Jadeveon Clowney says he played with sports hernia last year


When it was announced that Texans linebacker and first overall pick of the 2014 draft Jadeveon Clowney would be having sports hernia surgery, coach Bill O’Brien said that the surgery was the result of a groin injury that happened recently.

Clowney also said that he started feeling pain after being drafted by the Texans, although there were reports that Clowney was suffering from a groin pull at his pro day earlier this year. It seems Clowney has changed his tune, however.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Clowney spoke to Gil Brandt of NFL.com at the Rookie Symposium on Thursday and told Brandt that he played through a sports hernia at South Carolina last season. McClain also reports that Clowney’s agent Bus Cook called it a groin injury that caused Clowney to think about sitting out the pro day workout.

That injury would explain some of Clowney’s disappointing 2013 performance with South Carolina, although it is strange that there were no red flags raised at the combine or elsewhere in the pre-draft process if the injury required surgery. It’s possible, of course, that things got worse as Clowney worked this spring. Clowney isn’t sure if he’ll be ready for camp, something that probably wouldn’t be the case if he’d known about and/or had surgery earlier.

Which brings us to the biggest issue for the Texans. The date that Clowney was injured isn’t nearly as important for them right now as the date that he’ll be fully healthy and ready to resume the transition to outside linebacker that he’ll be making in Houston.

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  1. The important thing is that the Texans know they are dealing with a straight shooter who will always put the needs of the team first.

  2. Obviously makes it more impressive looking back at what he did at the NFL Combine and pro day. My question here however is would the Texans have drafted him had they known all of this? This certainly explains him sandbagging but his lack of honesty has to bother the team. Hopefully he gets healthy soon but if thing lingers and he does nothing as a rookie then all the questions about his motor and work ethic come right up again.

    It’s interesting how any player who appears to have some smoke before the draft, and then works hard to put out the flames, has some similar or a new type of issue pop up after the draft. There is a lot of pressure for him to do well and get on the field and that very pressure could be what forces him back earlier and ultimately keeps him from performing like he should!

  3. Ahhhh. That explains all the plays off. And remeber his best play ever he was unblocked and the runner didnt even see him. Thats not badass. Thats a cute unblocked sucker punch. Have fun playing behind Watt your whole career.

  4. So he has a groin injury when his performance sucks or he doesn’t want to do something (senior season and pro days) and he’s fine when he wants to do something (40 yard dash at combine).

    Pretty much fits the I play when I want attitude his coaches and fans have seen the last 3 years in Columbia.

  5. The Texans should’ve taken whatever deal they could find to trade down from the first pick. Sometimes, like in the case of Luck, teams did whatever the could to “earn” the first pick and wouldn’t trade down for anything. In years like this, when there’s no automatic coveted guy to take first, the value of that slot depreciates considerably.

    The Texans don’t have a real QB, their real WR is done with them and probably won’t come back – there were things the team needed to do on offense that they could’ve done a decent job of by getting more high(ish) picks for that first one they burnt on an overrated defender.

    The Texans will have another losing record this year, next year, probably the year after too. I really hope the owner hires a great young GM who builds that team the right way in the future. They’re gonna stick worse than baby diapers in the next couple…

  6. The Texans may have known that he had the injury and liked the guts he that he has.

  7. My guess is that he just felt a twinge, lived with it, then aggravated it and found out it was a sports hernia.

    Having done pretty much exactly the same thing, I sympathize. It just feels like a minor pull and irks you all day, every day — never really “hurting” but constantly pinging your brain with pain signals of about 2 or 3 on the 1-10 scale. You get to the point where you don’t even think about it. Then you push it really hard in practice one day, feel a worse twinge, and find out you have a hernia.

  8. There are too many things about this guy that don’t add up. I’d be really nervous about him if I were a Texans fan.

  9. I think Watt and others will straighten him out. It will be like when young Alex Rodriguez came up to the Mariners; Jay Buhner and Randy Johnson had to light into him a few times but he got the message…

  10. Just lies he comes up with to explain this or that. If you’re trying to put the puzzle together good luck. I live a mile from the stadium and the scuttlebutt around town is he’s an athletic freak with the brain of a 12 year old that’d rather talk than walk.

