Darrelle Revis misses Tampa weather, but that’s it


Now that he’s safely a Patriot, Darrelle Revis can laugh about it.

But asked what he missed about his year in Tampa Bay, the best he could come up with was “the weather.”

That’s nothing against the players, which he said he liked, but it’s clear last year was a disaster in every other way.

“Every coach has their own philosophy and coaching style. It could work, it could not work. It didn’t and we went 4-12,” Revis said of former coach Greg Schiano, via Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times. “The result is 4-12. That’s what you get. It’s already spoken what happened. A lot of us got fired.”

Revis landed softly, so he’s not bitter about the Bucs saving the $16 million they’d have spent on him and dividing up among others.

“It’s business. I know what it is,” Revis said. “They acquired three three other people for me, and that’s fine. You’ve got to move on. I’ve moved on. I’m in a great place right now. I’m just getting prepared for the season.”

One in a place where it’s far less likely he’ll be fired.

23 responses to “Darrelle Revis misses Tampa weather, but that’s it

  1. Wonder how Revis reacted with Schiano also coming to NE, bringing his own “philosophy and coaching style” along. Or better yet, how Schiano reacts after hearing these comments.

  2. Next stop, San Diego Chargers. They’ll give you 2 years, 9 million – which is a mint for an over 30 CB.

  3. It still would be interesting to see how Schiano would have done if that lousy and horribly incompetent GM never existed with Schiano still getting the HC job. The personnel moves could have been radically different. People might be clamoring about Schiano right now because they could have been seeing nothing but a bunch of wins instead of losses.

  4. Why the “he won’t be fired” line at the end.. .He has a 2 year contract with a second year that will never go through, as is…

    Revis is a money hungry mercenary. He saw what the patriots did for Talib’s value… HE knows that when he gets fired (cut) next year, hell be in for an EPIC pay day…

    The mans middle name is business.

  5. If Revis has a big year the Patriots will pay him next year, the contract will average 18 million for the two years, not bad, he will then be 30 and the big decisions will be made by both Revis and the Pats.

  6. Wonder where he’ll end up after this season? No chance the pats pay him.

  7. I liked Darrelle Revis in Tampa last year. He played hard, and he was a surprise in run support. He hit hard, and he made plays and was everything he was supposed to be.

    He was a class act. He was honest. The situation was just not good. For the team or for the coaches or for him.

  8. In 20 years, he is gonna be a dead-ringer for Grady from Sanford and Son

  9. Funny how Revis is the one ON THE FIELD and blames everyone else for the teams failure. For at least the past seven years everywhere he has played the team had a losing record.

  10. Revis went to the ProBowl again and was ranked 2nd on PFF. All of that while coming back from an ACL. I think it would be fair to say that he did “light it up”. You must’ve seen something the rest of the NFL watching world missed, including Belichick,Kraft and Co……

    BTW to everyone that keeps saying he will be getting fired after next season, it is already acknowledged by all parties that it is really a one year deal. The 2nd year is purely out of salary cap relief so that the Pats get a few extra bucks to play around with this year. So no, thats not quite the same thing as “getting fired”!!!LOL Besides, there are plenty of HOF’rs that had a bit of “journeyman” to their careers. It sure seemed to work for guys like Deion Sanders, Brett Favre, Kurt Warner, Charles Woodson…….

  11. Yeah Belicheck set this up perfectly. The guy got one of his friends a bunch of money, 2 starting corners, and a 1000 yard rusher. Meanwhile my bucs got Jeff Demps and a wendys coupon in return.

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