve myself and do what I do better. He has that quality to bring out the best in other people and it’s something that I’ve definitely learned from.”

Of course, Johnson would make the Texans better by simply showing up for work, but at this stage no one knows when that will be.

15 responses to “Case Keenum wants to throw to Andre Johnson

  1. Over rated!!!! How many playoff appearances do the Texans have w/ him playing 2? Trade him before other teams realize he’s more hyperbole than talent.

  2. If the Texans keep this up for a few more years, then that Charles Rogers pick is looking like the one they should have made. At least the Lions only blew a small number of millions on him to not win Super Bowls. Win with Dre or trade him, or you are fools like in every previous season that you did neither of those.

  3. I mean just trade the guy. He’s 33 and he doesn’t want to play with stop gap qb fitzpatrick. Then get used to a rookie starting next year. There has been no player (especially at the wr position) less selfish than Andre over the past 10 years. Just get what you can for him and let him go somewhere so he can stack some stats. We all know his TD total is what bothers him. Give him what he wants and let him play for a allstar qb. Heck, O’brien can just tell Billy Boy he owes him one in the future, give andre up on the cheap and figure it out a year or two from now.

  4. Andre needs to show up and honor the contract the Texans redid for him when they did not have to but did anyway to make him happy.

    Now it’s his turn……

  5. Trade Andre and a third/forth round pick in the next draft for Michael Crabtree.

    Crabtree’s contract is about up so the 49ers might want something for him.

    The damage done by Schaub’s contract will be off the books next year I think so the Texan’s will have room to make Crabtree a good contract if he shows he deserves it.

  6. to all those saying trade’s not that easy. we wouldnt get alot for him.hes older now.and b/c of the past Texans offense his numbers arent like top tier WR, the best thing for both sides will be when he comes into training camp next month. we would prolly only get a 4th rd pick at most.whereas if he plays.. so texans are betting on him still playing/

  7. Andre will be there for training camp. He can make for lost ground if he does. Where else is going to go? He is well paid and this Texan team could be good very quickly with him there. He should not leave the Texans like diva. That would detract from all the good things he has done. And, the Texans have been good to him. Where’s the loyalty? Don’t ruin all that good will. Look at the coaches they have now. And, they still have major talent. If KC can turn it around so can the Texans.

    When he comes back, all will be forgotten and they will welcome him. But, if he holds out any longer he is only hurting himself.

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