  11. So he was lying then, or he’s lying now. Wonderful. Glad to see he’s a man of character.

  12. I’m not worried about him. He probably had a slight hernia last year, and then something caused it to get significant during camp. He got the surgery, has some time to get better, all while he can focus on learning the system. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Still looking forward to watching this defense this year.

  13. You mean he will get to miss all the practices and OTA’s that he didn’t want to do anyway and he still gets all of his money? Dang.

    Something has to be wrong if the medical staff of teams don’t pick up on this stuff.

  14. I say the Dolphins trade Dion Jordan for Clowney strait up. Both are going to be out of position and suffer bc of it. I dont know why these teams draft guys that dont fit their scheme so high.

  15. I remember last year when they signed Ed Reed who had a well document list of injuries (primarily neck and hip) then acted surprised when he wouldn’t be ready (cause of the hip).

    These teams have the money and means to thoroughly examine these guys (all they had to do was watch tape of Reed’s previous two seasons) so these kinds of things shouldn’t happen?

    Clowney is young and can still be great, but if I’m a texans fan, I’d like to know why the front office didn’t do their homework two years in a row especially with some of the red flags that were on both those guys?
    They could have traded with Buffalo and still have got a good player this year, a guaranteed top ten pick next year (which could have helped them get a top QB prospect) and extra picks?

    I wish em luck, but there appears to be some problems with that franchise beyond not having a quarterback. Rick Smith, your on notice buddy!

  16. Dude needs to give half his signing bonus to ESPN for hyping him and repeatedly showing the ONE highlight play he had in a meaningless bowl game!

    Looks a lot like the next sergio kindle.

  17. “Clowney also said that he started feeling pain after being drafted by the Texans”

    he must’ve watched them play in 2013…

  18. Rick Smith is never getting fired. He’s connected to the McNair family personally, and has a job for life.

    Some people have been calling BS on the Clowney draft for a while, but he’s been getting white-knighted forever because he’s a “once in a generation talent”. Every other talent in the draft got raked over the coals for the most minor flaws, character and game both, but Clowney’s terrible football skills and questionable attitude were never in question.

    Funny how that works.

    Houston has devalued the QB position more than any other team in the NFL. The last draft above fourth round was in 2003, and the most successful 4-7 round QBs in the NFL are Tom Brady..then Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matt Cassel. Yeah, I love those odds.

    Yet they keep drafting defenders high, in particularly defensive ends. Mario Williams. Connor Barwin. Jason “five picks” Babin. Sam Montgomery.

    Watt is the outlier.

  19. If true, Rick smith should be gone tomorrow. How much misery must that one man inflict on this team.

  20. If that’s true he might as well have taken the year off to get surgery and get back in shape for scouting workouts. Then he wouldn’t have risked picking up another injury in another year of football, and would be ready for his NFL debut. It’s not like he was gunning for a #1 overall pick contract of yesteryear. Then it would make sense.

  21. As soon as I heard this story on NFL am. I said to myself. Oh, that explains why he sucked in his final year at College!! He under no circumstances did he want this to go Public!! That’s the first thing that came to mind!!! As soon as I heard it!! Good coverup job on his part! With all the Social Media these days!!That number one Draft pick for him meant the World to him!!??? Now I get it!! You’re right! Why do Teams Draft these Down Linemen and turn them into outside Linebackers? He is a Natural Down Linemen??

  22. This doesn’t sound to good. I don’t think he will turn out to good as a player.

  23. Come on, does Clowney have a guy who writes his material? This guy is a daily treasure trove of brilliant public comments.

  24. It certainly didn’t look like any sports hernia when he looked gassed and was sweating profusedly in the Columbia heat vs North Carolina on national television.

  25. It certainly didn’t look like any sports hernia early in the season vs North Carolina in the Columbia heat. He was gassed.

  26. “heeeeelzfan says:
    Jun 27, 2014 8:53 AM
    It certainly didn’t look like any sports hernia early in the season vs North Carolina in the Columbia heat. He was gassed.”

    What was the Heelz excuse?

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